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Ipod Nano


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I love my old $79 Lyra. I've had it over 2 years now. Granted, it only holds 40 songs since i never got a mem card for it, but thats pleanty for a trip. It also holds music in the formats I WANT, not what they want!


I cant wait to get my Nokia 6550i, it also has an mp3 player (beat both moto and apple!) BTW, the Moto ROKR has limitations, you can only hold so many songs, period.

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Well powering a 30gb HD and everything else on it does need some power.


And what about us Ohioans? Just need to make sure it wont break



Hmm… the battery dies in an hour. Did anyone else get the notice about the class action suit against Apple and the stupid weak ass batteries, or was that just me?


As some folks know, I’m from Ohio. Born and raised, and lived in Cleveland for 22 years of my life. So it was just a bad joke. I guess it wasn't funny at all.

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PhishyBrewer - Didnt know you were an Ohioan, then the joke is funny.


Yea, I didnt see that suit then. I dont keep up much with anything law related nor did I keep up with Apple stuff till the Mini and now the Nano. Frankly, since I plan on having the in-car player/charger, Ill never have a problem with battery life. I doubt I will ever play it for more than 6 hours straight without it being hooked up the car and charging at the same time so it should never get drained.

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I'm on my second Mini. Got the first one in February for my birthday, a blue 4GB. One week later, the new Minis came out, so back to Target it went. I went down to Apple Store in Cincinnati and got a new 4GB Green for 50 bucks less. Still works great with great battery life, just a bit scratched up. (I'm hard on small electronics, you should see my camera!)


My iPod Mini next to my old PC desktop I'm using right now, while my iBook G4 is being repaired.

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