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Happiness is...

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So I was checking my Israeli "amusement parks and rollercoasters" forum, which isn't the most active of places, since there's usually nothing new here. And somebody asked on it "Have any of the waterparks built anything new in the last 3 years?"


So I start to answer "Oh, kiddie slide this... Small family slide that..." while checking the water parks' websites to make sure.

And suddenly I see in one of them, this beauty!



I litteraly squealed. This is the first slide of it's kind in the country! I'm so happy going to ride it this week!


Any cool rides sneak up on you out of the blue?

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I love showing up to the fairs and carnivals around here and being surprised by a new, insane flat ride. New this year at the Brockton Fair in Brockton, Mass. was the Stinger. I'm not sure who manufactures it but was kind of like an Evolution, except at the end the seats spun around freely.


Happiness is... going to your local fair to find they've bought a new toy. ;)

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Happiness is...having one of the more intense B&M inverts (one of their second inverted coasters to be exact) about 25 minutes away. Also 45 minutes from another park (almost year-round now), an hour from another (sea-side park), and a couple of water parks.


Happiness was...finding out back in 2005 that a local run down water park 15 minutes from here was to get a massive face lift. The renderings showed a mat racer, 4 new serpentine-like slides to go with the 4 oldschool slides, a halfpipe, toilet bowl, lazy river, and a wave pool. Unfortunately that all bit the dust (thanks to snooty people in the area) and I don't even think that water park (more like just a slide complex) opened this summer.

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Happiness is living within a 90 minute drive of seven year round theme parks and five seasonal water parks!


Disneyland, DCA, Knott's, Universal Hollywood, SFMM, Sea World SD, and Legoland.


Hurricane Harbor, Raging Waters, and three Soak Cities (Buena Park, San Diego, and Palm Springs).

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Happiness is living with a few hours of SF:GA, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, Knoebels, SF:NE and even Kings Dominion not horribly far away.

Oh and Boulder Dash and the Cyclone neither of which I've ridden! : (

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Happiness is...


Going on the TPR 2012 Italy and Europe trips as your first live TPR experience. Seriously, it was incredible. I've been following this site since it's creation and finally had the chance to join in the hijinks this year and it was well beyond what my already high expectations were. I just wish I could do EVERY trip!


I'm working on saving up for one of the international trips they talked about for next year. I don't think I'm allowed to mention locations yet, though, so I'll stay quiet.


Oh, happiness is also having your future brother-in-law try to prove just how awesome he is by buying Flash Pass Gold for your group and refusing to take anybody's cash. He paid for it himself and insisted it be his treat.

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. . . having a great day inside an amusement park: you rode all the rides you wanted to ride, the weather was good, and you end up leaving the park with a huge stuffed animal under one of your arms.


"Happiness is when the person who's posting this reply is with me with his head nestle comfortably upon me!"

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