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[RCT3]Ginger River Amusement Park

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Ground has been broken on a new park near Baltimore, and word has gotten out.


From the Baltimore Sun: "The area around the Ginger River has been purchased. A new Amusement Park is currently being built on the landscape. The parks owner William Richards says' It will be a challenge with Six Flags America being nearby, but I am a person who loves a good challenge.' The new park in its opening will feature many family oriented rides and restaurants, along with rides for some of our local thrill seekers. 'We all hope to see you there.' Says Mr. Richards.


Hello all I am William Richards, the owner of Ginger River Amusement Park. I will be updating you on everything going on inside the park.



The land we have to build on is beautiful and breathtaking.



Whats This! Well the parking lot has been completed ahead of schedule!



Wow! I really have to give these workers a raise! The turnstile building has also been completed ahead of schedule!



Along with all this, land has been cleared for the mainstreet area.



I should hope with this progress the mainstreet will be finished in no time! Until then, see you later!

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Welcome back to Ginger River Amusement Park. A lot has happened since our last visit.



The main street area is almost finished.



Linda's Cookery serves everything from chicken to salad, and features an outdoor eatery.



The merry-go-round is the first attraction people will see when they enter the park.



The Ginger Emporium will feature many souvenirs from postcards, to books.



On the other side of Mainstreet we have our very own food court with the most popular restaurants.



The toy shop has many delights for children including stuffed animals, and models of our planned roller coaster!



The Scrambler is one of our thrill rides that is both for young children and thrill-seeking riders.



The Canoes will provide visitors with a peaceful ride of the Ginger River.



Well whats this? land has been cleared for our new roller coaster, and its being constructed as we speak! Hope to see you next time!

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