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I Guess you've heard The News!


After the Successful grand opening of Atlantis, EuroWorld waited no time in "announcing" its newest Projects,

Yes, its "announcing" because they haven't announce anything yet, they are creating this media campaign of the new ride and new pavilion, but NO information has been released!


We certainly believe EuroWorld's Executives know what they are doing, but its too hard to give us some little details?


Now lets get to the update:


Atlantis Grand Opening marked the Highest peak of attendance inside EuroWorld's History: 2347 guests entered through Atlantis new Archway that day!



Lots of guests amazed by the theming!



the Second gate is open as well!



The water show has its own Seating place! how cool is that!



Atlantis: Journey through the Seven Seas, a dropping water Coaster that features a Dark ride Section, a 65 degrees drop and a roller coaster twist and turn section! all this inspired and created by the SeaWorld developers and themed by the Phantasialand Theming Department.



The Overview of the entire Atlantis Land, it's quite big!



The Atlantica Research Center, a Water Rapids ride that is based on how the Famous Underwater City was created, all indoors and with stunning effects and storyline.



Front Side of The Atlantica Research Center!



The Entrance Plaza, full with music and the ambiance of mystery.





The London Tour Bus is getting a New Facade, a New Name and New scenes Inside the Ride Featuring new Animatronics, the Olympics and the Queen! The Ride Will now be called The London Bus Adventure and it will be open back again in October.





We went on a helicopter ride to see the development of the EuroWorld's Newest Pavilion





Gothom's Manor Construction





France is Coming! entrance will be through Germany and England



Possible Deutschland Entrance to France




Gothom's Manor Publicity Campaign!


This Posters have been going like crazy all over the Internet and they were Recently Published on Magazines and Billboards all over Orlando.








Those Posters look like Halloween Horror Nights kind of stuff! is this "Gothom's Manor" EuroWorld's Next Big Thing? what should we expect?

only time will tell us!


Also, Some reporters are telling us that TPL INC. had a huge meeting last night, remember that Jeff Cleveland Jr. is the new Owner and President of the Company, but will this be his last call?


Till next Time!

-Tom Parker

Orlando News Reporter

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The water park, & water rides are so great!


Thank you very Much! we are glad you like it! what do you think about Gothom's Manor?




Greeting everyone!


Rough times, economic depression and much more situations we have been through.

EuroWorld is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary, and we would like to call it "Celebrating 20 Golden Years of Adventures"

We started construction on February 12th 1992 and we opened the park on September 1997. Today Sept. 24th 2017 we are celebrating this huge party with lots of news and surprises!


Our First New thing being revealed is Our New Logo, Featuring a new bright a colorful design and the Golden 20 Years!




20 Years, what a great achievement to the TPL.INC company and the Cleveland Family, My father sadly past away before this celebration, but I truly believe that he would be happy and proud about what we have accomplish.


I want to take this opportunity, of talking to our guests to announce that This will be my last Year as the CEO and President of TPL INC. I have made my decision and I think its time. Opportunities can only be taken once in a lifetime and I've taken mine for a while now, and its time to pass this awesome position and job to other one that can handle it better than myself.


More Updates about the Park will be coming later today to this same post and some details will be revealed today!


As my father used to say, and which will be our 20th Anniversary motto: Let's Live them!




Thank you all, for this great years together.


-Jeff Cleveland Jr.

CEO & President of TPL INC.





Our Amazing Design theme already placed these awesome posters on the Entry of the Park and all around the park teasing about France Pavilion and the Golden 20th!









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Gothom's Manor sounds great like Spider Man at IOA, or DarKastle at BGW?


Something like that, it all will be revealed soon!






Park its growing and expanding so fast!





London Bus Tour is Now open again with New Facade, New indoor scenes and new audio inside the Buses!



Tudor Challenge is closed due to technical difficulties, don't know yet when it will be running again





Gothom's Manor



back side of Gothom's Manor




Valkyrie received a new Golden paint job, to feature the 20th anniversary and new props inside the ride

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Gothom's Manor looks great and the park is moving along very nicely. I'm loving the rides and theming so far!


Thank you! we are doing our best on Theming and Ride Construction!


The new colors on Valkyrie look good, I love the Tudor's Challenge, hope you don't remove that, & The atlantis looks really beautiful!


Thank you! We love the new colors as well, Tudor Challenge is not going anywhere, it will be entering a 6 month full intensive rehab, this ride desperately needs it!


I'm excited!


You Should be!


20th anniversary review


As you probably know, October 1st Marked a great day for EuroWorld and for TPL INC. We are celebrating 20 Golden Years of Magic!





Park Gates opened at 8:00am, the waiting line started at 5:30am!



Backstage was really hectic! lots of cars coming and going so fast!



The Magnifique Stage! With the Awesome 20 huge golden numbers and the Anniversary on blue!



Our new Roller Coaster, Le Tour De France - The Ride will be surely a crowd pleaser!



Guests were so excited about entering the Gothom's Manor! Great Attraction! It's queue its like a Haunted Mansion and then you board a cart and begin your journey!



Once you enter France by the England pavilion you will see this beautiful architectural buildings and houses exactly as you will see them on a Parisian Street.



More great Buildings!



This Buildings holds inside the Rue Boulangerie! Our Newest restaurant that features French Cuisine and an International Buffet, also a VIP room where you can have your reunions, parties or special events and a terrace, themed to a lovely night in paris



Street ambiance is the Best! You can actually feel you are in the middle of paris! there are mimes, painters and Musicians!



Housed inside This Building is one of the four rides that are part of France! Aventure de la cuisine Maus! is a 4d dark ride, where you help a little mouse scape from a kitchen nightmare!



Our awesome New Roller coaster, Le Tour De France - the Ride



People Waiting Excitedly for the Grand Opening!



People waiting in front of the 20th Golden Stage



More and more people coming in!



Ceremony Began! Jeff Cleveland Jr Speaking.



Jeff Cleveland Jr. and the New President of TPL INC .James Mckinley



France Pavilion and the 20th Anniversary Begin!



Enjoying the Pavilion After the Ceremony!







Le Tour de France - The Ride is definitely a crowd pleaser



Gothom's Manor got some technical Difficulties and wasn't ready just after the Ceremony, opened 20 minutes later.



Awesome Place!



Aventure de la cuisine Maus has a HUGE line!

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You just made me happy, I love the Intamin Giga Lite Coaster, & the beautiful buildings, this could be one of the greatest parks if it was real, well nothing to say but (YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!)


Well! Thank you very much! That's exactly what we wanted, to people to actually love the park that wish it was real! Thank You so so much!




After The Opening Ceremony was done and guests started enjoying this new adventure, The Panels and discussions started in the New Theater, EuroWorld Theater.




We held 2 Forums on Oct 1st, repeat the two of them on the 2nd and on the 3rd we had our What's Next Presentation!


The Two First Panels were:



EuroWorld's - The Complete Journey: Join the Complete Construction Crew (builders, planners and Executives) that brought to Life 20 years Ago this amazing European Adventure.



EuroWorld's Past, Present & Future: Join TPL INC. Former President and Co-Owner Jeff Cleveland Jr. and the New President of TPL INC. James Mckinley on an amazing journey through EuroWorld's Past and Present and a glimpse of future development Plans


and the most Exciting one!



EuroWorld's WHAT'S NEXT?:Join TPL INC. Former President and Co-Owner Jeff Cleveland Jr. and the New President of TPL INC. James Mckinley on the Discovery and Detailed explanation of the future plans of EuroWorld! Great Reveals!


During the What's Next Presentation some AWESOME news were revealed and as Jeff Cleveland Jr said:


During the Preparation for this Great Celebrations, the Creative and I gathered for a whole day in what is called, the imagination room. Asking ourselves, what's next? what can we bring to the guests that they can enjoy?


So, we spent the whole day in that room, thinking and expressing our ideas, till that genius idea came out.


We planed this future development in a Highly confidential code, but as always rumors spread quickly, so today I want to clarify everything.


Those rumors about two new lands coming to EuroWorld Theme park are... TRUE!


Two new lands coming to Euro World!


Then, all the lights of the EuroWorld Theater went out and the screens projected this.



ITALIA - Rome & Venezia. Coming Next Year!



Location of the ITALIA Pavilion. ARTIST RENDERING ONLY.


No Further Details were give on the Italia Expansion, but how awesome is that! they just finished a new pavilion and they are talking about a new one already!


And, my personal Favorite.



Coming Soon to our Newest Pavilion, France: Little Town - Belle's Village!


ITALIA - Rome & Venezia. Coming Next Year!

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Well thank you, but Italia, & Little Town logo's look really creative, & sounds good!


Thank you! this projects sound really awesome, lets see the results.


Why is there an unbanked high speed turn on that mega-lite? That could cause some serious injuries in real life.


All our rides were tested will all security measures, I guarantee you its totally safe.


Does this mean you're giving up, or canceling this? Well I hope not, because I'm really interested in this, & looking forward to this!


As I have said before, We are not giving up this park. Some twists may be added to our story but EuroWorld is not going anywhere.


Maybe the park is getting a stadium for performances?


So you are the one that have been sneaking behind the construction walls?


EDITORS NOTE: EuroWorld is going through some changes, first, we want to fast forward over a year from the 20th Anniversary, because some major changes are coming and they were developed throughout this year. Also, unannounced projects are starting to happen, so don't feel that we are just updating the park without any story, those are minor updates that will not affect this amazing story.


As I have repeatedly said, I'm not giving up on this park, not now.


Thanks, Now to the story...






Hi everyone,


Sorry for that scary news, I didn't meant to do that but those were the news.


So I had one Major update prepared before that Sold news.


Lets get to it!


SCR57 (2).BMP


SCR58 (2).BMP

Entrance Back to Normal



Tudor Challenge recently opened back again, shorter queue, new pathways and extended walking spaces!


SCR71 (2).BMP

the Crowd Pleaser back open again!



After couple of weeks from the 20th anniversary Celebration, EuroWorld came to its normal again, no more golden decorations. Then, I started noticing how construction walls all over the park, 90% of them in the Germany Pavilion



3 weeks later, We noticed that the Fraulein Marie Garden ride was behind walls, we thought it was a rehab, but then they removed all the decorations



But then it was obvious! The Junior Coaster was going away. SO SAD, BUT WHY?


SCR52 (2).BMP

almost 6 months since the 20th Anniversary celebration and the stage has already shown some age damage, What's going on EuroWorld?


SCR53 (2).BMP

So, this is what they made! they relocated Fraulein Marie Garden, they added some castle walls and a maze, maybe future expansion?


SCR54 (2).BMP


SCR55 (2).BMP

Our Lovely 1 year old Ride! Le Tour De France - The Ride


SCR56 (2).BMP

EuroWorld's Theater is going away for the Future Belle's Village expansion


SCR60 (2).BMP

Germany Pavilion Expansion


SCR62 (2).BMP

Germany Pavilion Expansion 2


SCR63 (2).BMP

The Mermaid's ROCKS! show store closed for good last week, after almost 10 years of service, nothing new have been announced


SCR64 (2).BMP

New Scenery for the Mermaid's ROCKS! Water Show


SCR65 (2).BMP

Valkyrie remained golden and white


SCR67 (2).BMP

Nothing Here. Why haven't they demolish this yet?


SCR69 (2).BMP

As We mentioned before, Gothom's Manor has been experiencing some technical difficulties all this year long! its so weird they haven't fixed this problem completely


SCR70 (2).BMP

A look at the Belle's Village Construction!


SCR72 (2).BMP

Belle's Village - Little Town


SCR73 (2).BMP

See you next time!




Tom Parker!

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Why are you ripping out so many rides? It's a bit sad . Well, can't wait to see how you make the stadium-colosseum thing!


I don't know either! Euro World's management department has not returned my calls neither my complaint mails! Maybe they don't have money? I don't know, but something is going on...


Stadium colosseum? Italia maybe? haven't heard anything about it...


Wow, I like to see a big stadium, that would be nice, but I like it when that junior coaster was black & yellow, but I think it looks beautiful in yellow & red, & I like the picture of the lake that hass sail boats, fountains, & the colorful buildings!


Another one asking about the Stadium?? So rumors are definitely out! Is a Colosseum- Stadium coming to EuroWorld?


Fraulein Marie Garden was old and ... old. It needed a lift up so desperately, and they gave it to it!


Mermaids ROCKS! Its an awesome show, I think I saw you on the crowd last weekend, did you enjoyed the show?





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Is this some kind of like Cedar Point's Luminosity?


I hoped so, but it wasn't...


Hey Everyone!


Haven't talked to you in a while! how have you been? everything good? Hope everyone's great!


Its incredible how fast time goes by... its passed 2 years since our 20th anniversary and there has been SO MUCH changes inside EuroWorld.


Lets get to the update and I will talk about the changes while we are looking thru it, shall we start?




Since I took place as CEO of TPL INC., the creative team and I decided to look back to the Original EuroWorld plans, just to get familiarized with all the ideas and thoughts Jeff Cleveland Sr had when he decided to built EuroWorld 22 years ago.


All he imagined was put on the board for discussion and some ideas got in, some don't. His most important mission was to make the guest Happy, that the guests enjoyed their visit to the park and that it was a pleasant memory to remember. That is our mission too, but we decided to take things up to another level.


First, on our 20th anniversary panels and presentations, we announced two new pavilions, Italia and Belle's Village. This was a great opportunity to approach guests of all ages, and the update EuroWorld with new experiences and adventures.


Then we decided to lift up, or refurbish our most popular rides, we started with Valkyrie, with a new coat of paint and new props, then we went with The London Bus Adventure, with a new name, new facade and new indoor scenes. After we finished the London Tour bus Adventure, we decided to extensively repair and refurbish Tudor Challenge, the ride was having some technical problems and we fixed that and also built a new path, new queue, new station, new cars and new scenery. And its amazing how guests are enjoying and thanking that.


Then came our 20th anniversary, and while celebrations were still going, we moved Fraulain's Marie Garden, we gave her new look, new exit shop and new color, with this move we opened the possibilities of Expanding the Germany Pavilion. (its happening)


But now what? what are we going to uplift and improve?


The answer is... Dunkle Tod.




This opening ride Roller Coaster hasn't been touched, updated or changed in 22 years, and its the most popular ride in the whole park.

Why not improve this amazing launched roller coaster and making it a better adventure?


Here is what we did!




We covered the ride with construction walls, letting guests know what was going on.




Then we started clearing all out scenery and foliage.




Took down the Dunkle Tod sign, removed queue...




and then cleared out all the scenery and foliage, the Entrance Building and the mountain




And this is how it looked.




The construction process of the new facade was really really, but really fast! faster than the Transformers ride construction at Universal Orlando


Construction week 1: Clearing and bases


Construction week 2:




Construction week 3: Finishing week 2


Construction week 4:




Week 5:




Lets jump a few weeks.


Week 16:




Now THAT is what I called an amazing Facade and Queue.








This new facade and queue features, a water lagoon (entrance), indoor interactive queue (indoor scary castle), ride indoor scene (destroyed castle), new center tower and rock work and more surprises you will discover by riding it!


Let's have a look at Little Town: Belle's Village.




As you may know, Little Town is a continuation to the France Pavilion.




Little Town was inspired by, of course, Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Disney built years ago a Little town in what it was called New Fantasyland, in the Magic Kingdom, and we want to replicate the high success they had!


We decided to take back Disney's Initiative and built one for our park.


As you enter Little Town you have a plaza with a central gazebo, which makes reference to the center point of the town.




On the right side of the gazebo we have Gaston's Tavern, Ms. Elmoire flower shop and some locals homes.


Gaston's Tavern is of course, a real Tavern (no alcohol beverages) that serves delicious drinks and food.






You will love it when you come inside.


To the left of the gazebo we have the famous Bakery, a Hardware store, some houses and up in the Mountain is of course, Belle's and Maurice House.




Belle's House its a ride, its a dark ride, based on Belle's Adventure, from village girl to a Beast's friend and loving him. This ride has been compared to Snow White's ride in Disney's Magic Kingdom.




This side of Little Town also features the beautiful fountain, where Belle sings "Little Town"


The second ride of this new area is a spin "tea cup" ride themed to Little Town's Hardware store.


Now lets go to Italia, shall we?


As you know, Italia is divided in to zones, Venezia and Roma (Venice and Rome)


Rome will fully open next year, yes fully, because there is already a Rome attraction out there opened


You guessed it last week, and you were right. The Coliseum is open for guests!


The Coliseum: Colloseo Amphitheater




The Architectural design is based on the coliseum but not exactly as you can see.




This Amphitheater can hold up to 2,500 people inside seating, and more than 1000 on the indoor spaces. that counts 3,500 in the whole structure.




There is a rolling roof that can be set previous shows, it only takes 15 minutes to roll out and 20 to roll in.




The Entrance has a round plaza with a smaller replica of the real Italian Colloseo.






That's All for today! visit tomorrow for part 2 of this update! Italia, City Nights, MISSION: ORUS, Universal & TPL INC., Greece and more coming tomorrow!


Have a great day!


James Mckinley,


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