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TPL INC. has just announced that they will be building a Brand-New Theme Park! Remember that TPL INC. is an International Theme parks builder and owner, that has built many famous theme parks around the world! and now its time that Orlando experiences this New type of Adventure!


YES! Orlando is the place chosen by TPL developers to create this "New and exciting adventure that will be more than you can ever expect!"


Our reporters went to the site where the park is being built and the entrance its quite done, don't know why they already built the entrance but it's sure that the park will be Amazing!



TPL INC. announced that the park will be divided by lands, called Pavilions or Countries. the Entrance will be by entering Germany, then the guests will be free to choose what pavilion to visit.


This is the entrance of the Park and the first buildings of the Germany land.



Next to the Winduffer Eatery (that's how the restaurant is called) a steel structure is rising. maybe a rock work mountain? a ride? only time will tell, because nothing has been officially announced. Rumours say its a indoor-outdoor roller coaster themed to a mountain valley. who knows?



'till next time!


-Tom Parker








TPL INC. Has released the names of the Germany Pavilion Attractions. For now they are 6 and they sound amazing!


here are only 2, with there respective description:


A 5 Minute, Relaxing Train Ride through the German Pine Tree Forest.



A German-Styled Restaurant with delicious Traditional Food that will be the delight for Guests




TPL INC. just launched their campaing ad, and its amazing! and they tease about the Rollercoaster! its called Dunkle Tod, that means "Dark Death".


A LIM launched Roller Coaster, a smooth ride through the German forests can be dangerous, right?

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As you May know, EuroWorld Construction is at Full speed! and we are now 8 months away from opening day!


Dunkle tod and Lumberjack- The ride are all done and something is being constructed in front of the Winduffer Eatery!

Take a look at all the things and new projects happening inside the EURO WORLD construction site.



an aerial point of view of the park!



Dunkle Tov! Amazing Theming!



Dunkle Tov and Lumberjack!



Lumberjack got a New indoor Scene, rumour say its like the "Rainbow Caverns"!



Wait! they are clearing some land! new construction!



Construction Construction! cant wait!


'Till Next Time!


Tom Parker

-Orlando News Reporter.


Hey! the company updated their logo and now looks like this!





Its a Double-Deck Carousel! its going to be called Goldenne Karussell as said by TPL INC. officials!

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Its interesting and your achitecture is great, the whole park has that awesome forest feel. I love that façade of the show building on Lumberjack. My only tiny issue is that Dunkle Tov has waaay too many cars per train. Shorten it down to around four cars.

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As you know, EURO WORLD will be divided by Pavilions or lands, and in this week's update you can see how they've started building the other pavilions.


Lets get started!



Overview of the land that will be starting construction soon



WOW! paths already being constructed! they are going fast!



new Facade building done and a little plaza.



some walls have appeared, what can this walls be?



metal structures too? something big is coming!



fast, fast construction!


See you Next time!


Tom Parker

-Orlando News Reporter

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May 11th 2011

Hi There!


My name is Jeff Cleveland, and I'm the Person in charge of bringing you all the inside news of the Euro World construction site. Also I'm the Son of Jeff Cleveland Senior, The Owner of TPL INC.

Today we are on a "celebration" if we can call it that way. we mark today the culmination of the Germany Pavilion. 5 rides and 2 Restaurants.


Also, I have the job to announce that we will open with only two pavilions, and one in construction that will open by 2012. Sadly Financial Problems have strike Euro World and we want this experience to be the "Best European Adventure Inside Florida"


With all this been said, lets get some Pictures updates shall we?



Notice the Changes inside the park?



Introducing the Windufferburg Castle.



The Windufferburg Castle is where the King Otto lived, he was the owner of the lands that sets the entire Winduffer town, the place we set the Germany Pavilion



The are 2 rides inside the Castle's Courtyard. this one is Spillicabot Spin'



the other view of Spillicabot Spin' with the Jumping water fountains.



This is Fraulien Marie's Garden, A Family-type Roller coaster.



The story of this ride is awesome!


The Story tells that King Otto wanted a beautiful garden next to his Castle, so he hired a nice young girl that sold flowers in the Village, he fall in love with her, and made her move inside the castle courtyard and started to live with him, and working on the garden.

But a horrible disease made Marie die. The king was so devastated he wanted that every flower inside and out the castle was removed, but they couldn't. Every time someone tried to remove the flowers, they'll grow back again. King Otto then decided that Happiness was what Fraulien Marie brought to him, so the Castle should be transformed to a Fun Place where families could feel the Happy Spirit of Marie.



The back side of the Roller coaster



Something Good will come here. Just wait.


Now, Lets move to the Entrance of the Park where the Entrance of the England Pavilion is already done! Expect Amazing things of this Land because its going to be a Thrilling one.



The Entrance



Some Ride development happening here.



We have the Tudor Challenge! a Jousting ride that features indoor interactive sequences that will be amazing!



For final picture, we have the London Cab Adventure ride! a Hig speed twisting roller coaster!


We Highly appreciate any type of comments, thats how we can improve the park and continue to grow! Thanks!

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January, 13th 2012

Hey there!


Its Amazing how fast this 8 months! we are 2 weeks away from opening!

As you know, the park will open with two pavilions, Germany and England. The Roller Coaster inside the England Land "London Cab Adventure" will not be ready for the park's opening. Mechanical problems have been found on the ride's lift and its better to get the ride fixed and then open it.


Also, I have exciting news to announce, the next Pavilion that will open inside EURO WORLD will be Greece!


This new pavilion will be done by Spring 2013, more details will be revealed later in 2012.


Now lets get to the Final Construction Update before Grand Opening!




Jeff Cleveland Jr.



Look how we changed the color scheme of the Germany Entrance, now it fits the Windufferburg Castle



The entrance of the England Pavilion its done!



Facades and Buildings inside the England Pavilion.



Brand New ride! An indoor London Double Decker Bus Tour ride, that will take the guests to the most famous places inside england.



A look at the ride indoor



The Tudor Challenge Ride



The Tudor Challenge from the other side



The Royal Guard Spin ride.



The Buckingham Palace! an Exact Replica of the buckingham palace turned into a restaurant!



a look inside the Restaurant



The London Cab Adventure, still under Construction



The rest of the England Pavilion will be themed as the University cities, Oxford and Cambridge.


As always, we really appreciate comments and reviews of the park! to make it better or improve it!

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January 27th, 2012.


Opening Day.


As a Sad News for everyone, TPL INC. just made a Press release, stating that the London Cab Adventure will be dismantled and shipped away.

High Cost of Maintenance and some problems with the track itself are the cause of this news.


Opening Day had a high attendance of 1,193 guests.



Super Excited guests coming through the gates!



Tudor Challenge is a Crowd favorite!



London Cab Adventure. Going away. What will be it's replacement?


More Pictures coming!


Jeff Cleveland Jr.


*PLEASE COMMENT! People are seeing this thread and not commenting! we ask you any review, reply, comment, tip!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys, Jeff Cleveland here.


Where have you been? It has been almost a year since I last updated.


EuroWorld has changed real fast! 3rd pavilion is at full speed on construction, Greece will be ready by 2013.


Now lets get to the update, shall we?



Helicopter view!



The Grey Germany Arch and the central plaza without the jumping fountains, they were recently removed.



New facade buildings inside Germany to give a more inside land feeling. Now guests feel like they are inside a German village!



Goldenne Karousel was moved and this new plaza was built in front of the castle wall. It fits perfectly! Also some new facade.



The New Wild-mouse type rollercoaster, called Gold Dutchman Wild ride.



Another look of the ride.



Now to England. A new section of the land was revealed.



Its a replica of the University cities inside England.



With this new area The Cambridge Adventure was revealed.



This new high speed wooden roller coaster will take guests up and down, left and right in an amazing journey!



Now, to the Newest pavilion. GREECE! is set to open in 2013.



Greece's first ride is "River of the Damned" which is based on the dark journeys inside the Stix river.



The center Courtyard of the Greece land, its surrounded by pools, this resembling the Heavenly baths that used to take place in Greece and Rome.



Now in Construction is a Valkyrie ride, a 90 degrees rollercoaster, same builders that Sheikra from Busch Gardens Tampa. Its going to be amazing when its done!



That's everything for today! Thank you!

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As you may know, Euroworld 3rd Pavilion is one week away from its opening, Greece is being highly awaited by guests to be an amazing pavilion, And we are glad to say it will be an awesome one!


But now we want YOU to decide which land/pavilion should come next? or what should we make with a large amount of unused land?


You have 5 Choices, please only vote for one and give us a short reason why you chose it.


1) Rome Pavilion (The initial Gladiator Era, with great food, amazing shows and flat rides)


2) Russia (Kremlin Based land, with thrill rides and a mystery feeling that will make guests seek more adventures)


3) Atlantis (Water Park based on the Underwater city Atlantis - Or Atlantida - with Water rides for the whole Family.)


4) Spain (a Barcelona/Madrid area with great food, awesome street ambience and some Thrill rides for adventurous guests)


5) Expand one of the 3 already Built Pavilion with more updated rides and some great new adventures to be developed in the future.


Thank you! we would really appreciate criticism, comments or just things that you like or dislike for the improvement of our park!


Update of the Grand Opening of Greece coming Soon!

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Atlantis, I'd like to see some water rides added. Great job on the park!


A water park would be great like teal blueish!


Thanks! we got over 500 votes from our social Networks and random guests at the park who took time to vote! We really appreciate it!


Now, without further adieu we present you Greece!



Overview of the Park with the Newest Pavilion open.



Greece has two Entrances, because we had to connect the Germany Pavilion with Greece and the regular entrance from the World Plaza.



A closer look at the two Entraces.



As we Already mentioned, River of the Damned is the First ride to be seen when guests enter Greece.



Poseidon's Wild Mermaids. A spin boat ride with an angry Poseidon and his Mermaids.



After Poseidon's Wild Mermaids ride, we have Perseus Theater, A 4-D Movie theater that shows exciting movies that will thrills guests of all ages!



After we go through The Central Atrium, the center of the Greece Pavilion, we have Heavenly Food Restaurant. Greek styled food served here, as Gyros, Meatball soups and other Gourmet dishes.



Valkyrie, The main Attraction of the Greece Pavilion is a 90 degrees dropping High speed roller coaster, built by the same company of SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa).



The back side of Assyl Island, this Island is were the monsters, cyclops and Valkyries lived when Poseidon ruled the Styx River.






After some research and asking done by our Developing Crew, The next Season a Major expansion will hit our park.


ATLANTIS- A Family water park inside the Greece Pavilion will open, to thrill guests with magical and mysterious rides that will make the visit to EuroWorld one amazing adventure.


Guest will meet the Famous underwater city, escape from dragons and sea monsters, meet nice mermaids that will lead you and your family to a great water adventure AND! the first Water splash area inside a TPL INC park.


This and much more, coming in 2015.


ATLANTIS -The Underwater Adventure has just begun.-






Construction crew has already leveled the land and started construction.


Thank you!


Jeff Cleveland Jr.

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Today, August 20th. 2013 Tragedy has come to the Cleveland Family.


Jeff Cleveland Sr., Owner and Founder of TPL INC. An International company that owns 14 renown theme parks around the world, Died today, at 2:00pm in a Fatal Car Accident around the Windermere, FL area.


Mr. Cleveland was turning 68 tomorrow.


TPL INC. Hasn't released any official statement regarding this awful news. TMZ was the one to deliver the news to the world posting this article in its page.




Respect and Privacy is Requested for the Family and Workers of TPL INC.


Tom Parker,

Orlando News Reporter.


What will the TPL INC. Company decide? hire a new Manager for them or give the Company to Jeff Cleveland Jr.?

The board of Directors haven't gathered in a meeting till this date.


What will happen in the Future with EuroWorld?

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I hope your'e continuing this!


Yes, Don't worry about this project, we are a long way to go.

This Drama is only created to have the feel of a real Theme park and all the possibilities of problems that could happen.







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Yes people, we made it! after a whole year of complains and seeing the construction of Atlantis totally unfinished and awfully looking, TPL INC. has reached an agreement to finish Atlantis and team up to create new projects with a German theme park Company (the one in charge of the scenery and theme of Phantasialand)


This decision was reached by making TPL INC see how the guests were reacting to this unfinished project and how the attendance was dropping!


Now, lets see how the Construction is Finishing up!



Atlantis Entrance.



After you pass the entrance archway you can see we have expanded our lagoon, to feature a brand new water fountain and musical show - The Mermaid Symphony.



That's A huge ride!



Atlantis - Journey through the seven seas, is this exoansion main attraction, its a water rollercoaster, with indoor sequences and 3 drops.



love the Drop!


Now, as always our Creative team love to hear your thoughts! so, You now can have the chance to help build this new land! (Place a Comment below with your best answer to this question!


Help us!


1) a New type of path, with glowing sequences that recreate and ocean wave.

2) a More style path, following a similar design of the Greece Pavilion path

3) The same stylish marble path used in the Greece Pavilion.


Every detail counts! and every opinion counts too! Thanks!


Now, lets see some changes through out the park.



New sign and New supports Color for Dunkle Tod.



This section of Germany was recently walled off. also look at the weird looking wall, that does not look like a construction wall at all! what can it be?


As always! Please comment, rate or give your thoughts or criticism to any ride or theme!

We love to hear different opinions to make the park better!




-Tom Parker.

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  • 2 weeks later...
I love that water coaster, & the so awesome B&M Dive Machine Valkyrie!!!


The Atlantis is coming out real great, you should use Ocean Blue, or Rock Pathing for Atlantis!


Thanks! I Really appreciate this!


We needed more RCT2 parks here on the forum, and I'm enjoying the park!


Well, Thank you very much!




Hey Guys, Tom Parker here,


Finally EuroWorld started Preview sessions for Annual Pass holders and VIP guests! on it's Newest Land Atlantis!



The park has changed really fast!



Atlantis has opened! and it's AMAZING!



Atlantis is only letting Annual Pass Holders and VIP Guests enter this new Under Water Adventure



Notice the new elements added to the lagoon to be feature in the new fountain musical show, the 9 mermaids symphony!



All rides are open for this preview, next week will be the Media Preview where all rides systems and backstory will be explained!



We decided that Poseidon's Wild Mermaids fitted better in the Atlantis area, so we moved there!



a look at this part of the New land without scenery!


Now, lets see how is the rest of the Park!



The Germany Pavilion is always packed with all family members enjoying rides!



Some sad news for Lumberjack - The Ride fans. As it was announced by the company, some new exciting projects will be coming to the park, and lumberjack ride space is needed. lumberjack's last ride was last week. No word on what will be replacing it!



GREECE'S NEW RIDE! Introducing Hercules Power Jump



Hercules Power Jump took Poseidon's Wild Mermaids old place, and its been a huge success! guests love it!




England Pavilion: Tudor Challenge is always with huge lines and rising waiting times!



Rumor has it some awesome things will be coming for this ride!



As you can see, the German Theming company (Phantasialand) made an EXCELLENT JOB! Atlantis is themed beautifully!


til' next week!


-Tom Parker

Orlando News Reporter




As always, we really appreciate comments, criticism or any type of recommendation!

Thank you for making me happy while creating a really enjoyable park!

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this Video has gone viral all over the country, EuroWorld officials have not say a word about this, but some sources all are on the right on saying that something new and scary is coming to EuroWorld this october. Remember Lumberjack was demolished, and now there is a huge land plot between Germany Pavilion and the England Pavilion, so Gothom's Manor and France are coming to Euroworld this year? you tell us!



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