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Major League Baseball Thread


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Yes! The Red Sox lost. Wait... what the hell am I saying. :shock:


So Yankees take the lead for at AL East and the Inidians and Red Sox are tied for the wilcard.


NOTE: The Indians are 2 games behind the White Sox for the AL Central. This weekend the Indians play there final 3 game against the White Sox. Should be a cliff hanger!

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o man the series between the yanks and sox is gonna be awesome. can't wait. hope the yanks pull through (they usually do).



o and i've been a yankees fan for as long as i can remember. even before i learned about the curse of the bambino and why everyone in New England hates the yankees.

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Boston finally wins against Toronto. The Sox and the Indians are tied for the Wild Card. And the Sox are also still one game behind NY for the AL East.


Cleveland is also 3 games behind Chicago for the AL Central. Cleveland will play it's last three games this weekend... and against Chicago. And there is a Red Sox v. Yankees series.



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Alright... so now I'm really confused. The season isn't over yet, and the Indians are only three games behind Chicago. And now I just learned that the White Sox have clinched the AL Central.


Am I just retarded? I thought with Cleveland playing Chicago this weekend, they would have a chance to win the AL Central.


Did I miss something? I feel very confused right now :shock:

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I'm pretty sure the tiebreaker for division championships is the better divisional record. Chicago is 48-22 vs. the AL Central while Cleveland is 40-32 so they can't possibly catch them. Or, if it's head to head, the Indians have a 5-11 record against the White Sox, so they can't catch them there either.

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Well the RedSox and Yankees have yet another Unbelievable Matchup this Weekend!


The RedSox need to Sweep the Series, because if they win two out of three then they'll have to play a final tie-breaker game in New York.


Cleveland has a good chance to secure the wildcard, because the WhiteSox have already locked-up their division, so they may decide to rest some of their key players. Advantage->Cleveland


It will be a great site to see when the RedSox Win the Division Title either at Home or in New York. But to some an even more interesting site will be the BloodBath that will ensue if Steinbrenners Yankees miss the post-season altogether!

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Success!!! The RedSox beat the Yankees to Tie up the Division!


Saturdays Game should be Great! Johnson Vs. Wakefield!


The Surprise of the Night was Cleveland losing in 13 innings! Ouch!!!


Dam You Cleveland! I want the RedSox to win the Division and Cleveland to take the Wild Card!!!

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Tips Hat to the Yankees. Dam!!!


The Best the RedSox can hope for is the WildCard.


But On a Positive Note many of the recent Wild Card Teams in the Playoffs have done Quiet Well!


What the Hell Happened to Cleveland! Didn't they win something like 15 of there last 18 before this current series??? Not to mention that they are at Home! Plus, playing against WhiteSox back-up players!


I was convinced that they were going to make the Playoffs and be a Significant Threat to the RedSox! Now it looks like that might be Eliminated Altogether. WOW! :shock:

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