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Major League Baseball Thread


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Everyone swears they are clean...until they get busted. I wouldn't be surprised if Schilling is on the list.

I think deep down, it wouldn't surprise me that much if it were indeed true. As you said, they've all sworn they haven't....even in front of Congress. But there's just something genuine about Schilling's argument that makes me believe the guy.


I personally don't care that they did drugs that are only going to screw them up worse in the long run, as baseball has been a game of cheaters for ages. Ty Cobb notoriously sharpened his cleat spikes, Gaylord Perry made a hall of fame career out of doctoring baseballs, people stealing signs, and so on.

I definitely agree that they're only hurting themselves in the long run. Long term health is never worth gambling with for short term funds...at least not in my mind anyway.


As for the second part of that, I'd have to disagree in a sense. I can't argue that Cobb didn't bend the rules with his cleats, or that Perry didn't doctor the balls. However, the only difference is that both of those offenses could have been challenged on the spot, during any game. With PEDs, you can't take a urine sample mid-inning.


But that's the case with most sports though. There's always gonna be cheaters. A couple come to mind immediately. Golf has seen guys trying to improve their lie when no one's looking, and hockey has guys playing with illegally curved sticks (cough* Marty McSorley *cough....sorry Joey ), and both of those offenses could be penalized on the spot if called out. As for stealing signs, that's just part of the "chess game within a game."


With that said, truthfully, MLB itself is should be most guilty here concerning PEDs. The players shoulder the personal guilt of cheating themselves, the fans, and their teammates. But had the league put testing in place earlier, that whole era *could* have been prevented to some extent.



I only wish they would quit kidding themselves and trying to deny it. Just come clean and move on. All they are doing is setting themselves up to fall harder when the truth does come out.

Agreed 100%.

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I personally can't wait to see how the Yankees peform in the playoffs this year. Another early knockout by an underdog team? It's happened for the last few years. 2006=Tigers, 2007=Cleveland 2008=Didn't do squat! I'm sorry, I respect the history of the franchise, but dislike the modern team.


AND NO, it's not because I want the Tigers to be a winning team!


As for the Tigers? This is probably the longest 1st place stance I've seen the team get in alongggggg time. The remainder of August and then September will be very interesting.


What about the Nats' Willingham hitting two slams in a game? Anyone notice that, or do the Nats' suck that badly?!

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ok so I've been looking at numbers all night trying to get a hold of the NL race (in response to an article saying why my Marlins won't make in on BBTN's site). Basically I see 6 teams still in the hunt for 2 spots - ATL, FLA, CHC, STL, COL and SAN. One of the two will win the Central so there are 5 gunning for the WC.


What I looked at:


Strength of schedule: the Marlins and Cards have the easiest schedules, and on the Giants have a schedule where their opponents have a combined winning record.


Road play: Colorado has the best road winning percentage, the Marlins and Cards are right around .500, and the others are under .500.


Pitching: pitching wins championships right? All six teams are in the top 7 as team ERA goes with the Dodgers being the other team. The Giants are pretty far ahead, and the Marlins and Rockies are a bit back. Whats the difference maker though?


Run support: Colorado is of course in the lead here, half a run per game ahead of the Marlins/Cards/Cubs, with the Giants really lagging behind.


So how do I call it? Head to head against the divisional opponent who is also in the chase is of course key. The Giants/Rockies and Marlins/Braves both meet for 3 more series, while the Cards and Cubs are left with only one match up.


I'm going to give the nod to the Marlins in the East just because they have been dominating the Braves this year, and they are getting hot while the Braves start to slow down. If the Braves can start to beat up on the Nationals like everyone else, this one could get closer, but for now I'll go with my beloved Fish to finish 2nd in the East.


The west is hard for me to call. I like how the Giants only have to go to Coors once, their young arms will get the benefit of that. The final series against the Dodgers could be a benefit to the Rockies, since the dodgers will likely have the division wrapped up. However, I give the edge to the Giants because they have an easier final week, finishing with the Dbacks and Padres, and because I like their pitching a lot.


And finally, the Central. One of the teams will be the division champs, and I want to believe the other will be the wild card. This is because while the Rockies and Giants are beating on each other and the Dodgers, these guys will be playing the Pirates and Reds. I think the Cards will pull away soon enough, and Chicago will get the Wild Card. However things don't work that easy in Chi-town and its all too easy to predict a meltdown on the north side.


How I see it fold out:

St Louis: Central champs

San Fransisco: 88-74

Colorado: 86-76

Florida: 85-77

Chicago: 85-77

Atlanta: 81-81


It will be interesting to see how wrong/right this is in a couple months but there's my analysis... not that I won't love to see the Marlins playing in October as I think they are capable of

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^^ Joe are you retiring from being a grill master and angling for a job at Baseball Tonight. Unfortunately i think you maybe right with your spot on analysis. For the kind of starting pitching the braves are getting they should be competing for the division lead. It has to be the worst offense in baseball. Frank Wren rebuilt the starting pitching and he needs get to work on the offense this off-season.



I still love seeing somebody calling the Marlins beloved . If you move down there, at least the attendance will double at the Loanshark Stadium.

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The Braves hit pretty well during their recent winning run after the all star break... what a coincidence eh?


And yup I love them, but there are more fans out there. They just don't go to games. If they lose to the Nats again tomorrow, I'll probably be ready to throw in the towel, unless they pull off something impressive in Philly over the weekend

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Go Yankees, That is all


Ok not really I was really excited when they signed Tex this year because he was the missing piece on defense which is oftne a very underated quality of importance to fans. Look at the yankees D this year it has improved 1000 times!


Also the fact that they realized their pitching sucked and went to the good old Yankees method of buying championships! I hate when they do this but I also Like when they win so I won't complain too much


Other teams that impress right now are the W. Sox, man their pitching is phenominal right now, and unfortunetely the **** Sox too because they have been lighting it up lately much to my disapprovel

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Its just amazing the talent they have traded in the past 6 years. Here is what could be their starting position players. This could easily be a playoff team in the NL Central, barring horrible pitching.


C Jason Kendall to A's

1B Adam Laroche to Red Sox

2B Freddy Sanchez to Giants

SS Jack Wilson to Mariners

3B Aramis Ramirez to Cubs

LF Jason Bay to Red Sox

CF Nate McLouth to Braves

RF Xavier Nady to Yankees

P Ian Snell to Mariners

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Come one, come all to the Jays clearance sale!

This season only, take some of our star players for no money down and no money paid whatsoever!


Jays just got rid of Rios to the White Sox for nothing in return. JP needs to get his a$$ out of the GM seat.


What about the fact it took all of that money off of their cap?

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