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That being said, the IMG expansion is pretty bold. I suppose they've gotten enough people through the doors to justify it but didn't it just open a little while ago?


It's not been open long. I think they have the same "build it and worry about attendance later" mentality that goes with a lot of these UAE developments.

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This is inaccurate. The Pokémon Company is owned by three partners: Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc, and the company can operate without heavy Nintendo supervision, but Nintendo is the sole owner of the Pokémon trademark. IMG wouldn't be able to use the brand without Nintendo's approval.

Oh, I have to disagree. When Pokemon Go was at its peak and Nintendo stocks went up, they released a statement saying that they only owned 32% of the company, or just shy of a majority, and that they get -some- licensing fees. The whole point of the company is to market and license the Pokemon franchise. It's not like there's a "Zelda Company" or something like that.

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Holy crap, the existing IMG World of Adventure park is pretty massive alone, I can't imagine them building something THIS big. That area inside the road loop is gigantic. I hope it's all integrated into one park though, I find it hard to imagine anyone would pay for just the original park when the 2nd one is like 4x as big (if it happens).



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That definitely looks like a B&M diving coaster for the Ubisoft corner. For those unfamiliar with the Assassin's Creed video game series, the characters can get a view of the map they are in from atop very tall structures in the game which updates the map around them so the player can see the location of places and items. To exit these lookout locations, the character leaps from the building into a bale of hay or water to land safely. A stuntman was also seen filming this exact stunt for the upcoming film. These jumps were called "Leaps of Faith" I would not be surprised if this turned out to be the theme, if this is in fact an Assassin's Creed coaster.

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So apparently IMG Worlds of Adventure got a bunch of really bad red carpeting everywhere for some reason? Any of the UAE people hear why or when?


I don't see it before Chinese New Year...perhaps it was in celebration for that and to entice more Chinese travelers to visit?

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I was just there two days ago and thought the park looked amazing. My focus was on the lights and facades rather than the floor.


In fact, I had to look back at my photos to even see there was a red carpet since I didn't notice it.

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