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Walk Of Shame? Theme Park Wise

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I was never denied, but was close on Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster before I lost 75 pounds and am now below average for my height. I remember struggling to get that inch of slack (or whatever was required) back then. Now there's a good 6 inches or so of slack.


Since then I obviously haven't ever had any issues whatsoever. It's amazing what a change in environment will do (I live in an urban vs. suburban environment now and walk everywhere).

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I've had a fair few in my time


Couple of times I've had to use the big boy seat on nemesis (and the regular seats on that are huge)


At phantasialand a few years ago - needed the big seats on black mamba, and only fitted on mystery castle 1 of 3 times, and couldn't fit on movie park and holiday parks drop tower.


in spain, had to do the WOS on abismo, hurakan condor, furius baco (fitted once, failed once) and needed the big seats on khan


On the USA trip, was fine on everything, but had a 1/2 success on wicked twister.


At the moment - the concerns would probably be:

1 - colossos at thorpe (very small restraints

2 - A KMG booster

3 - still wicked twister

4 - a zamperla pirate ship - mainly "chest" size rather than "gut" size

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never been turned away, but I HAVE been extremely uncomfortable on "Ghost Rider". . . man, those seats are tiny!



and I haven't been on New Texas Giant, but had stopped riding it years ago, since it was so bumpy, and the squeeze into the seat wasn't making for a great ride experience (tho I'll bet the re-do w/ the steel tracks help with that issue immensely, so I expect to ride when we go back this Summer).

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I've never actually seen anyone denied a ride, save for kids who didn't quite meet height requirements. There was one occasion though; we were waiting inside a packed Raging Bull station house and it was taking longer than usual to dispatch a train. A quick glance around the station revealed the culprit: There was a ride op pushing on a lapbar with what seemed like all his might in an attempt to secure a large woman. My recollection is that after this first guy had no luck, another op joined him and only then did they manage to lock her in. The entire spectacle was roughly 3 or 4 minutes, and had the undivided attention of everyone in that station. You couldn't help but feel bad for the woman because it was pretty bad- no fun at all and just real unpleasant to watch.


Having witnessed that, I'm not sure how anyone who has doubts about whether or not they can squeeze in would risk bringing something like this upon themselves.

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On a coaster, I never have been denied to ride, but on one particular ride I will never EVER ride again because I will not be able to fit into those restraints that were designed by beanpole skinny winks. I do not know what type of ride it is, but there's one in Hersheypark called "The Claw" and other one in Morey's Piers called "It". And it's not because I'm fat, it's because I have a large chest and those restraints cannot lock in tight enough. So I know I can ride rides like Cedar Point's "MaXair" and Six Flags over New England's "Tomahawk" and even the Disc-O rides, but that type of swing circular ride in which the riders ride facing inward and floorless I can never get on, so I'll just skip them and ride something else.


"Hey, I don't care how large your chest is, your head is always the right size for me."

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I never experienced it by myself (I'm frightingly skinny, my avatar lies!), but I've got a very close 'big' friend, and I 'suffered' it several times with him.


Sometimes over here (Germany, nowadays normally home of 'PC') they got 'trying-seats' outside of the ride which would fit him, but while actually entering the coaster, they tell him that they can't secure him with the existing restrains. Of course this is always very embarrassing for him, so we normaly leave the coaster together. And you know how these groups of waiting teenies (and/or drunk people, machos etc.) can be: devastating!


So the parks should seriously check the measurements closely BEFORE letting people enter the ride at least, I guess...

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Manta @ SWSD. I've witnessed a walk-o-shame every time I've been. Even last weekend, I saw one that really surprised me (and I'm sure they didn't see it coming either).


Manta is already notorious for its weight discrimination, but what can they do?! Would it really be better if they started screening more people at the entrance just because they "appear large"? They apparently have an extra train designed with the heavyset in mind, but that has yet to be implemented... (plus, how does something like that work? Would you board like the handicapped entrance for Space Mountain?)


That said, the seats are realllllllly snug and cozy for the "average person"....which is good only for the "average person"

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I have not done the walk of shame, but I've been with several friends who have. While working in ride operations it is an important aspect of the job, but always seemed like a difficult situation for me. Approaching them before they get in the line always felt pretty awkward, but I'd rather them not wait 2 hours for a more awkward situation on the platform.

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My shoulders are really wide on B&M restraints, and the fact that I am a good 40 pounds overweight even for my body type doesn't help. I can fit into any seat except for stand-ups. It's difficult. I'm sure the restraints were designed for people no taller than 6 feet and no bigger than 225 pounds, and I'm over both of those so I've had to adopt strategies to get in.


Never had a problem with anything else, including Intamin lapbars.

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Not on a coaster but how about a theme park?!


I totally got the days on my flex ticket mixed up and I though I had one day left so I walked all the way from Wet N Wild on International drive in the hot Florida sun to the gates of IOA only to be told that I had used up all my days. I had a little chat with the attendant re the difference between 2 weeks/14 days which is how my miscalculation occurred. Needless to say I walked back to the hotel very red faced.

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