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Efteling Discussion Thread

P. 74: Park expansion approval and rethemed rides announced!

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^ I was just about to post the track pieces, Well can't always break the news.

Anyway seems like it are the top of the lift, the first piece before the drop (photo 1) and 2 lift pieces one with a connector (Photo 2), so lets hope this goes up soon cause I'm quite exited at this moment. Going quick over there I guess tomorrow they finish up the tower, has been a good week.

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Anyone notice that the drop piece has no separate motor block underneath it? I mean all other dives have these giant drop pieces that look 2 times heavier then a normal piece but this one just looks like a normal piece. Now I have a theory but maybe they plan to make the chain for the lift and drop from 1 piece (unlike the other dives that have a separate chain for the drop.) I mean should be possible, right? Just drop the hole drop chain and make the normal one come to a stop.

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That would be something without any sense. A small B&M train still has a good amount of weight. If you let this pull on a long chain it could damage the chain in a period of time. With a second chain that is a lot shorter like normal, it would be a lot less forceful to the chain that's on top of the drop.

But yeas, anything is possible. But i don't think they will use one chain for the lift and drop.

And damn, what a beautiful lift/station it will become. Perhaps it's not the tallest dropcoaster, but it's a lot more themed ride then the most ones out there.

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Well last week started out great, so why not this one?

So I have found several new things not shared here:

This weekend the Brakes where spotted in the Netherlands:




As this photo shows they've started construction on the other custom support:


Apparently a track piece has found his way to the park (3th piece counting the 2 already in the station):



Also some decorative stuff arrived today and been placed, seems like things are going great over there and another promising week is upcoming.

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Good to see the incline in the Brake run. Means that is the brake run and it isn't starting before the final turn.

Looking good seems like the majority of the lift is there (Only miss the motor piece and the top piece) So I think that's going in soon. Well I'll be walking with a big smile this saturday seeing this one in real life.

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Brake run complete:




Assembly of the lifthill track:




Still plenty of roofing to go:





Many, many more: http://www.vijfzintuigen.nl/forum/136/24466/786686#msg_786686




Also, a couple of "inside the station" photos have leaked...



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As of yesterday I kept count on what (we thought) has been build already so here is the stand of Yesterday:


Some people might notice I placed this before and some footers have been relocated to lay more at their real place (previously it was unclear what their exact locations where taking the others into account) and the track lay's on some places different.

(Dark) Red = Unbuild track. (Dark red is the unbuild track inside the tunnel) I know they're busy with the lift but it hasn't been placed yet.

Green = Build track. (When I made it yesterday I didn't know that the lift Motor was already inside.)

Purple footers = unbuild supports.

Orange footers = Build Supports.

Yellow just shows how the supports (could) connect to the track.

Blue is just the location of the tunnel.


Good seeing the catwalk already being installed construction seems to be good on it's way. Odd to see them planning to lift the entire lift hill (3 pieces) in one go but I understand that they're doing that to keep the whole thing from tilting too far when being lift into the air, still a little odd.

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