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Deep South Bash 2012 - Six Flags Over Georgia

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If only we had this going on for the Canada's Wonderland bash . I so want to go to this one, but don't think that I can swing it with what vacation time I have left. I've always wanted to go to SFOG and with free beer, fried pies & ERT on 10 coasters, I'm sincerely thinking about how bad do I really want my bonus check for 100% attendance anyway?


As a matter of fact, I think I feel those sick days for the Friday and Monday of that weekend coming on now !


I suspect you are coming down with an advanced case of Schwarzkopf Syndrome, a nearly fatal disease if not cured with proper does of Vitamin Gz. Repeated doses of Vitamin Gz are required- depending on the situation.

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Make sure to see Iluminate. It ends the day after. I just saw the one at SFOT and I can honestly say it is by far one of the best shows I have seen at a theme park. Completely unique and you will enjoy every minute of it.

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Worth a 4hr. drive? 1 way.


Worth flying in from the West Coast for... for the SECOND time. And what Robb said, too.


This event should NOT be missed- ever. It is that good. It takes quite a bit to impress me, and I'll say that a day at SFoG is still on par with Disney. the B-E-E-RT is amazing, as are the fried pies. The park gives us everything- and goes over the top to do so. Last year's backstage tour was -phenomenal- in every possible way (And no, it's not solely because I got to get up-close & personal with a certain German there...)


DSB is, to me, the DO NOT MISS event of the year. You will not be disappointed.



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^ Thanks for the pep talk to make me feel better about having to most likely miss this event again.


Worth a 4hr. drive? 1 way.

If I get that Saturday off, I will be flying down Friday night late, and leaving at the crack of dawn Sunday just to check this event out and be sleep deprived at work. To me it'd be way worth an easier 4 hour drive.

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