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Bayside Adventures [RCT3]

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Hey everyone, I'm back with a new park I'm sure you'll love. Now unlike my last park I've downloaded tones of custom scenery. And I'm still learning how to use some of it. So If you see something that's not right or is out of place, please tell me.


So the park is located just miles from Tampa Fl, and so far it has 3 coasters and 3 flats. It doesn't really have a constant theme, but more like a tropical feeling. So here are some photos of my park so far. And please be honest and tell me what you think, enjoy!!


So as you can see it's a simple entrance nothing to fancy.


Then once you pay and receive your tickets you enter into Grand shuttle station.


The shuttles take you to the main park.


The other station.


When you get to the main park you have a choice of 3 directions.


So here is one of our parks coasters....Python a CGI woodie.


Pythons station ( yeah I know it's a little bland if you have any ideas on what I could do with it or change it that would be great )


Once python leaves the station it kinda slithers around.....


Python is very twisty and full of air.


Proof .....


Pythons entire layout


As one of our flat rides we have a giant Frisbee designed by Huss


And another one of our coasters is Gold Rush. An Arrow corkscrew coaster


Queue and station


Full layout


And here is our 3rd coaster Steel Shark

More photos coming soon!!! So tell me how do you like the park so far? What would you like to see in it? I'm all for suggestions!!


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^^Thanks It was hard coming up with the layout. ^ Thanks and yeah and I wanted to layout to be small but compact. Which might lead to alot of turns.



So over the past few days I've been working on the parks next two coasters I hope you like them. And you might notice something different about the park ....(It's the trees)


A wing-rider and a Indoor Vekoma Kiddie Boomerang.


This short fun little coaster is called Galaxy express


A sneak peak inside


And here is the wing-rider I call Stealth


Stealth has a total of 6 inversions and the first one is an unique one!!


Stealth is full of near misses and head and foot choppers!!!


It has a little bit of everything


More near misses


And I leave you with this shot of Stealth's lift hill at night ...


So please comment and tell me how you like the new additions to this park. And remember lots more coming soon!!

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Yeah..I'll echo the others about the boomerang...those pitch black pieces aren't supposed to work as outside walls, only to darken the interior. Plus the theme and scenery has been used ten times over as well as the CTR. Try to put an interesting spin on the ride and try to maximize theming and ride-to-scenery interaction in order for it to really work and give it that wow feeling everyone loves to see in parks. Even calling it something like Flying Ace and giving it a kiddie Plane theme (to go along with your large wing coaster) would work quite well. The Jr. Boomerang is a tough ride to use because it's been used by everyone so many times. Come up with an original idea and it'll make the ride shine.


Looking great other than that!

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Kris here, bring you another wonderful update of Bayside Adventures. Since our last update we have added a few flats and a new giant coaster sure to impress. And I've decided to remove galaxy express. It wasn't because of the outer shell thing, I was going do that anyway. But after a while I just didn't like the idea anymore. So I replaced it with a few flats!!!



To begin out update here is a nice photo of Big wheel


Here are those flats. Nothing to big or extreme. Something for the children


We have added our food court section


Another family flat ride


And beneath the trees ...The Beast awakes...


And beneath the trees ...The Beast awakes...


Say hello to Raptor!!!


After Raptor Drops you 190 feet it turns into about 3 intense 90 degree turns


Raptors layout is full of ejector air and forceful turns!!


When you think it's over raptor isn't finished with you yet....


At the end Raptor has a mix of sharp turns and air!!!


Brake run and unfinished station...


Well I hope you have enjoyed this update!! You know the usual stuff comment, tell me how you like it!!! Thanks



It;s first of it's kind.....

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The first half of Stealth looks so much like N9NE to me, especially the first drop. Regardless, it's still fun to see wing coasters becoming so popular! I really like the idea for Raptor, as I have one design similar to that as well, and hope to see more from you soon! Keep using the custom scenery too - the more you work with it, the more experienced you become with it!

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