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I'm most excited for the SFMM Flyer, Expidition Everest, Goliath, and the SFGAdv Woodie. The SFMM Flyer looks really cool, Expiditon Everest looks really cool. I've heard really good things on Intamin Woodies and Goliath looks like a really good hyper.

Kevin"The SFMM Flyer has to open soon!"Bujold

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For me it'd definitely be Superman: Escape from Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia. Like what DJrappa said, it will definitely be the next world class coaster we've had since.... Tower of Terror. Wow, what a collection we have.


On top of that I think Expedition Everest will definitely be something worth dropping your jaw for, regardless of who makes it. But huge mountains, nice drops, all bundled up into a coaster experience, you can't go wrong.

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Here's what I'd like to see:

A wooden hyper coaster with Traditional NAD trains. If it's engineered right, or better yet, made right, it'll age like the older coasters: Thunderbolt (KW), Blue Streak (CLP), or the old Euclid Beach Thriller.

Allow me to clearify what i mean by 'age right'. A coaster that after only 3-4 season doesn't turn into complete garbage that people can't stand.

It seems with the modern woodies, The Villian (SFWOA/GL) the first year was great, the third year was bad.


Woodies also don't seem to break down as often.


Thank you for asking for our opinions.


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I would have to say the anticipated new B&M Flyer at Magic Mountain. Judging by what they have done in the past with building record breaking new coasters, this is sure to be no exception. Eventhough building has not even begun yet, nor do I know what the track layout or some of the elements will be, it is really fascinating to watch as it evolves. Soon the building will start, then I will see the layout. My anticpation building. Eventually, the best part of this whole thing happens, I finally get to ride it! Half a year or so will have gone by from the time I first found out about this to actually seeing it in person and taking my first, very exciting ride on it.


It's one thing to go to a park and see something new there you didn't know about, but quite another to follow something for so long then see it come to fruition- I think it makes it even more enjoyable.

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The new Superman Escape coaster at WBMW Australia. While this might not be anything new in the technology side of things. But the way this ride is designed, you can't help but feel you will be spending more time out of your seat then in it.


The best part of this ride is not what you can see, but what you can't see. Those of us who have visited the park, can tell you that from past history, with the Scooby Doo Coaster, that the park allways keeps the best parts of the ride under wraps. The only way you can find out is to ride the coaster for yourself.


It would also be nice to see the Discovery Channel crew in Australia to show the rest of the world our little slice of heaven.

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I am most excited about Everest at Disney. Animal Kingdom needs something new and exciting and I am looking forward to a new roller coaster there. Hopefully this will bring new life to the park and managment will notice that with spending a lot of money and really put thought into something, they can begin to draw a crowd.

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1. The Voyage at Holiday World...this looks like it will be one of the best woodies ever...I hope it lives up to my expectations

2.Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia...it looks as if Goliath will be the perfect addition for SFOG and it will have good airtime and a nice helix, and hey any coaster without any MCBR is fine by me

3.Expedition Everest...it sounds like it will be quite an interesting ride, not just because it goes backwards and fowards but also because part of it will be built in a mountain

4.Patriot at Worlds of Fun...another B&M invert, hopefully it has good positives and isnt forceless like Silver Bullet is supposed to be

5.Black Mamba at Phantasialand...and yet another B&M invert, which sounds like it will have a nice compact intense inversion heavy layout, like Batman

6.the Woodie at Beech Bend...hey a nice twisted layout and hopefully a little airtime, it looks like fun

7.the Flyer at SFMM...hey I just hope that B&M finally mastered the flying coaster, and hopefully its better then S-UF

8.the Woodie at SFGAv...hey as long as its not the first ever woodie over 300 feet tall it sounds like it will be good

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I have to put my vote in for Expedition Everest. Just watching this monster get created harkens back to the old Disney Imagineering days.

Incredible themeing. Great track layout. Super technology in the fabrication of this thing. I so hope Disney is back on track with the quality of old mixed with the technology of new.


Black Mamba looks incredible as well. Phantasialand seems to always present great thrills incorporated into excellent themeing.


After that I would say that The Voyage looks very impressive. It has my two favorite elements in a ride aside from themeing. Airtime, and lots of it! As well as Wood. I love me some good wood! One other point I would like to make is the fact that HW is well known for taking great care of their rides, so this one will stand the test of time like their other two world class coasters.


After that my list just kinda dwindles off.


Goliath at SFOG looks like a lot of fun with plenty of Air. Not having any MCBR's is always a huge plus, and, why I would choose it over the flyer we are getting here at the Mountain.


As for our flyer... I realy think 6F as well as B&M have something to prove in the coaster world with this one. I realy need them both to step up to the plate to deliver a homerun. Aside from the fact that it is a flyer as well as going to be a big original design, we know nothing about this ride. With that said, watching it grow helps build excitement in and of itself.


As for the woodie at 6FGA. I hate to say this, but knowing how the Flags do wood. This one might be "good, but not great" for a year or two, then will unfortunately fall to the mighty poor maintanance that 6F is known for. I pray that I am sadly mistaken on this one.


Did I miss anything?


Guy "I feel like I just wrote a novel" Koepp

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For some reason I would like to see the re-construction of Starliner. It would be really cool to see how it turns out, and what changes are made. I really think its cool that DC asked us to do this...it makes me feel special (because Im a special guy I guess)...


Colin"Didn't really know where I was going with that one"C

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SFMM's new flyer is the most interesting thing to me. As said before, SFMM is home the record-breakers... the landscaping (on a mountain with mature trees) is already a big plus for the coaster, how can it be bad ? All B&M flyers are great...


The Voyage will probably be the best woodie ever, six tunnels, awesome speed and 90degrees inclined track... Hades was just an awesome preview...


SFOG's Goliath will be great but B&M hypers are everywhere...


And what about SixFlags La Ronde's new coaster ? Six Flags need to invest 35millions in 2006 to respect their contract with the city of Montreal.

Rumors says that tracks arrived last week at the park...

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The Voyage- This summer I had the opportunity to ride Hades and Shivering Timbers and both were outstanding. To me, this coaster is going to be a combo of both. Combine the letters and what does that spell? One of the best woodies EVER.


SFGAdv Woodie- I've heard and seen so much on the other Intamin woodies that I can't help but wonder what this one will be like. The others look amazing, and from what I hear are, so I can only imagine.


Superman (WBMW) and Speedcoaster (Tusenfryd)- I'm a big fan of the rocket coaster and its really exciting to see more of them being built with some actual content to them rather than just a top hat or close to it.

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I believe the most interesting projects currently in the making for the 06' season are as follows: ( This is in my opinion)


1)The Voyage-Holiday World: This coaster is clearly a monster. It's a great layout and has some good features that will make this ride stand out from the rest. Also, because this coaster is a hybrid and built by Gravity Group, this is a hard test on the company and this could be one of their signature coasters with the future continuing on. With this said, this is my first pick.


2)Expedition Everest-Animal Kingdom: All I can say is "Wow" This coaster looks amazing and the mountain itself makes the original Matterhorn look like a "baby mountain". This ride is also breaking records too if you want to call it that. First, this is Vekoma's new track design which I say is a good choice to use this track system on this ride of this magnitude. Secondly, this is the largest project yet for Disney in WDW. Also, it just plainly makes me want to go and ride it myself. So, this will make my second choice.


3)Goliath- Six Flags Over Georgia: This is big news for SFOG and I believe it will be a great addittion to the parks line-up. It looks like it will have good airtime and a complete amazing expirence from looking at the layout. So, this design might not be nothing new but looking at it is making me put my hands up all ready.


4)_________- Six Flags Magic Mountain: Ok, there is still not a lot known about this Flyer but knowing SFMM, this ride should be a winner. It's also been rumored that this flyer will have something no other flyer will have and will only make the watching of the construction process even more interesting. This ride for sure will be something to watch and find outwhat this thing is going to look like.


That's it as of right now for me. I know there are others for 06' but these are my favorite choices of interests. I'm glad to help out with this research and survey .

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