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Best View From A Lift Hill

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^I've always liked Sheikra too, more the long slow turn give you a good chance to check everything out and that lift just feels scary as hell every time I ride it.


I would give Magnum the edge over Millennium Force just because Millennium Force's lift is so steep and fast that it doesn't give you a chance to take in the scenery as much as Magnum's slow more gradual incline does.

I'd like to throw in a darkhorse vote for the Beast, the view of that mess of wood and the valley is always pretty impressive no matter how many times I ride that thing.


this exactly...

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This is located in Switzerland, my home country


It is the steepest Rail in Europe with a 106% Degree! it brings you up to 1806meters and then back down.


It is a accelerated Video.


There ya go:







Thanks! I would love to go there if I am ever in Switzerland.

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It's not a lift hill but I'll put it up anyway. The view from the top of Top Thrill Dragster is stunning. Seeing all the rides and coasters below you is awesome. And looking over the water is great too! It may be quick, but it is still breathtaking.

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I always thought the view of Lake Ponchartrain on Mega Zeph was Lovely. The top of Goliath at SFOG is still one of my favorites...and lest we forget, you may be able to see Canada from Millennium Force, but you can see Dallas, Fort Worth and everything in between from the top of Titan at SFOT, and at nighttime, goodness gracious!

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We are spending a couple of days in the Seaside Heights, NJ area, and I decided to get a few rides on some of the coasters at Casino Pier and Funtown Pier. As I was going up the lift hill on Star Jet, I remembered why I liked this particular coaster so much. The view of the ocean as you are going up the lift and as you go around the first turn at the top of the lift is INCREDIBLE! Especially if you are sitting in the outside seat. All you can see beside you is the ocean. It seems as if the coaster is just floating above the water. It got me to wondering about what everyone else might think are the best views from a coaster lift hill?


So, what is your favorite lift hill view?


Mine is Star Jet at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ!




When I was a kid there was the Jet Star (I know right) which was in the same place. Never rode Star Jet, but yes, the view was great. The ocean right in front of you, and the view of the pier. It was all superb.

Also Jet Star was a classic, replaced by Star Jet, which has been repaced with the ocean.....tough luck for that space!

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American Eagle!


AND - you get plenty of time to enjoy it as the trains slow down and nearly stop at the top (which some people complain about - but look at it this way - at least it's something different.)

People shouldn't complain; would they rather spend that much more time in line?

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