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Best View From A Lift Hill

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American Eagle!


AND - you get plenty of time to enjoy it as the trains slow down and nearly stop at the top (which some people complain about - but look at it this way - at least it's something different.)


(I know this picture is old and doesn't show the Southwest Territory or the incredible view of the whole park to the right...)



The opposite would be I-305. The potentially great view is ruined b/c you are held back and down by those stupid retracting straps - and blocked by the head rest in front of you. (Related note - I know people love that ride, but I just didn't get it. The ride is pure intensity, zero excitement. I got nothing from it. I gave it many tries over a 2 day period - which was easy as it was the shortest line in the park.)

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Ravine Flyer II has a better view from the lift than Magnum as I think Magnum's best view of Lake Erie is from the top of the second hill, even though you only get a brief view before plummeting to the left.


The view of the James River from the top of Griffon is absolutely stunning.


Dominator, when it was at Geauga Lake, had an awesome view of the front part of the park from the top of the lift though the view of the Eiffel Tower at KD from the top is pretty cool as well.

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^I've always liked Sheikra too, more the long slow turn give you a good chance to check everything out and that lift just feels scary as hell every time I ride it.


I would give Magnum the edge over Millennium Force just because Millennium Force's lift is so steep and fast that it doesn't give you a chance to take in the scenery as much as Magnum's slow more gradual incline does.


I'd like to throw in a darkhorse vote for the Beast, the view of that mess of wood and the valley is always pretty impressive no matter how many times I ride that thing.

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This thread is worthless without pics.




Montaña Suiza, Monte Igueldo - San Sebastián, Spain





Montana Rusa, Tibidabo - Barcelona, Spain






Wild West Mine Train, Ocean Park - Hong Kong



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