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We are spending a couple of days in the Seaside Heights, NJ area, and I decided to get a few rides on some of the coasters at Casino Pier and Funtown Pier. As I was going up the lift hill on Star Jet, I remembered why I liked this particular coaster so much. The view of the ocean as you are going up the lift and as you go around the first turn at the top of the lift is INCREDIBLE! Especially if you are sitting in the outside seat. All you can see beside you is the ocean. It seems as if the coaster is just floating above the water. It got me to wondering about what everyone else might think are the best views from a coaster lift hill?


So, what is your favorite lift hill view?


Mine is Star Jet at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ!



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You get a nice view of the James River and Surrey County from the top of Griffon; that is, until you make that right turn and you're looking at the brewery.

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Wild Eagle, Dollywood. Millennium, Cedar Point. Mystery Mine, because you're infront of an explosion. Voyage, Holiday World. Boardwalk Bullet, Kemah. Titan at SFOT. Superman Krypton - SFFT

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Without thinking too hard about it, I'd say Millennium Force (Cedar Point) or Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer).


I also enjoyed Ravine Flyer II's view. It gave a nice, enjoyable view of Lake Erie.

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Either Millennium or Magnum.


I worked Magnum one summer. It was awesome starting every day with that view from the top of the lift.


However, my favorite is Ravine Flyer II. The water looks so blue from the top.

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