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And speaking of basketball recruiting, then there's the recent tight end phenomenon of the Antonio Gates and Jimmy Grahams of the football world. Recruit a guy to play one thing and he ends up All-Pro in something entirely different. Proof that recruiters and so-called "experts" basically don't know jack.


I've said this for years. There's obviously some can't miss superstars that you HAVE to go after, but after that I'd rather build with grit, football IQ, character, and flat out desire. "BCS busters" don't exist merely by mistake.

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Okay seriously what the hell is going on with Florida and their coaching staff twitter accoutns? It's like Muschamp discovered Photoshop in the off-season and told his staff to run wild with it....


This is from QBs coach Brent Pease, and it said "Florida QB's have the Drive and the Desire"



and this Gem



And wr's coach Joker Phillips.. #Come play for the joker




"Only Gators get out alive"






And here is some kind of weird drag racing instagram thing from the running backs coach


and soem kind of weird energy drink thing....http://instagram.com/p/YZyCyICvnf/


I get that kids use twitter, let's market to the recruits through social media and all, but come on. This is years worth or bulletin board material...

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I still can't get over the images at the top of this page.


Oh there are are more that I haven't posted that are equally as strange, I just don't understand recruiting anymore. Kids that want you to send 150 hand written letters and tweet them, it's all weird.


There are some some great games early on in the season here in SEC country that should but the SEC race into perspective very early. Georgia opens at Clemson then gets South Carolina at home week 2. Alabama plays Virginia Tech in Atlanta week 1 then goes to Kyle Field for a rematch with Texas A&M in week 2.


Alabama is clearly the favorite but we saw last year that teams like Georgia and Texas A&M aren't that far behind. My SEC prediction is a re-match between Alabama and Georgia that turns into a bit of a shoot out between Mccarron and Aaron Murray (georgia is going to be really good on offense this year) with Alabama winning another close one.


My dark horse National Championship teams are Ohio State and Louisville. Ohio State ran the table last year in the weak Big 10 and shouldn't have trouble doing it again. Louisville plays one of the weakest schedule I've ever seen and if they play to their ability should go undefeated and might be tough to leave out of the NC game is there are a slew of one loss teams.


NC prediction, Alabama vs Ohio State, Bama wins by double digits.

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Stanford could challenge Alabama for the best defense in the country, they have a bunch of returning seniors. They also got a quarterback commit, Keller Chryst from my high school, Palo Alto High School, which is pretty awesome!

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My favorite below the belt shot of the offseason was one directed towards Meyer......

Muschamp take jab at Meyer at media Days


And Eric, the following is an excerpt of the insurmountable mountain known as the Tennessee football schedule..

9/14 @ Oregon

9/21 @ Florida

9/28 South Alabama

10/5 Georgia

10/19 South Carolina

10/26 @ Alabama


5/6 opponents might be in the top 10 when Tennessee plays them, wow, have fun with that Butch Jones and welcome to the SEC....

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Yeah, our expectations are set extremely low this year. Pretty much the only way we go to a bowl is if Josh Dobbs comes out as a true freshman and is able to become a decent SEC starter. I just don't see Worley or Peterman as SEC caliber QBs. The OL has the potential to be the best in the SEC, but it will not matter if a QB can't hit the side of a barn. All I can hope for is that they win one game that they aren't supposed to, make a bowl, hang on to all of these commits they have gotten so far and build momentum for the future.

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^^Props to them for scheduling a real road game! That doesn't happen often in the SEC.


Georgia@ Clemson (and Ga. Tech every other year)

Florida @ Miami (and FSU every other year)

South Carolina @ UCF and Clemson every other year

Ole Miss @ Texas

Arkansas @ Rutgers


Alabama vs Virginia tech in Atlanta

LSU vs TCU in Arlington

Mississippi State vs Okla. State in Houston


Your point is valid historically, I'll give you that, but there's more substance than originally meets the eye with SEC schedules.

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^They were. We'll see what happens with the new coaches and defensive philosophy (5-2).


^^Ehh...could be worse. I still remember being at the Freedom Bowl at Anaheim stadium in 1992. That was worse.


^^^Didn't Florida drop Miami after this year so they could add a 7th home game against a nobody? The SEC historically doesn't do major home and home series unless its a rivalry. I give them credit for playing in those neutral site games, but for the most part the SEC model is 7 home games and a weak non-conference schedule (with the rare one big game early on) in order to ensure a high ranking. But hey, it works...so much so that more teams/conferences are jumping on board with it.


Texas A&M must have gotten the memo, since they dropped USC from their schedule.

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Tennessee has a history of scheduling home and home series with major conference teams. In the recent past, they have played Miami, Notre Dame (3 series over 2 decades), California, UCLA (at least three times since the 80's), Oregon, and Syracuse. Coming up they have Oklahoma starting next year, and Nebraska 2 years after that. I know at one time they had USC in agreement but I think that fell through.

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