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[RCT2] Premier Amusement Park (2004)

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Hi guys,


I started making this park in 2003 and put about seven months of work into it. The goal of this project was to build a realistic Six Flags/Cedar Fair-style park with a water park, Mario kiddie area, hotel resort, RV campground, and rental cabins. The most notable thing about the park is its map size is 256x256 and is almost completely full with rides & scenery.


It's not the best park out there or anything, but people seemed to like it eight years ago when I originally uploaded it so I figured it'd be worth posting on here if anyone wants to check it out. A lot of the awesome modern custom scenery people use today wasn't invented yet when this park was being created so there are some objects that look a bit tacky. I think Toon's supports came out shortly after I finished this park.


You can download the park HERE.


EDIT: Link changed



Overall shot of the entire map. (Click here for bigger version)


Cars in line to pay for parking.


Hotel resort


Park entrance (inspired by Cedar Point)


Cyclone and some flats


The park's icon observation tower and GCI woody.


Station and queue line for the park's intamin hyper.


Show theater


RV Campground


Petting farm


B&M inverted, obviously inspired by Batman The Ride.


Your typical B&M floorless.


Station and surrounding area for the park's 4D coaster, "2 Xtreme"


S&S Screamin' Squirrel coaster under construction.


Intamin inverted impulse coaster, the gift shop, and more flats.


Wild mouse coaster, S&S drop towers, and buildings.


GCI woody (again) and surrounding area.


Area with a sky coaster, double carosel, S&S drop towers, Arrow corkscrew coaster, etc.


Super Mario kiddie area and the Intamin hyper.


Rental cabins and the beach.


Entrance to the water park.


The main slide complex.


The wave pool and speed slides.


Thanks for looking everyone.


- Josh

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This is amazing! The amount of detail and the way you included the waterpark and kiddie area (as said above) is so realistic! I'm going to have to agree with that it's one of the best RCT2 parks I've ever seen!

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^I think you should search first:



I already have this park downloaded on my laptop, and I still enjoy it loads every time I view it (even if the scenery selecion is slightly outdated ). Also, BIG congrats on completing a park of this size, and considering it was made in '03, you did an excellent job

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You can download the park HERE. If you do not wish to register on that site just to download the file, feel free to email me at foster.josh.us[at]gmail.com and I would be happy to send it to you.


Or you could upload the park to TPR's Game Exchange and save a lot of us frustration, too...



Games Forum Management Team

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I remember this park and your other work from back in the Coasters2k.com days! I always liked your work, like this EPIC park and your recreation of Top Thrill Dragster. Great work. I haven't played RCT2 in years and this is a great reminder of the good old days of the game.

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