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[RCT 3] Kodiak Hills - Haunted Hills Halloween!

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I say clear the land. ^Brown is perfectly fine, Dragon Mountain at Marineland has very similar colors.


Also Tennessee Tornado (which inspired Blue Ridge) is brown! So, brown isn't that rare.


molemaster43 - Maybe... I do like the idea of an imagination or fantasy section. But then I feel it would be all too similar to Dollywood. Hmmm....


themeparksbuzz - Thank you! And I really like that idea. But as I already said, I feel like the whole park would be way too similar to Dollywood. But then again, maybe not.

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It's funny that you posted that, because I was planning an update today. I just haven't had access to my game for a while.




Long time no see? I finally returned back to Kodiak Hills after a month and things have changed... such as ticket pricing. What once was a $35.00 entrance fee is now up to $42.00. Season passes are now going up to $110.00.


Anyways... on with the physical changes.



Peril Shaft was removed just about a week ago. The final rides were held on August 16th. Can't say it was my favorite, but I'm looking forward to future expansion.



Blue Ridge has closed for 3 weeks to a complete track re-paint.



Kodiak Hills has posted this photo on their Facebook page on the new colors that Blue Ridge will be opening with.




The final major change is The Great Grizzly's new paint job. The coaster just re-opened 2 days ago with this sleek black paint job.


Stay tuned for more!

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Haunted Hills Halloween at Kodiak Hills!


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I haven't had much time to visit the park recently. However, I designated this fine Saturday as a day to update the park's first Halloween event!


I utilized the day-time to take pics of what you will see at day and contrast them of what you will see at night. The park does a good job to conceal the creepiness that will be very much apparent during the night-time hours. Lets start with the day pics!



The park's entrance has a creepy, destroyed castle facade added to it. It isn't too overwhelming, but I think they could have done a better job to conceal the original entrance. Oh well, it still works.



The Town Square still has it's beautiful charm. No apparent Halloween overlay has been added to it... Hmmm.



The beginning of Wild Fields Fair has some fake creepy trees looming over the midway.



The Great Grizzly also has no apparent Halloween overlay. Oh well, it's still a great ride.



Ah, finally somewhere where some action is. The Danger Forest is 1 of 2 "scare lands" in the park. Not only is there multiple special walk-throughs and shows that will be taking place in The Danger Forest, but it is also crawling with multiple scare actors. If you don't want to be scared senseless, stay away from The Danger Forest.



Forsaken Mine's queue will be transformed into "The Hallways of the Forgotten", a scare maze crawling with scare actors and multiple special effects themed to zombie miners who got trapped underground for far too long...



The empty lot that once housed the Peril Shaft has been transformed into "Death & Deather's Halloween Party", a comedic and wacky Halloween show. Note: NOT suitable for small children.



The Mystery House will house a wacky 3-D walk-through themed to dreaming about Halloween. Nothing scary in this house, but expect a lot of wacky and disorienting moments.



Old Town remains unchanged. Slippery Rock Falls will remain open all night for the first time however, so if you're up for a log flume in the dark, this is for you!



Aha! The second "scare land" of the park. Here you can find wandering and frightened ghost patrons that once lived in The Ghastly Manor. The Ghastly Manor will remain open throughout the night and a "Ghost Tour" will take place through the hills around The Ghastly Manor. Note: This attraction will be terrifying and may not be suitable for people with heart conditions.



The sun is setting... and the fun will begin soon! And I forgot to mention, Dark Castle will also be transformed into a Scare Maze that will follow along the ride's tracks. Don't worry, it won't be running!

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