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Longwood Amusement Park [RCT3]

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Since I lost the file to my last park, I figured I'd post this. It was a side project, but I think it's some of my best work yet. I introduce to you, Rivertown Amusement Park.


December, 1973


Hello, I'm James Long. The general manager of Rivertown Amusement Park. We are set to open in May, 1974. I couldn't bring you updates before because of loads of work at the park's offices. But I can give you updates now. Let's get to it!


This is the entrance plaza. It's pretty much done.


A picture of Main Street and the Carousel.


This is a man made waterfall built just for the park.


This is the right side of the park. It includes 2 of the park's biggest rides. Sawmill Plunge and Parachuter's Peak.


This is the Sawmill Food Court. It serves hot dogs, fries, burgers, chicken, milkshakes, etc.


Sawmill Plunge, the park's premier water attraction.


Tomorrow, we will venture on to the other side of the park. Where there is a ride you will never forget.

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That waterfall doesn't really make sense. It is just a block. Make it flow with the land and not just have it there. Also, the Sawmill Food Court is way too big. Shrink the building size down. Also, try to add a little more atmosphere to the park. Add some flowers, bushes, scenery, etc. It will make the park look nicer. I do like your log flume, however.

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^ I need to keep the food court building that big because I want it to serve alot. I'm still working on the foliage and I think i may just make that waterfall more terraformed. The park is still a WIP.

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Rename a Peep David Walsh


Then press Ctrl + U


This will hide the menu bars from your pictures. They look 1,000 times better if you do this.


Just keep experimenting with buildings. Try to mix different sets together. You'll be surprised at how easily some of them can meld together.


Before making an an entire park, try to make each area one by one and put detail into them. I'll be honest in saying there have been far too many parks lately where the quality of work is much lower than what is usually desired by players. I see potential here, but don't rush. Have fun. If it takes two or even three weeks to give yourself that time, it's no big deal.


As The saying goes, quality over quantity.



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Ok, a couple of things. This will be the last update until Moday because of roller hockey playoffs. Also, I've completly removed the waterfall and added a gardens area. The storyline will go as if it was always there. Ok, I'll get right to it.


December 1973


I visited the park again today to show you the other side of the park. I don't have much time so I'll get right into the pictures.


I took a walk in Lazzaro Gardens today. I'll give you a back story on it soon.


But, this is what we are going to get to today.


This is The Dragon! It is 93 feet tall and reaches 52 mph!


You go over 2 speed hills and through a turn around.


Interact with Silver River Railway on your way back.


And this is where you end up.


There's a bumper cars ride over here too! Have a great day!

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Sorry for the double post. Lazzaro Gardens was really named after my grandparents. My grandfather passed away in 2006 and my grandmother passed in March. But, that's not how the storyline goes. I figured I'd tell you the truth.


January 1974


Happy New Year! April 4th isn't really that far away. Today, I visited Lazzaro Gardens. We decided to name it after George Lazzaro, who is the man behind this operation. He was the one that wanted an amusement park. Sadly, he passed away a month before construction began. This area is completly dedicated to him.


Lazzaro Gardens are a quiet, little place to get away from the rides.


A view looking out toward the Carousel and The Dragon.


An overview of Lazzaro Gardens.


We can't forget about other rides like The Dragon though!


I leave you with this shot. Have a nice day!

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I'm Back!


April 2nd, 1974


Sorry for the lack of updates. Lots of work has come up. But, I was able to visit the park today and I was approched by one of our head mechanics. He said that the state government came to the park and said that the park was ready to open. He also said that The Dragon and Sawmill Log Flume were safe to ride. And I got on BOTH! I must say, The Dragon is a ture masterpeice and will challange the most daring thrillseekers. I was allowed to bring my camera on the rides. But, please don't do this without permission from a park worker.


The insane drop on The Dragon.


There is crazy airtime on the hills.


Take a deep breath, and don't pinch yourself. It's real!


Sawmill really soaks you.


I wasn't lying.


Don't forget about Parachuter's Peak. It's still the tallest.


See you in two days for the park's grand opening!

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The reason I wasn't using the David Walsh cheat was because I had no peeps in the park. So I couldn't name anyone David Walsh. But, I did use the cheat for this update and I will for all the rest.


April 4th, 1974

Opening Day


Well, today was finally the day. The day Rivertown Amusement Park opens to the public. I feel like everything we have done has payed off. We've worked our tails off on this park and it will be a success for many years to come. We recieved excelent feedback from our guests. The park was PACKED. We were prepared. The Dragon was a fan favorite. I'll get to the pictures.


This is what the midway looked like less than 2 minutes after opening!


The first riders on The Dragon


Those are two happy riders!


Being a cooler day, not many guests rode Sawmill Plunge. But, those who did, loved it!


Any second guesses?


I will leave you with this shot of Parachuter's Peak. Have a great day!

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The peep doesn't have to be in the park for the cheat to work. So in the future if you do off season updates just open it for a minute, get a peep in, rename it, and then close the park. You'll still be able to get rid of the menus even if they left.


As for the park, I really like the look of the Dragon going over the water and it's very classic layout. I would just work a bit on your buildings to add some more variety to them and make them less blocky.

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Thanks for the comments and advice!


April 10, 1974


I revisited the park today. It is still popular. People are really excited to finally have an amusement park near their homes.


Fender Benders are doing well.


These new restrooms have been added in front of the lake.


Lots of kids were on the Tea Cups today.


Flying Swings had long lines all day.


I'll leave you today with a picture of The Dragon. Have a great day!

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May 2, 1974


I haven't updated you in a while! We have had some financial issues the past few weeks. All of them seem to be resolved. I visited the park as a non-employee today. We got on all of the rides. I got my sons to try The Dragon. And, like evryone else at the park, they loved it!


A train full of excited, and nervous riders.


I can ride this thing all day if I was able to.


It seems like it's lunch hour!


And........ Skloosh!


See you soon!

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How about pictures of stuff we've not seen yet: You're showing off pretty pics... of the exact same thing every time.


(I.E. how about your next update featuring the new ride/show/attraction you're building... instead of the same things from different perspectives. Honestly, I can't tell too much of a difference from your first post to this recent one...)



Games Forum Management Team

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^ I was actually planning to show some construction shots in this update.


May 31st, 1974


Happy belated Memorial Day! There are some interesting things going on at the park. Construction has started on our next development. We've also made official that the announcment will take place on June 3, 1974. Another update, weekly operations will start in 2 weeks. Schools are getting out soon so we are expecting more guests.


Trucks, diggers, and bulldozers are already on site.


A large plot of land has been cleared.


I will say right now, this view of The Dragon will change.

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June 3, 1974




Rivertown Amusement Park is proud to present The Plaza. A new area opening in 1975. The new area will feature two new rides, and a new restaurant. Feel the rush of Thunder Bobs! A toboggan style ride which will have you screaming for more. Get great views of the park on Sky Wheel. A unique ferris wheel where you can see for miles. Grab a bite at Country Cookin' Cafe. This sitdown restaurant serves some of the best fried chicken you will find. The Plaza is expected to be ready to open with the park on April 1, 1975.


Construction progress up to this point.

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July 10, 1974


Happy belated Independance Day! We've given the workers that have the job of building The Plaza a week off because of hard work. They will be back to work tomorrow. Thunder Bobs has been completed and Country Cookin' Cafe is nearing completion. It seems like we are ahead of schedule. Which is good. Better than late.


-James Long


Notice anything different?


Thunder Bobs. The queue has yet to be started.


We plan to have a little theming over near Country Cookin' Cafe.


See you soon!

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September 18, 1974


Welcome Back! I finally was able to return for the park. I wasn't there long. But, I will say that our skyline has changed a bit. My next update will most likely be my last update until 1975.


Sky Wheel will be the focal point of The Plaza and the Backlands areas of the park.


Sky Wheel really towers over Country Cookin' Cafe.


Sky Wheel is our third tallest ride at 80 feet. It''s behind The Dragon which is 93 feet, and Parachuter's Peak which is 138 feet.

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October 17, 1974


Well, today was the last day of the season. I had a great time at the park this season and I made alot of memories. Hopfully even more will be made next season.


Many came to get a few last rides on The Dragon.


This view will look different next season.



Parachuter's Peak towers over the center of the park.


Goodbye Rivertown!

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