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[RCT3] Arcane Lake - More Fall!

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Arcane Lake - A Year In Progress!


Once upon a time, a couple explorers were well... exploring. They were staking out some newly acquired territory from what you would know from the history books as the Louisiana Purchase. These explorers found numerous locations of interest, but one they adored most. They called it Arcane Lake for its mysterious fog and seclusion behind behind many hills and mountains.


A few hundred years later, once society had found its way into the furthest crevices of the country, entrepreneurs began taking their stakes as well. The one we're concerned with is a man by the name of Thomas Digmund, or Diggy as he was sometimes known. He had the idea of starting up a small little getaway in this small little area known as Arcane Lake. Starting in 1907, he built it from the grassroots of small picnic groves and pony rides to a cherished tradition all the way up to his death in 1964.


Today, the park remains, thrilling visitors just as it always had. Keeping true to form, though always providing something new and thrilling. We now arrive at the part of the story where you all get to see what this park is really like!




Always full of life, these German/Swiss buildings were added, if I recall, following WWII as a sort of reminder that while ravaged and broken, Europe was still beautiful.




While a bit primitive, the Carousel holds its own amongst the newer thrills.




Head Rush, the parks resident drop coaster, falls underneath the parks main midway from a height of just under 200 feet through 3 perilous inversions.




Along with its sister rides, this makes one hefty skyline.




Charming fountain.




The park gem, The Raven, is a really old PTC ride designed by the one and only Herb Schmeck. (Phoenix-Knoebels;Comet-Hersheypark)




It packs more airtime than any coaster you've ever been on, guaranteed!




What you've seen today is a mere fraction of what this park has to offer!


Until next time...

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Arcane Lake

Unknown Year - More Fun Stuff!




There's also a beautiful Wave Swinger out front of Raven. You can also see the first couple major pops of air in the layout.




Reverse angle.




No park can be complete without food, drink, and of course, bathrooms! The midway has all the refreshments you could ever need.




These littls sunken huts are called the Smokehouse Barby. They prove to be some of the most popular stands in the park.




Any good park has a old style Scrambler in the mix! This one's been running since 1959, beating the trends by a year or so.




The Raven station is modeled after an old Swiss church, complete with a working bell tower, though now only operated during the Halloween event to kick off the festivities each night.


There's still plenty to see! Be sure to stick around!



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Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated!



Arcane Lake - Widespread Panic!




Widespread panic ensued today as a mistake in the shipment of the garbage cans spurred a full evacuation of the park! Apparently, the problem wasn't noticed till around noon, but once the public knew of a dragon being loose in the park, they sort of lost it!




Though of course leaving the park empty for great uninterrupted photos!




You can bet your bottom dollar that you'll be seeing this shot with peeps at some point in the future.




Apparently using 6 trains on a Schwarzkopf isn't the most efficient thing! Massive stacking issues stranded this train right at the top of the lift!




Free food!




Ok, can't really explain this one... it valleyed maybe?




Ok, so some jerk stole this rides sign! Now I can't remember it's name... Sign makers wanted! (For real, I need one bad!)

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Treetop Soarer

Treetop Soarin'

Lakeview Flight Machine


Just a few names right off the top of my head



Nice job! I love what you have done with the park. The amount of scenery you used is absolutely awesome and how you made it all work together makes it even awesomer. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

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Thanks guys! The theme for Inverted Coaster 1 is castle-like (it's station is actually housed inside the castle) It's not so much a Dracula's castle corny spook theme, but more of an Edgar Allen Poe "The Raven" theme, with the stuffiness and such.. I imagine a story similar to an old man toiling away in his castle and accidentally reveals a dreadful evil, a potion that reveals a person's worst fear, and you've just stumbled upon his lair! Something of the like..


Not even close to having shown all of this park, there's still many secrets and new things you've yet to see. For example more in-depth looks at the coasters and their layouts and station buildings and such.

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Well guys.. I finally have an update. There's areas you've yet to see, but I think it's really cool that you're gonna be seeing all of them in the fall setting instead! The park looks so much prettier in my eyes covered in oranges and reds.




Arcane Lake - Fall Is Here!



Fall has set in, and as the Halloween festivities are being kicked off, Arcane Lake is sitting back and waiting its turn.



Raven sits dormant as it awaits its first spooks of the season.



Hundreds will fall from atop this intimidating precipice in just hours time.



Hidden secrets lie behind every door.



A favorite to all, it's true colors come out on Halloween.



Strange things have been known to happen this time of year...



Tread lightly.



And beware what lurks in the shadows..

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Arcane Lake - The First Haunted House


The facade for the first of many haunted houses has gone up this evening.



Highly qualified specialists said today in a local paper, and I quote: 'this walkthrough will be scary.' ...Yupp, reassuring I hope, to all of you wondering..

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Arcane Lake - More Fall!




Fall, fall, and a little bit of autumn!




Willard's Whizzer, an old school Schwarzy stays open for Halloween as well.




You won't be able to get this shot once the next haunt goes up.




Some modern architecture, and a tightly packed area.




The first turnaround on Raven. Looks pretty intimidating from behind.




Raven and the mighty tower in the background.




Fall and the Raven. Together like peanut butter and jelly.

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