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Well, hello TPR! I'm not really new, just had a new name after years of being not active here anymore. Did some NoLimits-topics in the past though. I'm actually a Dutch boy who prefers English, so please correct my English to let it improve!


I'm currently working on quite a large park. That is because I want to try to make several things in one big park and it will be my first and last RCT-project ever. So it just must be huge. Here will follow some pictures:


Entreance with parking lot for cars, buses and bikes/motor(cycles) etc. including a bus stop and a kiss and ride. It isn't finished yet because I got my focus on another part of the park. From that point (the cathedral) I will work towards the entrance and finish that too. After that I will focus on the other aspects of the park. Let it be a suprise what I will build?



Parking for electric vehicles (go future go?):



Parking lot with cars, and a bridge crossing the road. Just that when much people leave, also much cars will leave. This makes things quicker. The zebra-crossing is for disabled. The escalators will be used in the direction of: morning: towards the park / evening: towards the parking lot. That makes sense I guess? Also you spot the parking spots for disabled.



Tree's do grow quick around here:



CCTV and finishing around the area:



Overview so far:



Traffic lights near the bus parking, to let people leave smooth and quick:



Left: scooters/bikes etc., right: motors and other bigger vehicles. Roof will be build in near future:




From left to right:

Bus stop, bike/motor-parking, kiss and ride, bus parking, parking lot.





Then here we continue with the part that will work from the cathedral to the parking lot:


Chinese restaurant. Anyone got some ideas on what to sell?



When it is busy in the park, you can relax at the backyard of the restaurant:



Interiour: kitchen has changed slightly. More on that when working from the cathedral to the parking lot:






From the cathedral, when finished, I will move on to the 'main street' which will also include the Chinese restaurant, and work down to the entrance area and I will finish the parking lot. After that I will continue with the rest of the park.


The cathedral's area which will be called: Holy Trinity Cathedral. You can see the start of the crypt:



Lots of work going on in the St. Paul's Chapel:



When finished, St. Paul's Chapel, part of the HT Cathedral:


from the entrance:






Unfortunately I can't make 3D-items myself, so the organ is just a billboard with a piano for at least a bit of a 3D-effect:



The gallery (in the corner you can see some LCD-TV's which contains information during the services:



View from the gallery:



The speaker-system, and the sides of the 'ceiling'.







The baptistry/font, a keyboard and microphone for different services/activities:



The (bas)guitars...



This all can be controlled from the technical room in the back or on stage:

Xbox with XBMC to play music before/after services, DVD and VHS-player for extra materials that will be shown on the TV's in the chapel.






Pulpit and the 'stage':



Cathedrals logo:



On all the LCD-TV's around the cathedral:



In the main entrance and only in the cathedral:




In the main entrance and only in the chapel:



In the main entrance and only in the crypt:



On all the LCD-TV's around the cathedral:



Cathedrals map so far:



Well, the website will be updated with photos and service-information in the end:




Like them on Facebook:




Or follow tweets:




Lets continue with the game.


In the crypt there will be a:






To hang around in the Crypt Souvenir Shop:



For the Crypt Coffee Shop:








What is next? Well, I ran into problems, for more on that click here:




Picture about the issue (wtf?):



So I reinstalled the game and made sure ofcourse to save this project, but here, an update in less quality due to the game crashing to much:


"Kitchen" of the Crypt Coffee Shop:



Crypt Coffee Shop:



Including an sitting area, where you have to be whispering-quiet, as in the rest of the crypt.



The Crypt service-place:



In the Crypt Souvenir Shop (also includes cap with a HT Cathedral-logo! And more as you can see):



And mugs with HTC-logo, miniature HTC's in boxes (which will get a photo of a completed cathedral on their box), posters of the interior and exterior of the catherdral and disposable cameras (and more):



T-shirts with logo:



Small office for, example, counting money etc.:



The cathedral is mostly based on St. Paul's Cathedral in London and Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury (both in the UK). In the St. Paul's here probably lies sir Christopher Wren, the designer. So probably, that's me there, but than dead:



We even included a grave for the first priest (or whatever) to die:



Hopefully the issues mentioned above will be solved quickly for some high-res photo's. For the website I will make some high-res photo's anyhow, but perhaps that just will take alot longer. I'm curious what you all think of it so far .


Follow this topic in Dutch here: http://www.vijfzintuigen.nl/Forum/index.php?topic=19896.0

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Update: the main cathedral is currently under construction.


This will give an idea on the nave:



Not sure what to do with the middle 'straight' part though... Perhaps some extra bows or something...


Oh: game freezes when in nightmode viewing towards parking lot. Lets try to do that as less as possible.

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