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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour!

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Awesome reports so far guys. I'm loving the videos of all the rides that i will probably not ride any time soon. Keep the amazing pics of rides AND FOOD coming. How are the Italian people's attitudes? I remember some people saying that they weren't the nicest bunch last time TPR invaded Italy.


Jimmy "Yay Mozzarella balls!" Bo

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My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I was viewing the latest update. I happened to be looking at the picture below. Her comment was: "Dude, you're sick! Why are you looking at a bunch of dead lions?"


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It's good to see that the park finally managed to get their Eurofighter open. Apparently, it was announced something like 5 years ago, and they've put it on their website as opening that year every year since then! Apparently, they had some trouble getting final approval from the city. They didn't end up opening it until last August, according to RCDB.


I seriously considered taking a side trip to the Bari area while I was planing my Italy trip in 2009. I remember the Eurofighter being on the park map at the time, with no indication that it wasn't open yet -- even though they hadn't even started building it yet, apparently! When I e-mailed them to ask if it was open or would be in time for my trip, they said they didn't think it would be, because of the trouble I mentioned. That helped nudge me into not taking the side trip, which was really the right choice for me at that time and for that trip.


The main reason I'd considered the side trip was because Easyjet was offering an insane sale of only 9 Euros each way for flights from Rome to Bari. But it would have meant rushing crazily to get to both parks on public transportation (plus a cab or two). And more importantly, it would have meant cutting out about half of the things I wanted to do in Naples and Rome, which I really did not want to do! And I'm really glad that I got to spend that time climbing Mt Vesuvius and standing on top of an active volcano, watching (a bit of) smoke come out, plus having more time to walk around the HUGE Vatican museums, and not missing the amazing Borghese Gallery and the Imperial Forum. The credits will come eventually!


I'm sure I'll get there some time. I really LOVED Italy! And I won't be able to stay away from Mirabilandia, on the coaster front!

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Today was the TPR "Sightseeing Day" in Rome....


We got into 4 vans "Amazing Race Style" and headed out onto the streets of Rome to see some cool historic stuff...


First a bit of a driving tour.


Seeing a bit of the city.


And a stop and a traditional pizzeria in Rome!


Yup, this place is legit! There are so many wood oven pizzerias here in Rome, it's not even funny!


Possibly the best pizza we've had of the trip so far!


Yummy Pac-Man!!!!


Craig can stack cans! Very good Craig...


There is some irony here, I believe..


We ate here. It was good!


Wandering the streets of Rome...


Another place of some historic importance.


There are a lot of fountains in Rome!


"What? Culture????"


Obligatory cute KidTums pic!


Statues and things...


I know this is some famous statue, but to me it looks like some guy jerking off!




This reminds me of someone who was on the Klassy Kruise! But who could it be?




This is also someplace famous or something.


I just paid five euros to kill a Roman!


Inside the Pantheon type of place.


"Indy, This light will tell you the location of the Ark!"


Now THAT is the kind of culture I love!


I'm pretty sure I've seen this in Las Vegas or something.


Rocky, eat your face off!


Ruins and things.


Another shot of the forum.


I'm sure this has some importance.


Oh, I really hope it's Elton playing tonight...I just can't STAND that annoying Celine!


Walking up to hotel Coloseo. I mean, the colosseum.


More ancient stuff.


Our guide told us lots of cultural things.


Hanging out at this famous Rome landmark!


Hello TPR! It's culture day!


Yup, it's the Coliseum.


Inside the Coliseum.


"Meh... It's culture..."


Old stuff.




Here we are in St. Peters Square.


The pope hangs out in here or something...


"What kind of meat do you eat on Friday?" "Nun."


Licking the pope's pole in Vatican Square... Yes, I know... I'm going to hell!


Rome... Yup!


TPR hanging out in Rome!


Gelato stop!!!


"It's milk & eggs, bitch!"


Here is TPR... Eating again!


Hooray! TPR gets a credit today!


Yes! It's a Paris themed kiddie coaster in Rome!


Sad and pathetic!!!


Yup... We are total and complete WHORES!!!


You guys must be so proud.


Nolan the Giant actually fit! Hooray!


This is where we rode the kiddie coaster.


Even KidTums got the credit!!!




Video of TPR getting this random kiddy credit!


Yup... Craig is VERY "special!"



And for those of you keeping count... It's day three, and Elissa's fifth fresh mozzarella.


Tomorrow is "Rome Credit Whore Day!" Should be FUN!



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Hello TPR! It's culture day!


KT just has a look on her face of "I am not amused!" and "Meh, it's just Rome."


Rome is indeed a place I need to find my way to in the future. I've been to Europe before, but mostly to France, Belgium, Germany and Holland. I totally never went to the more southern parts of it. Well - there's still time, just need to properly plan and invest money into the concept and I'll be there someday.

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Robb, aren't you a little old for a catholic minister's taste?

Why, it's not like he can anyway. (I'm not going into detail on the strict Catholic lifestyle. I mean I could, but what would be the point?)


Robb, you are going to the deepest pits of hell for licking that, and I'm going there for laughing at it.


Johnny "I'm Catholic, so I should totally know about this stuff" B.

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Cool stuff there guys. The cars from the inverted Manhattan Express or Mirage Rosso from Fasanolandia looked like it should have swinged like a suspended coaster given the lack of banking. The eurofighter looked like it needed inversions where it didn't have them and didn't need them where it did. European humor might be the best with the pigs humping. Elissa loves to hate spinning coasters, but I do enjoy seeing her try to ride them.

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