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Theme Park Review's Italy 2012 Tour!

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Looks like a quaint little park. Such a shame they don't seem to be in a hurry to get Senzafiato up and running as it seems like it would be their star attraction.


Who's the manufacturer of that drop tower?

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It's too bad that Senzafiato was closed, because it's fun and very re-ridable.

the POV I took of it, for those who are unfamiliar (sorry for the bad quality).


Anyways, it's nice to see an update of Miragica! They day I visited last year wasn't the best for riding all of the rides at the park, but I really liked Miragica's theming, food, and pricing. The staff there was also very friendly, and several people at the park spoke English. Per Bacco is definitely one of the most interesting drop towers out there; if only Rainbow Magicland's was like it. The Zamperla Disko got me soaked last year in the rain, but it's still a great ride nevertheless! Obviously, now you guys appreciate how crazy Italian spinning mice are.


I can't wait to see the next update! Heck, I'd like to join you guys right now!

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Senzafiato is actually a near clone of Rita at Alton Towers, with the only difference being the top hat at the start. Shame you didn't get to ride it though; it's good fun.


Grabs from Google Earth attached






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What a perfect time to be in Italy! Have an amazing trip!


Next up for Elissa, other ages of pecorino on crostini


I still can't believe that whenever I visited Italy, I never knew these parks existed, even Mirabilandia. Miragica looks like a great family park. Hopefully their star attraction will open up again one day.

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Good to hear you guys had a good time. I guess I was lucky to have ridden the Intamin last year. Thankfully the park has much more crazy things to offer. Did you happen to see the stuntshow-on-a-budget? Anyways, looking forward for more updates!

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Fasanolandia is a nice little park. It's not in the very best condition, but its setting is absolutely beautiful and the Euro Fighter packs a great punch in a small area! And Zoosafari is a pretty awesome addon!


It's really unfortunate that you're running into so many closed rides this trip. Hopefully this closure of rides is limited to just the Puglia region, or else you'll probably have my luck and have to visit Rainbow Magicland 3 times before you get a ride on Shock.

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^ Too bad! Is 'one of the most intense Free Fall Tower of Italy. Space Vertigo is a little better because of the height above!

I wasn't too bothered. I'm not that into drop towers and probably wouldn't have ridden it even if it was open.

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We had a great day at a kind of quirky amusement/zoo/safari park combo called Zoosafari Fasanolandia! The park was actually quite big, had a lot of unique attractions, including one that really wanted to kill us!


The park treated us amazing, including allowing us to come in early, gave us an exclusive tour of the park, opened all the coasters and allowed us to film! WOW!!!


Here's some photos and videos from today....


Today's random Italy park was Fasanolandia/zoo safari. A very unique blend of amusement rides and animals!


And this place means serious business!


First stop of the day is the parks new Euro Fighter with a creative name!


It's a standard model...but it's still full of fun!


Check out that station!


You guys ready to ride?Check out the POV video of this Euro Fighter!


Check out the POV video of this Euro Fighter!



Love the "lying on the back" lift hill!


Compact layout full of cool stuff!


It delivered a VERY smooth ride!


Next up on our little guided tour of the park was the Galaxi-ish style coaster.


The stairs leading up to the ride was full of awesome.


For an older coaster, they have kept good care of it.


Let's do it!


Don't worry guys, the ride op told us "the coaster is very safe!"POV of this coaster!


POV of this coaster!



It was pretty "standard", but it was fun!


So yeah, they also had one of those Fabbri inverted coasters. Aka "death machine!"


It only kicked our A$$ a little bit! LOL!



No joke, you were told you MUST "cross your legs" during the entire ride!

We all survived!


POV of the coaster that only tried to kill us a little bit!



It had a couple pretty good clocks to the head!


Next on the tour... A Fabbri spinner! Hooray!


It was awesome because it spun Elissa!


Awesome POV video of this spinner!


And to end our awesome coaster, we saved the best for last!



It was pretty cool how several of the rides were built into the hillside of this park!


KidTums was still a bit jet lagged!


Oh, and did we mention that this Wacky Worm is fully licensed by the Walt Disney Company? It totally is!


We even took a mounted camera POV in beautiful 1080p HD of the Wacky Worm!!!


Yes, we are very sad and pathetic!


Next we did the drive-through safari... Which they let us drive the TPR bus through!


Robb taking a shower or elephant getting a bath... You decide!


There were lots of gazelle and goats and things.


Next up... Jurassic Park!


Lions ahead... Keep car windows closed... Sound advice!


Yup, I'm a lion.


They had a ton of lions!


Seriously, I can't think of the last time I was at a zoo and saw this many lions!


There were a ton of ostriches and emus...




Tigers and things...


Awww, cute little cats...


It's one of Cozy's relatives!


"Yeah, I'm a tiger... Big whoop.... You wanna fight about it?"


Bears and balls.


I swear to god they must have an ostrich factory here churning them out... They were EVERYWHERE!!!


Some elephants not made out of wax.


TPR approved!


OMG!!!! A giraffe is attacking!!!




Oh, wait no... He just wants to eat the busses mirror... Stupid giraffe!!!


"I'm going to bite your face off if you take any more pictures of me."


Crap!!! Another giraffe! Evasive maneuver!!!




"Do you say zeeebrah or zebra?"


"How much for your little girl?"


"Hey camel!"


"Nice toe!"


"Hey Adam... Which Jedi is this?"


Cathedral credit of the trip!


You can even make sweet, sweet love to a dolphin, here!


"Pasta? No thank you... I'll just have a cup of cheese!"


Someone is still jet lagged!


It took the Barbie trucks to wake up KidTums!


J.K. Rowling came to the park herself to approve the use of this license!


The dark ride was actually pretty good! Here's a POV video of it!



Boobies!!!! Gotta love any dark ride that has some boobies!!!


And yes, the dark ride also featured a zombie nun!


Get ready for a TPR bumper car take over!


KidTums loved bumper car takeover!


"First I'm going to kill you, then I'm going to eat your rectum!"


The indoor reptile area was very cool!


They had tortoises!!!


Huge Sulcata tortoises!


They had this very interesting transportation system that ran on coaster track which took you to another part of the zoo.


Polar bears!!!


The little powered coaster trains were very cool! Even had anti-roll backs in some places! Jeff Johnson would totally count this as a credit!


Country bear jamboree!


Love these little guys!



Don't worry, they are only dangerous if they are wiggling their ears and blowing bubbles.






Rhinos... Yup!


They had this crazy monkey attraction where you ride in a train and get attacked by monkeys!


Some of these guys looked really mean!!!!


But not as mean as this thing!


I think it hurt my brain!


Lol! It's just like The Moopets!


Check out the map of this park and you can see how crazy big it is!


Again, love the family friendly souvenirs we've been finding at these parks!


This one might be my favourite!


Was a fun day at this really cool and quirky park!


The next park.... Gomma Park... Was barely a park!


If you want to give them a call... Better luck next time!


But there is a Wacky Worn here! The park is totally closed, BTW!


But after a little bit of bribing the only person we could find in the area... Who looked they may or may not have worked there...


We're on the ride whoring it out!!!Here is a video of us being total whores!


Here is a video of us being total whores!


Yeah, it was just a Wacky Worm... But it was about 10 minutes for our hotel! Note that while we were riding, the ride op orally disappeared from the ride for a few moments!



And once again...we are VERY sad and pathetic!!!!

The coaster did have a name!


Awww... This "slightly" made me home sick for Epcot!



And for those of you keeping count...we are on day three and Elissa has had fresh mozzarella four times now! Yum! =)

Hope you enjoyed all the photos & videos in this update. Now please....





And KidTums LOVED it!!!!

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