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Favorite Water Ride

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Generally I am not a huge fan of water rides but I like how the Log Jammer at SFMM uses the parks natural terrain and has two large drops rather than just one like most flumes that I know of. I only ride it when it is really hot and get just wet enough that I dry off within a few minutes which I also like since I don't like to walk around parks while I am wet.

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^ My parents and I had a great time using those water bombs to soak people on Grand Canyon Rapids when we went there in the mid 90's. We spent about an hour using the water bombs and didn't even ride the Rapids because we didn't want to get soaked. Over the Edge was the Log Flume right? If it was, I rode that a few times when we were there too.

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1) Splash Mountain (DL) - WDW's has ugly log boats and the ride feels too controlled, plus the drop feels steeper at DL.


2) Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges (IOA) - When a rapids ride gets you soaked from actual rapids instead of standard waterfalls, you know it's amazing.


3) Grizzly River Run (DCA) - While I enjoy Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom for it's themeing and mid-course drop, the overall ride is ridiculously tame and short. So this Disney rapids ride takes the cake.


Other water rides worth noting are Journey to Atlantis at Seaworld (the boat dips UNDER the water for crap sakes), Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland (beats WDW's thoroughly), and Gang Plank Falls (I call it Crack Rapids) at Typhoon Lagoon, which is by far the craziest and most jarring family raft ride I've ever been on despite its short length.

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My favourite five-


1. Splash Mountain (California single file log version)

2. Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls at Universal's Islands of Adventure, Florida

3. Journey To Atlantis (Seaworld Orlando Version)

4. Kali River Rapids ( Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida)

5. Jurassic Park the ride (Universal Studios Hollywood)

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Though they are both gone, my favorites were Grand Canyon Rapids and Over the Edge at MGM Grand Adventures.

I loved the water bombs that would completely drench you on both rides.


Almost forgot about the water rides at MGM Grand Adventures! Both were very fun.


I loved that park when it was around because I rode my first Skycoaster there when I was 12 years old. I think it was called Skyscreamer if remember correctly.

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1.Splash Mountain(Disneyland Anaheim)

2.Dudley Do Right Ripsaw Falls(Islands Of Adventure)

3.Popye & Bluto Rat Burges(Islands Of Adventure)

4.Grizzly River Run(California Adventure)

5.Log Jammer(SFMM)

6.Original Logger's Run(California's Great America)

7.Yankee Clipper that was at California's Great America

8.The log ride at the Mall Of America when it was the original back in the 90's.

9.Jet Stream(SFMM)

10.The log ride at Busch Gardens Tampa

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Valhalla!!! Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Embark on a watery journey through ice, fire, wind and snow on Valhalla. The effects are breathtaking and the drops thrilling. A must ride for anyone visiting the Pleasure Beach on the world's biggest indoor dark ride, Valhalla.


Says it all really!

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My favorite is Tidal Force at Hersheypark. I was so soaking wet that I still wasn't dry after 6 hours.


Yikes. I like water rides, but that's just a little *too* wet, even for me.

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^Maybe I was exaggerrating a bit, but it was really wet. I can tolerate a lot of wetness and it makes the rides more fun, for me at least.


Me too. On hot days like this you'll dry off faster anyway. I guess it would be more tolerable in your swim suit.

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^^^ Exaggeration or not, I have to agree. Tidal Force shows no mercy in getting you wet!


As for my favorite water rides, I think either Coal Cracker at HP or the late Moon Flume/Riptide at SFGAdv tie. Personally, I liked those old Arrow Hydro flumes, especially for those air humps at the bottom of the drop. Splash Mountain would win my 'sentimental' favorite water ride.

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Top 3:


1) Splash Mountain @ WDW's Magic Kingdom


2) Pirates of the Caribbean @ WDW's Magic Kingdom


3) Daredevil Falls @ Dollywood (IDK why I love this particular ride so much, but I think it is because how it fits in with its surroundings/theme. Plus, the drop reminds me of Splash Mountain's!)


HM) River Battle @ Dollywood (It may look like a kiddie ride, but it is a blast to squirt people who don't want to get wet, but they get on the ride for some reason? Plus, good theme/feel for the Wilderness Pass section @ DW)

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