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Favorite Water Ride

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I am a big fan of water rides, here's my Top 5:


1. Splash Mountain (Disneyland)

2. Perilous Plunge (KBF)

3. Grizzly River Rapids (DCA)

4. Shipwreck Rapids (I think that's what it's called...SWSD)

5. White Water Safari (SFDK)


That's basically my list too, but I think I may put White Water Safari over Shipwreck Rapids

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I've only been on 10. I'll definitely have the lamest list out there.

I find that nearly every water ride has something nice about it that makes it memorable. It's hard to compare and rank them.


1. Splash Mountain--Disneyland

2. Monsoon Falls--SFDK--I love the drop! It surprises me every time, and the splashdown is the scariest and most intense I've experienced.

3. Journey to Atlantis--SWSD--I had an epic ride on it, although in retrospect, it's probably only a 6/10 coaster compared to the others I've ridden. But still, it's a coaster, and I like coasters.

4. Logger's Revenge--SCBB--I love the view.

5. Loggers Run--CGA--For some reason I love the high sides during a section of the high part. The turntable loading area is also kind of fun, as a novelty.

6. Big Timber Log Ride--Enchanted Forest--It's actually pretty long, slow, and boring, but it's in a nice setting among trees, and it's a coaster credit (thank goodness)! (Yes, I completely and unequivocally count it.) Both the roller coaster dip and the main drop are decent.

7. Wild River--Fun Forest--It's incredibly ghetto, which I like. Also, once I got a massive pop of airtime at the very end. That was fun. This ride is just not bad at all.

8. Roaring Creek Log Flume--Silverwood--The most underwhelming log flume ever??? I like the scenery during the beginning part, though, and it seems pretty fast during that section.

9. Shipwreck Rapids--SWSD--The piano is creepy. That's cool.

10.Lumberjack Falls--Wild Waves--Okay, this one is just boring.

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Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride is my favorite. Great pacing, awesome old-school theming, some cute tricks, and not super wet.


For log flumes, I also really like Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at IOA, Big Timber Log Ride at Enchanted Forest in Oregon, and Daredevil Falls at Dollywood.


Popeye & Bluto's at IOA is my favorite rapids ride, but Kali at Animal Kingdom and Blizzard River at SFKK are pretty good, too.


As for shoot-the-chutes, I might have to go with something borderline like Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.


I also like Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando, but I'm not quite sure how to classify it.


There's no doubt in my mind that IOA has the best collection of water rides, though.

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I don't have one single favorite water ride. Instead, I have a favorite for each type.


Log Flume: Splash Mountain at Disneyland. If not counting this, it is the Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm.


River Rapids: Grizzly River Run at Disney's California Adventure, Shipwreck Rapids at Sea World San Diego and White Water Safari at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. All three are really good and it is hard to pick a favorite.


Water Slide (not in a waterpark): Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls at Six Flags Magic Mountain because I haven't been on any others.


Splash Boat: Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland if it qaulifies. Otherwise, it is Monsoon Falls at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.


Self-Driven Water Ride: Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes at Disneyland and Skipper School at Legoland California.


No-Drop Water Ride: Many Here. Jungle Cruise and Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland. Also, Fairy Tale Brook, Coast Cruise, and Splash Battle at Legoland California.


Water Flat Ride: Aquazone Wave Racers at Legoland California.


Water Coaster: Journey to Atlantis at Sea World San Diego and Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland (you can get wet on it).

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^ Considering everything is in Cali, that's not a bad list. In fact, I agree with you on most of that. My favorite log flume is a tie between Knott's Log Ride and SFMM's Log Jammer. Grizzly River Run at DCA is my favorite rapids ride as well. Behind that it is Hershey's Canyon River Rapids (R.I.P.) and BGE's Roman Rapids. Agreed on SFDK's White Water Safari - I rode it again when I was out in Cali earlier this week. For splash boats, Snake River Falls at Cedar Point. Water park rides - a tie between the Voyage to the Center of the Earth (underground immensely themed family river ride) or Flatline (the steepest of the park's massive dropdown body speed slides) at Denver's Water World. Patriot's Plunge at Dorney's waterpark is my favorite standard innertube slide. Once again, agreed on YSSF at SFMM being pretty good as well.

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Just a quick top 5.


1. Splash Mountain: It's long, has great theming, a nice soundtrack, and quite a few wonderful drops. But when it comes down to it, I put the one in MK over DL's for a multitude of reasons including how fast the boats in DL seem to zip through each scene.


2. Popeye at IOA: Just the most intense rapids ride I have ever been on PERIOD!


3. Journey to Atlantis: It had probably seen better days before I rode it's long and had theming almost up to Disney standards. Not to mention, it has a nice coaster style drop.


4. Kali River Rapids: The rapids aren't the best but I really enjoy how beautiful the surrounding environment is around the attraction.


5. Grizzley River Run: While I love the theming and actual rapids on this one, I think that it lacks the beauty that's on Kali IMO.


Honorable mentions would include Roman Rapids and Escape from Pompeii at BGW, Dudley and Jurassic Park at IOA, and the old Powder Keg Flume at Carowinds.

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I'm also going to jump on the Dudley Do Right bandwagon here. The drops are great, and the way they are formatted ensures you get soaked.


The only drawback is the logs. To me they were really uncomfortable. The lap bars really got to me.

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Kennywood's rapid ride, Raging Rapids I think, is by far the most unique rapid ride I have been on because it makes such good use of the topography. Log Jammer at Kennywood is also great. The Wild Thornberry's log flume, I am not sure what it is called now, at KI is probably my favorite log flume, followed by Waldameer's which is on par with many major amusement park's log flumes. I also love White Water Landing at Cedar Point, and the Pepsi Plunge at Geauga Lake will always have a place in my heart because it was the only ride I was ever evacuated from.

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Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls, and it's really not even close. I guess Bluto's Bilge Rat Barge would be 2nd and Splash Mountain would be 3rd. They sure know how to build a good water ride in Florida.


Same for me. My top 5 would probably look like this.


1.Dudley Do Right

2.Popeye & Bluto

3.Splash Mountain

4.Jurassic River Adventure

5.Escape from Pompeii

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^Perilous Plunge and the Log Ride are both must rides whenever I go to Knott's (unless PP is only using one boat). Bigfoot Rapids is fun too, but I won't wait more than a half-hour to ride it at any time. Fortunately, it usually has less than a fifteen minute wait outside of the peak of the summer season.

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Yeah... I don't typically like walking around parks wet... so I usually avoid the water rides (except river adventure, where you don't seem to really get all that wet most of the time...)


As part of the "Me too" crowd from above, this is going to look similar...


1. Dudley Do-Rights Rip Saw Falls

2. Popeye & Bluto Bildge Rat Barges

3. Splash Mountain

4. River Adventure (IOA)

5. Le Scoot (BGW) (yeah, something a little different)

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Yeah... I don't typically like walking around parks wet... so I usually avoid the water rides (except river adventure, where you don't seem to really get all that wet most of the time...)


...And you definitely get wet on Dudley and Popeye, or should I say soaked. Which is why I do the same thing, I ride Jurassic every time I go and save Dudley and Popeye for when friends/family visit from out of town.

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