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Favorite Water Ride

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BUt... seriously... why is that Dan hates Water rides?


They are not that bad... and some of them... and only some get you really soaked, but not all of them.

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IMO I think Hersheypark and IOA have the best water rides i have ever been on I love Tidal Force at Hershey because when you go down the drop you get like wet and then youre like ok im fine but the wall on the bridge sends gallons and I mean GALLONS of water you crashing back on you and the drop is so much fun! and there Log Flume type ride Coal Cracker is fast paced and fu n and there Canyon River Rapids the waterfalls Get You Soaked if its a hot Day definatley do all three and Roller Soaker if you feel like it.

Now on to Islands of Adventures There water rides top my favorite list they are the wettest fastest and the funnest water rides around The theming is awsome all around We I last went everything was open so let me start with Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges.y whole family ejoyed this ride very much Me and my sister thought it was awsome that the lift was like in the middle of the ride and there was water squirting and bubbles blowing it ws soooooooooo cool! ( yea im a loser) and the rapids actually got you wet and does anyone notice when youre on rapid rides everyone is always talkative and screaming and talking with each other or is it just me... well anyway the people shooting water at you and the waterfalls it just was so awsome. next is Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls this is 1 log flume were i got soaking wet and I mean Soaking I love the final drop its so exhilarating I mean im usually not scared of drops but i had to ride bymyself and i was screaming so loudly while going down the drop cause i thought i was going to fall out but in the end i lived i mean im on here right LOL ok not really. well yea i just have to say I loved it nothing else for me to say except waiting in line by myself for one hour was so F***ing boring. Last but not least is Jurassic Park River Adventure well This a Awsome themed ride and thats all i have to say because yea i didnt like it as much as any of the other rides well yea thats its there they are my favorites!

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I'm partial to interactive water rides, IE: Roller Soaker and Canyon River Rapids at Hershey, and the former Polar Springs Plunge at SFNE. In the right weather I like pretty much any and all water rides, but I think those are my favorites.

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I love Splash Mountain at DL. Trivia: You know that drop under Brer Bear's butt? Originally, the ride had many more parts just like that, but the cars kept derailing. The only coaster part that the cars never derailed on was the Brer Bear drop, which they kept.

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