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Favorite Water Ride

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Zoom Phloom @ Moreys.


I'm super nostalgic for the thing but beyond that its just awesome: two large, decently steep drops with a big splash on both, a good amount of elevated sections w/ some interesting interaction with the piers SLC, and of course the tunnel under the boardwalk with its cheesy themeing and fake-out waterfall. Glad they've taken care of this flume and even made some upgrades to it in recent years


I love this log flume too. I go there every year and I've ridden it numerous times. Once I've even been on it when the SLC went on the Immelmann and I was right next to it (never been able to get that timing before again though) and it was at night and awesome. It's also cool how there are no seat belts at all so you actually have to brace yourself when you hit the water at the bottom. Oh and who could forget the "under the Boardwalk" portion. Cracks me up every time.


Runner ups would be the two flumes at dorney, the one at six flags great adventure, and splash mountain at Disney

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This seems like an interesting topic to bring back...the log flume is an endangered species so it would be cool to reminisce a bit about them.


Let's see...

1. Splash Mountain DL/WDW (tie)

2. Grizzly River Run

3. Jurassic Park CA/FL (tie)

4. Kali River Rapids

5. White Water Safari, SFDK

6. Logger's Run, CGA


I really wish I'd checked out Ripsaw Falls at IOA and Knott's Timber Mountain Log Ride, though, but I've at least started somewhere!

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Okay, here we go. A few words of caution...


1- Log Flumes will be ranked unreasonably high. Beating rides they have no business beating because I love log flumes. This will include Splash Mountain at WDW which isn't a log flume no matter how bad it tries to look like one.

2 - I'm not sure if we're counting boat rides that don't get you wet like Pirates, but I'm not.

3 - I did count one defunct ride. White Water Landing at Cedar Point.

4 - I didn't include rapids rides because they all suck

5 - I tried to do a top 10 but it turned into a top 15, the more log flumes the better


Okay, here goes...


1) Shenandoah Lumber Company <3 (Kings Dominion)

2) Giant Flume (Knoebels)

3) Thunder Creek Mountain (Dorney)

4) White Water Landing (Cedar Point)

5) Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom... I think it's kind of stupid that any time you get really wet on this it's because of a fake splash and not one actually made by your boat)

6) Jurassic Park River Adventure (IOA)

7) Escape from Pompeii (BGW... I haven't ridden Le Scoot yet )

8) Journey to Atlantis (Sea World)

9) Coal Cracker (Hersheypark... BOUNCY!)

10) La Pitoune (this is actually the best ride at La Ronde...lol)

11) Dudley Do Right Ripsaw Falls (IOA - this is ranked so low only because you get incredibly wet on it which is stupid for a Log Flume)

12) Desperado Plunge (this is probably the best ride at The Great Escape...lol)

13) Thunder River (Waldameer Park... this is a log flume. Don't let the name let you think I let some dumb rapids ride on the list)

14) Policy Pond (Canobie Lake Park... Great Flume, stupid name... without question the best ride at Canobie Lake Park)

15) SKLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH (Knoebels - I have never and will never ride this because these types of rides are stupid. It's on the list simply because of it's name. Extra O's added for emphasis).


The actual answer to #15 is probably either Race for Your Life Charlie Brown at KI (suck it GCI) or Stanley Falls at BGT.

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I absolutely love river rapids rides. They were the new hotness in the 1980s, and they're one of the biggest rides a small person can ride (a lot of them have a 36" minimum). I have great memories of riding Lost River of the Ozarks and Thunder River at SFoMA as a child. So I always make it a priority to ride one of these wherever I go. Here are my favourites:


1. Thunder Canyon, Cedar Point -- The double waterfall at the end that ensures no one is spared is the highlight.

2. Lost River of the Ozarks, Silver Dollar City -- Great theming throughout, and the indoor section is awesome.

3. Fury of the Nile, Worlds of Fun -- Great theming, and probably the best example of the original design. Still doesn't have any tracks, so it feels more like natural river rafting.

4. White Water Canyon, Kings Island -- I love the setting out in the woods. Feels like you're out in nature.

5. Grand Rapids, Michigan's Adventure -- This is a miniature version of Thunder Canyon. Great design, especially early on with the waterfalls. Also, the name is perfect, since this park is only about 45 minutes from Grand Rapids, MI.

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Are we not counting rides like Wildebeest at Holiday World? Because that's my favorite water related ride by a mile!


If not, my favorite would have to be Dudly Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it when I rode it years ago!

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^ I would count Wildebeest as a water slide, which is a different category in my mind from water rides at a theme park. I didn't consider any waterpark attractions when compiling my list. But hey, if you want to, go ahead. And I totally agree that Wildebeest is the best water slide.

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^ I would count Wildebeest as a water slide, which is a different category in my mind from water rides at a theme park. I didn't consider any waterpark attractions when compiling my list. But hey, if you want to, go ahead. And I totally agree that Wildebeest is the best water slide.


With a true water slide, I would agree. But it's considered a "Water Coaster", and definitely operates under some different parameters than a typical water slide (such as upward propulsion), so that's why I wouldn't put it into that category, specifically, at least personally. Considering it's way more exciting than any flume, splash down, or rapids ride I've ever been on, that would seem to bump it up into another category as well!

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Well, I'll probably rank River Rapids rides first, then Log Flumes


I never thought it was possible to be "wrong" on a matter of opinion, but here we are...

See, I'd actually agree with Yubstep. I prefer rapids rids to log flumes myself. Though I must say I've never been on a bad ride of either type, and if either the rapids ride or the log flume is down at a park, I'm more disappointed than if any coaster is down....

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