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San Diego County Fair 2012 Photo TR

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I decided to go to the County Fair for the first time in a few years. I just got back from my first year of college and wanted to do something fun before work starts. I wasn't too sure what to expect other than over-priced fried food, over-priced rides, and some pigs. But I had a good time regardless, they even had 5 coasters. Here are some pictures!


Just a little crowded today...


First coaster...

A Zamperla/Reverchon spinner called "Crazy Mouse"


Oooooh, an SDC Hurricane coaster! This was the big coaster this year, the Hi-Miler was nowhere to be found.


This one was called "Windstorm" and was quite fun! About as good as the one in Santa Cruz.


Time for some food, looks like they knew I was coming!


We went to the mobile Pink's Hotdog stand! It was pretty good.


Mmmmmmm.... Bacon-Ranch Fries!


Time for the 3 kiddie coasters! First up is this Wacky Worm!


"Roller Coaster".... typical kiddie coaster credit... check!


Seems like a new credit for the circuit.


And finally, the "Little Dipper Roller Coaster." Three kiddie coasters on top of the two main coasters.... SWEET!


And now the best part of the fair..... Little Pot-Belly Pig races!


These ones were 4 weeks old! That's it for my report, if you're near, go check it out! Thanks for reading guys!

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Awesome! I've never been to the fair. I'm looking at prices and trying to decide what to do. (there are 2 of us). I mainly can't decide if game coupons are worth it and how many ride coupons are worth getting.


Do you ever go for the mega packs or the one-price wristbands? Or just the $15 25-ticket ride sheet?


What do you guys do?

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Was I just blind or was Techno Power not there? I was pretty upset when I couldn't find it, I hope it had nothing to do with the accident with it last year.


^ As long as you can handle the rides the wristband days are by for the cheapest and most enjoyable route to go!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Hi-Miler part of some accident in the last few years? Maybe that has something to do with it. Windstorm is a better replacement IMO, anyway.



The Hi-Miler accident happened in 2004.


(Saturday, August 28, 2004) - Five people were injured at the California State Fair in Sacramento, California, when a roller coaster ride called the Hi-Miler malfunctioned. Officials are blaming the accident on a traction problem. Apparently, the ride's lift chain failed to catch one of the ride's cars as it approached the lift incline. The car then rolled backwards and came to an abrupt stop. Those who were injured complained of minor neck and back injuries and were taken to hospitals for treatment.


The ride is owned and operated by Ray Cammack Shows.




Ray Cammack Shows still has it listed on there website.




I also saw it at the Arizona State Fair in 2010, so they where still operating it six years after the accident.

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Magnum, the Mondial Shake is always fantastic.


The KMG Tango is insane as always...


Unfortunately, I heard from a friend that they shortened and lowered the intensity of the Evolution's ride cycle....which is a major bummer considering just how amazing that thing runs...I wonder if this has to do with the incident that happened on that Evolution in Europe last year as I heard the part of the ride cycle that was removed was the section where the kid supposedly fell out...

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if I can handle them.... ha!


You mean the $30 wednesday-thursday wristbands?



I went Saturday and got the All you can ride wristband too. They only sell them online for days other than Wed and Thurs. But only for this weekend then its done. I went Saturday with the wristband and had a blast. The KMG Speed is included in it too!! went on it 5 times before the line got long That made the wristband worth it alone considering its 10 tickets without. Other than that No lines all day! Here's the link to where they sell them for this weekend. http://www.sdfair.com/index.php?fuseaction=events.one_price_day


Went on one of the dark rides. Don't remember which one but someone was inside scaring people, wasn't dressed up though. Wasn't expecting it and he totally got me. The Mouse ride was insane, rode with My girlfriend and I on one side and it spun like crazy. Deep fried Trix and Cinnamon toast crunch were amazing. And yes I make it a point to see the pot belly pig races every year.


For the 21 and older they have FREE wine tasting near the kiddie rides. Happened to walk by and how could I say no to free wine. I was the youngest one there and I didn't care one bit. Wine was really good from local wineries, and you get to keep the free wine glass with the 2012 fair logo on it.

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^ That's a different accident all together. In 2011, the Hi Miler was at a fair in Houston when a person died, here's a link.


Ah, looks like Ride Accidents is not up to date. Given that, the ride is probably screwed for ever returning.

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^ It was determined that the cause of the accident was the rider attempting to free himself from the restraint. If it's not operating right now perhaps they've ordered new cars from Miller or are doing some modifications to the restraints to ensure an accident like this never happens again?


I highly doubt they'll just throw the coaster away, especially considering how dang popular/high capacity the ride is with the public. Maybe they're keeping it off the circuit so people forget the accident....I dunno.


I really love the Hi Miler and would hate to see it gone...

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