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Video TR: Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten

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Hello TPR!

This is my first report and my first activity after a long, long time. It´s about an event of probably the biggest german fansite onride.de. The event was at Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten what Wildlife and themepark means in English.




What should I say about Klotten? A little and cuty themepark including a typical zoo. The rides are only on the left side of the park, all build by Heege and all selfoperated which can be a lot of fun. We were there on the 28th of april 2012 and watched the new water(coaster) "Rittersturz" , which opened on this day.

The zoo has typical german animals like deers, sheeps, pigs, brownbears and so on. The way through the zoo was quite funny because all animals had babys .






The bears were so cute even if their enclosures are a bit too small. If you´ll visit Klotten, you HAVE to watch the bears!




There are 2 main attractions in the park, one new for 2012. The first one is called "Klotticoaster". It´s a small Gerstlauer bobsledcoaster with an height of 17.5 metres and a speed of 55 km per hour. It´s still unthemed, but wow, this coaster rocks!!! A lot of airtime, some nice directional changes and an awesome view into the Mosel-valley







The newest attraction is a logflume, which is declared as a count . The "Rittersturz" is still naked with a really small darkridepart where only the animatronics exist. After the small darkride section the boat gets upwards 25m with a 180 degree lift. Then a small drop with an airtime-hill and the huge drop. It is Germanys highest, fastest and steepest waterride. The splash is really wet, what nobody expected.






So, that was it.


Now have fun with my video called "onride.de meets Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten"! My first one in high definition!






I hope you like it!

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