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Photo TR: The Brit Crew at Thorpe Park

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A Brit Crew get together for 2012 has been a long time coming so the opening of The Swarm seemed like the perfect opportunity for it to happen.


Cut to about two months after the ride opened and we were there! Okay, we're not always the best enthusiasts these days when it comes to getting the scoop on the latest rides but we still know how to have a good time! (This usually involves Japanese food and beer)


Seeing as we were in the London area a few of us checked out Legoland Windsor as well. The beer there is good too!


Welcome to Legoland! Where the bricks are plastic and the beer is cold!


If Joffrey were bald and had medium brown facial hair he would look exactly like this...


Park Index Alert!!!


The new indoor submarine ride looks kind of like this, except with less prams and buggies.


Mini-land is still looking nice and mini.


The theatre district has gotten a bit more camp since my last visit.


Oh my! What's going on here?


Note for any young budding Lego builders... Square bricks do NOT work as substitutes for tyres!


This year's new attraction is the Star Wars mini-land. As cool as I think Lego Star Wars models are I can't help but lament the demise of the classic Lego Racers attraction (Laq and all).


So it starts out with a load of prequels pish...


Then it moves onto more respectable items.


Cantina Band FTW!


More Adam porn...


Star Wars Miniland finishes with a sign saying "Ride Exit". Can someone point me to where the "Ride Entrance" is??


That's it from Legoland. Now let's go meet the newest member of the Brit Crew!


Say hello to baby Phoebe (the one not wearing the brown shirt), the newest addition to the Fudge family! Dave and Amy are showing some incredible TPTrust or TPStupidity right now!


Can't visit Windsor without making our customary visit to Wagamama!


Katsu Palooza!


Now, the whole point of this little get together...


Depth Charge!!!


Oh yeah, they've got this new Swarm thing too...


I have to say, I didn't follow the construction of this much at all so I was actually pretty surprised by it... In a good way!


I really liked it! I rode on the outside near the front, which apparently is better than the inside seats. I'm actually way more enthusiastic about these B&M wing riders than I was before!


So at the very least there's another coaster I like at Thorpe Park which is no bad thing!


I'm actually very intigued to check out Dollywood's version now!


Bystander cannons should be mandatory on all water rides!


Andrew is today's recipient of the post-water-ride-man-hug.


Stealth is being as Stealthy as ever. See how it's near invisible against the sky?


Time for Mike to CREAM UP!!!


Get a room you two!


Dave spells imminent doom for Anth and co...


After spendng a full day with us Phoebe is surely resenting her parents big time right now!


Here's Mike, mid-lull in his favourite queue-line in the whole world!!!


Saw is looking as torturous as ever...


Unfortunately Saw was feeling as torturous as ever as well this year. A shame because I quite liked it a couple of years ago.


Much like our group photo after Saw opened in 2009 this one also has a pram in it. At least this time the pram belongs to people in our group!


(Thanks again for turning out, guys!)


The Swarm was a surprise hit for me. It's exactly the kind of ride I realistically wanted to see Thorpe Park build. We had a really good day at the park and really didn't have to wait too long, too often depsite the fantastic weather. A rare achievement in my Thorpe Park experience!


Thanks for reading, everyone!

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So excited to see a new little TPR Member! I wonder what her first TPR Trip will be?!!?


Bummer to hear about Saw...could you tell was it every train that was killing people or just certain ones? I know I've noticed on those older style Eurofighters that it seems to be purely a train issue.

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It's a pity Saw has gotten rough. I remember when it was smoothish. But the last time I rode, it has changed alot. It clicked my neck on the last turn, before the brake run into the station and I had to push my head up so that I could move it. Still, at least its not as bad as colossus. I'm never going on that ride again, unless they modify it.

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Great TR, I was just at Thorpe Park today (and yesterday).

I agree about Swarm, it's a lot better than most people give it credit for. As for Saw, I got two rides on it today and while my first was quite smooth, I experienced some real head banging the second time which I still have a headache from. One ride that was really running rough was Colossus, that thing knows how to cause a migraine.

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