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what ride or rides scared the poop out of you?

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There once was a time when any new thrill scared me, but these have scared me the most (that I've been on; I chickened out on X2 and SEFK, for example) :


-The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror @ DCA: It even has "Terror" in the name, and the theming was creepy. Plus, drop towers scare me.


-Maliboomer @ DCA: It was so tall, and my first Space Shot. Rest in peace


-Tatsu @ SFMM: It was my first flying coaster and it looked HUGE!


-Goliath @ SFMM: So...tall...so...intense...


-V2 @ SFDK: That launch looked freaky even after loving California Screamin' at DCA; plus, it hauls in both directions.

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Extra TERRORestrial Alien Encounter scared me to death. I was 5 the first time I experienced it. I screamed and threw a tantrum through the entire thing. I find it funny that it was the only ride that scared me.


I also was scared for Sheikra as it was my first really big coaster. I had just reached the 54 in mark and I was very nervous through the entire wait. However, I loved it and the ride is still one of my favorites.


I rode that ride on my birthday and had a meltdown. Basically like how you described it, except now I have a fear of aliens.

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I'm a huge fan of drop towers, but whenever I ride and of the Towers of Terror, I always get exceptionally nervous. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the orgasmic airtime that they exert, because airtime is usually my favorite sensation on a ride.


I also get somewhat nervous when riding Intamin Rockets because of how amazifyingly intense their launches tend to be. I guess that goes to show you that I haven't ridden Dodonpa yet.

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Any kind of classic spinning swing rides scare me to death! I don't trust those flimsy chains! You won't see me on SkyScreamer at SF STL anytime soon!

Also Ferris Wheels!

The biggest tallest and fastest roller coasters don't phase me but those rides they scare the crap out of me!

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Today I have absolutely no fear of any ride or attraction, but my first step into the world of the big coasters was hindered by Arrow. My first "big" coaster was Dragon Mountain at Marineland, and it bashed me as I was at the height where my head made direct hits on the OSTR. My next large coasters were at Darien Lake. Riding (at the time) Superman: Ride of Steel and actually Predator didn't phase me, but Boomerang and Viper made me terrified of inversions because of the headbanging. Surprising enough, Mind Eraser wasn't so bad because my head was slightly lower than the headrests so I didn't get bashed as badly. The magic moment for Arrow/Vekoma loopers was when I learned to brace my head tighly against the headrest and headbanging virtually ceased to exist.


Unfortunately, seeing the OSTRs also on Pitfall when I was young and ignorant terrified me because I thought that they would too bash me on the drop down, but one ride put that notion to rest.

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Intimidator at carowinds. It was my first coaster after 16 years of being terrified of them, then afterburn. Basically any big coaster that I went on in that year I was terrified of. But intimidator was the first.


Flat out loved Afterburn when I rode it last year....it's one of the best coasters in carowinds lineup.

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There are a few:


Steeplechase - Blackpool Pleasure beach - no other coaster has that "hold on tight" feeling


First go on stealth (thorpe) gave me butterflies


Apocalypse (drayton) stand up floorless side - first time on it I felt unsafe


Pendol - tibidabo, uncomfy seat, slow lift and being held there - yikes!


and most recently - skyrush at hershey - NOTHING prepares you for such brutal out of your seat ejector air!

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^^Grapeslie, you and me both. We'll ride the coasters while the crazy people ride the Ferris wheels (my grandmother saw a horrific Ferris wheel accident and thought it would be smart to tell her little eight or nine year old granddaughter all about it).


Thunderhawk at Dorney Park scared me so bad I didn't ride anything but the scrambler and the whip for about 10 years.

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After riding Giant Drop at Dreamworld, I'd have to say that. I've never been brave enough to ride it until last saturday, and getting on I was a nervous wreck. Oddly though, once I was at the top it felt almost surreal, and I felt too safe to be scared. It was a great ride, I lapped it about 6 times that day.

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Went to SFMM when at the time the only coaster inversion I'd been on was Screamin' at DCA. Prepared myself up by watching POV videos of everything before the trip and had this great plan to start out on Goliath and then try Revolution and by the end of the day get to Tatsu and X. Much to my dismay, right as we went in my dad and uncle both said "Let's ride X first while there's no line." and it was either face it or look extremely yellow. I was not happy about this, as I told him as we were going up the lift hill. Serious trial by fire, white knuckled it all the way through, but loved it. At the time it made me fearless of any other ride, Deja Vu was next all of a sudden that was no problem. It would have been a breeze after that if I hadn't injured my neck on Goliath..ended up only riding X, DV, Goliath, and SEFK. I really regret not getting to ride Viper or Tatsu.


Ended up riding X 4 times that day and it is now my absolute favorite ride of any kind in the world. Haven't been there since the X2 upgrade though, hope to remedy that in a few months.

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