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What are amusement park necessities?

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.Two train roller coaster operations


I used to feel the same way...But now that really doesn't bother me. I would rather wait slightly longer to go on a coaster running one train than wait for 5 minutes on the brakes *cough superman* when running two trains. As long as the ride ops move at a somewhat decent pace I'm happy.

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  • 3 years later...

I think a couple of newer items since this thread was most active are wing coasters and RMC coasters either built from the ground up or reworked. And, who would have thought someone other than CP would have both a giga and a hyper?

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Can I just say Hersheypark?


The park is pretty darn close to perfect in my eyes. Intamins, solid "supporting" attractions, scented bathrooms, helpful staff (based on my experience), decent food, picturesque/clean, etc.


I guess they could use a better skip-the-line program. Other than that, go Hershey!

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Necessities for an amusement park is at least one non-kiddie coaster. That is all. Even bathrooms are optional (especially if they only have one coaster). But without a coaster it's either less than a real amusement park, or more than an amusement park such as a theme park, or something else.

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^ Somebody also figured out that these would be great as a sundae, too!



(Pardon for extending this particular park want/need/must-have.)




Yum x2


YUM X 3! (I got #2.)

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^ And speaking of the Perfect Poutine for a Park...


This one at our annual fair, The PNE. Right beside our awesome BBQ Festival Booths - 4 of them!


This is the Montreal Style. Can you figure it out?


The marvelous mess begins. With a nice local cider, in the nearby sit-down beer garden.


And...the awesome greasy outcome. Great poutine!

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I'll keep this simple. In order of priority:

1) At least one large coaster, preferably at least B&M or Intamin > 200 ft, with at least one or two good supporting re-rideable coasters.

2) Beer sold in the park.

3) A good skip the line system.

(^^ See King's Island, Carowinds, King's Dominion, SFGam, SFoG, BGW, or any of the other decent 'big box' parks where I can pretty much do whatever I want, as long as I pay a sh** load of money...)


Pluses: Other fun stuff like trains, flumes, sky rides, big Ferris wheels, antique car rides, and other things to pass the time.

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