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What are amusement park necessities?

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Well I can think of some rides that every park outside of the Disney or Universal chain needs!


. A kiddie coaster

. A family coaster for the the "In between" crowd that's under 48" tall

. A Gerstlauer or Maure Shone spinning coaster ( )

. A Ferris Wheel (non kiddie)

. A Scrambler

. A drop tower

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Doesn't the title say "one" ride?


That one ride every park needs is:


And they're talking about smaller rides.


Disclaimer: this is not a dreamer thread.


Don't say B&M winged coaster...


Don't say Intamin Blitz...


Don't say Huss Giant Frisbee...

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- Log Flume

- Zierer Wave Swinger


Aside from that it gets more basic like a good coaster selection - kiddie, wild mouse or spinner, steel looper preferably Schwarzkopf, Intamin or Gerstlauer - family flats - Pirate, Teacups preferably Zamperla - and somne high thrill rides like a Loop Fighter, TopSpin or MegaDance.


I am not so much for dark rides but a park should have at least two good ones.

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For me, it's the log flume. There's just something about log flumes that I LOVE. And I mean pretty much any kind of flume, from the most tricked out, Orlando-fied highly themed Splash Mountains and Journey to Atlantis' to your most basic old school Arrow log ride. I'm not saying I can't enjoy a park if it doesn't have one, but there will always feel like there's something lacking if there's no flume. My home park of the moment - SFNE - does not have a log flume, and if I could add any ride or coaster or attraction, that's what it would be. I'm a flume-o-phile!

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I'm inclined to say an Intamin mega-lite even though I've never ridden one. I think any park with an Intamin Blitz coaster is sure to get a fair amount of attention as well.


If a park has an incredible dark ride similar to Spiderman or Forbidden Journey, then it could lead to a successful park, but out of personal preference I'd choose a great coaster.


I feel like tons of parks have room for a B&M Dive Machine, and I'm all for more of those!


Log flumes do seem essential, but I have to say that I think every park needs some sort of drop tower!

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