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What are amusement park necessities?

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Well what I think they need is:

1- On-ride photos because it is a great way for them to earn extra money

2- Lots and lots of fast food stands!

3- Lots of little amusement games such as throwing a ball in a cup and winning a little toy

4- And obviously, a lot of rides!

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In terms of roller coasters, each park needs "The Coaster."


"The Coaster" is a thrilling, visually imposing, unique, signature coaster only that park will have.

For Example:

Cedar Point: Millennium Force

Kings Island: The Beast (Now you can argue Diamondback)

Kings Dominion: Intimidator 305

Carowinds: Intimidator

SFoT: New Texas Giant

SFoG: Goliath

SFGadv: El Toro

Holiday World: The Voyage

Knoebels: Phoenix

Kennywood: Phantom's Revenge

SFNE: Bizarro

Canada's Wonderland: Behemoth/Leviathan

Waldameer: Ravine Flyer II

A Park with a Chance-Morgan Custom Hyper


These go against my unique rule, but are still signature rides:

Giovanola Hypers: Titan and Goliath

SFA and Darien Lake's (Superman): Ride of Steel hypers


Just to name a few

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Ferris Wheel


Bumper Cars



Music Express

Swing Bob i.e CP's Matterhorn, Darien Lake's Sleigh Ride

Pendulum Boat Ride i.e. Chance Sea Dragon


Did you read the title? What ONE ride every park needs .....



I like the idea of a train but it is not practical for all parks.

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