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Photo TR: July 11-16 WDW trip

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The first batch of photos has finally been scanned. I'll put more up in future posts on this thread:



This was where I stayed. I was in the "Country Fair" section in the back



This was my room. Not much to say about it, other than nice and cozy, with good air-conditioning.



Here's a nice shot of Main Street USA, from just seconds after MK opened on my second day.



Space Mountain, taken from the Peoplemover. SM was one of only two rides I used fastpass for, along with Rock n' Roller Coaster.



Spaceship Earth, taken from my first night at WDW, just before the rains came.



Spaceship Earth, still a classic, and thank god, still running



Here's mexico, my favorite pavillion in all of World Showcase.



I even managed to sneak in a shot on El Rio Del Tiempo.



Question: How do you stay ahead of the crowds in the morning at MGM Studios? Answer: Show up an hour before the park opens.



The very first ride I went to when the park finally opened, Tower of Terror, which was even more chaotic than when I rode it in 99.



And this of course is the Rock n Roller Coaster. This ride was awesome. easily one of my favorites from the trip.



And here I am enjoying a nice hearty lunch at the Sci-Fi Restaurant.

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Here's some more pics:



Here's the outside of where I had lunch on my third day



And here's The San Angel Inn, where I had dinner on my second night.



A shot taken from the peoplemover, before it dispatched.



Here's the outside of my section at the All-Star Music resort.



A nice little background shot of the Imagination Pavillion



This is of course, the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, taking when I was leaving on my second day. I came back during the third day though, after I saw MGM.



I also managed to get a shot of the fountain with Spaceship Earth in the background. You cannot imagine how disappointed I was when I got to this section and discovered that Ice Station Cool was closed.



I took this just outside the door to my room.



This of course is the queue to El Rio Del Tiempo. on this night there were a lot of visitors from Latin America, including Mexico, who got in line for this ride.



Downtown Disney at sunset.



The Astro-orbiter, taken from the peoplemover.

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