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Las Vegas Hospitality Question


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Hi Alveys (and anyone else who has first hand experience with this subject),


We will be in Vegas in a few weeks and while there, I want to take a lot of footage for my "Very unOfficial Travel Guides" series on Youtube. I am planning on getting footage of several different hotels to make like a "Guide to Hotels on the Strip" and have contacted several resorts to ask about getting access to the pools and maybe a few minutes to film in the rooms. Some have not responded, some have given me access to their electronic press kits, and I am very excited about what's happening with the MGM properties. A totally friendly woman from the PR Department for all the MGM resorts has been in touch several times to ask me exactly what I want to film and to actually help me get it organized. I have been EXTREMELY thankful, told her that I am willing to show up wherever and whenever it is convenient for her, and that I would be grateful for even access to one of the resorts on my list, (I asked her for 3 specifically). OK, so that's all the background and here is my actual question:


After all the time she has taken to help me, is it wrong or impolite that I am NOT staying at an MGM property? (We're booked at Planet Hollywood because we got a really good deal which is less than any of the MGM properties. She knows this.). Do you think it would be useful or polite if we changed and stayed at one of the properties she represents, (even if that means spending more money?). Do you think it would be easier for her? I mean, she already seems more than willing to help, but I just wanted to get someone else's thoughts on the matter.

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You can just as easily dine or gamble at their hotels as well. And use social media to express your gratitude.


Thanks for replying, Joey. She has reviewed my channel and seems really interested in accommodating my wishes. I guess I'll just wait and see what she comes up with, and who knows, maybe she will offer me a competing rate out of the blue. She has already been so unbelievably accommodating, I guess I wouldn't be surprised! That's why I have a guilty conscience that I'm not staying at one of her resorts! Or, maybe that's just the good old Catholic guilt kicking in...

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I agree with what Joey said. If she's the PR person, she will probably care a lot more about how often she sees you Tweet @ them rather than the money that you spend.



Will do, (although I have many more followers on Facebook and youtube than I do on Twitter!). Thanks for the advice.


Oh, and I just realized I wasn't following TPR or Robb. Am now! I am very new to Twitter and think my life was easier without it. I still haven't quite caught on what the best way to use it is... but that's for a whole different thread.

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^ Twitter is not easy. It's a whole other world. Took me a long time to figure it out. My best advice is to take two or three people that you like on Twitter, and really follow closely what they do and try to understand it all.


Parks seem to be more in tune with Twitter because the interactions are directly @ them and their account, as opposed to a Facebook status, where the comments could be buried with 100 other messages, or now with the new FB business pages, where "posts by others" are even further buried.


If a park or a company has even a somewhat decent Twitter presence, they'll know when you tweet them.

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That's great advice. I actually just realized how you can "@" people and that they will actually see it. I "@"ed US Airways on the way over to mention I had a great first experience on their airline, and someone from them actually "@"ed me back! Now I get it. I didn't "internationalize" my celphone plan, so I will have to rely on the internet in our resort, but I now plan on "@"ing like crazy. Thanks!

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I joined the MGM Players' Club for the sole purpose of getting a hotel room discount last year. They gave me a great rate on my room at NYNY with no strings attached (about 15% lower than the best rate I could book on their website). So that could be one way to save cash and stay at an MGM-owned property.


But as others have noted, your positive word-of-mouth is far more valuable to them than the few dollars they'll make on your hotel room.

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