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Insurrection - Knex GCI Woodie

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Absolutely incredible. I've often wondered if I'd not lost my kits in a fire how big I'd have ended up building- and this would be a good start. The design is sumptuous, the layout flawless. This is something I'd hope a park would invest in for the future.



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Thanks for all of the comments guys!


Station roof and the exit and entrance ramps are done. I put a storage track on the side so I have a place to put the second train when I am not running two. I just need to get the trains and NXT running smoothly and I will post a test video of it running with two trains. Plus I don't think I ever did an explanation of how the NXT works with the Knex. Anyway, pictures bellow.










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Holy Cow, Everything is just so perfect!!


The only thing i don't love is the station flythrough, it would have been nice to see it have a slight tilt towards the loading area, but it still is really good anyway!

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Out of pure curiosity: How much does something like this cost in Knex parts?


I have 10 Screamin' Serpent sets plus several other random lots of knex. The only way to get SS sets is on ebay and they can be anywhere from $50 to $80 a piece. But in all honestly I probably have close to $1000 in knex.....


Thanks for all of the comments guys! I have the coaster almost running and it should be working by tomorrow. I'll have a test video up as soon as the train clears the circuit! But then I have the other train to get running, and the then the NXT to get running.

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Its a complete travesty that Knex discontinued their best coaster models, Screamin Serpent and Rippin Rocket. Now they keep making these cheap, 5 dollar kits that make rides that could kill you in real life and overall basically meant for children And not only that, they also have the gall to not even make new sets and just sell the pre-existing ones under new names and new colors! For Example....


This is the Speed Demon coaster set, released in 2010



And this is the "new" Super Cyclone coaster, released 2011



Same coaster model, but different name



Knex dosen't give a soaring rats ass about the quality of their new models, only the quantity. It just pisses me off that the good coasters that Knex made are now so hard to get! That's why I switched to coasterdynamix and never went back.

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Exactly the new models are not as good. But it is still possible to do some cool stuff with them but its next to impossible to build on the same level the really good screamin' serpent builders can.


And here's a test vid of Insurrection:


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