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Insurrection - Knex GCI Woodie

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As the tittle says. Here she is








And finally, the wonderful mess that is my basement. Also showing all of the space I plan on this taking up.





It will also be using an NXT set to run two trains. Here is a video displaying its function:


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^ They are awesome!






Another big turn will be going here. The track is going to connect to the fly by



Bellow is all of the stuff the turn has to go over:



And a nice surprise pop of airtime at the bottom:







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I love it so far! I've been following your building of this coaster on SSCoasters, too!


If I had to recommend anything that you should definitely have in the layout, I would recommend one of GCI's signature high banked fan turns!



If this kind of turn, with the air-time pop, was added into the layout, whether at this turnaround or later in the layout, you would have yourself one of the BEST Knex GCI coasters to date! And I would bow down to your greatness!

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Thanks for all of the feed back guys. I'm really trying to do this the best that it can be done. I'll have a update with the station fly by tomorrow.


^^ I plan on adding lateral supports to that turn and the large airtime hill once i'm done, as well as a few other places that may or may not structurally need them. As usually I'm running short on pieces so that's why I am waiting to the end. I also have a large station and some paths that need to be built.

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This is absolutely mindblowingly awesome! I cant find any faults with it.


oh, and in the last picture, you cat is probably thinking something like "I wish i was getting as much attention as that knex rollercoaster "

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^My cat loves to hang out around my coaster and to go in them when he can.


So the next section is finished. With the addition of hill over the lift and the following air hill (which I will probably be changing to make more GCIish) I am up to 7 out of 10 airtime moments. As you can see on the ground in the pictures bellow, I'm planing a figure 8 finale. Which will include the remaining 3 airtime spots and a bunch of twisty goodness. It wont be just a basic figure 8 The angle and elevation of the turns will be changing just like real GCIs. But I'm not totally sold on the idea so if anyone has any good, twisty, airtime filled endings that would fit well on my GCI I am open to, and would appreciate, suggestions. Also, I am currently out of the following: All 3d connectors, granite rods, metallic green rods, and metallic blue rods, so a Knex order is called for and this will be the last update for a while (Week or two). And now pictures:


Whats been built:









Whats planned:




Any ideas are welcome. Enjoy!

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I think you should stick with that figure-8 finale. The outline you laid on the ground looks like it will be the perfect fit, rounding out the ride nicely. I've got to say, I always found K'nex to look weird when one models steel roller coasters (because of the supports). However, it is absolutely ideal for wooden designs. Your model is a bona fide work of art. Your attention to detail and accurate mimicking of the GCI style is stellar. Well done!

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I like the figure 8 footprint but I think that you should change the last bit you have after the turn goes under the lift hill to just go into a double up then down into a right hand turn with a small airtime bump in the middle of it that then goes into a twisty airtime transition to the left under the double up then transition right back into a final right hand turn. The last right hand turn should continue up a little then drop down and then pop up into the brakes. So far I think that the layout is fabulous.

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I agree. Wooden coaster tend to look the best, but tube supports done right can also be epic. Also, thanks for all of the comments guys!


^I think this is kinda what you meant.










Airtime moments 7 and 8:






And two artsy shots:





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