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[RCT3] :Silver Bullet: - A B&M Hyper by Sam

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Insert Epic Name - Update 1


Hey guys! I'm back with a new coaster finally.


This is an intensifying B&M Hyper I've been working on for a few months off and on. Featuring steep drops, pleasure-filled airtime, and death-defying heights, you'll definitely want to take a spin on this. It is inspired by some of the newest B&Ms out there, like Leviathan and Shambala. There's not much more to say, so enjoy these pictures!


Oh, I'm also searching for names, feel free to submit your ideas.







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The limitations of RCT3 don't allow for many angles, so he's gotta go with what he can work with. Most current B&M lifts are steeper than the first option, but not as steep as the second option. It is what it is.


Back to the ride itself, I really like that third shot as well. Seems surreal.

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Silver Bullet - Update Two: Entrance Area Stuff


Alright, over these last couple days I've been working on Silver Bullet's entrance area. Since the theme is kind of western, I made a slight western couture to it. Nothing over the top, but that "theme parky" feel.



Welcome to Silver Bullet!


The station. Nothing tremendously over done, but simple and to the point.


And a little building across the midway from SB. It serves delicate treats such as cookies, smoothies, muffins, etc.


Gotta love a hyper!



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Lookin' good Sam! I dig that night shot. The coaster looks so... pronounced! Keep it up!


Thanks Griffin!


Well I was hoping for more than one comment, but it's better than nothing!



New Additions around Silver Bullet


I've been working a little bit with the surroundings around Silver Bullet. After messing around some, I settled with these two attractions to go with the coaster. So I started tinkering with those and I felt like bringing some more architecture in, and I introduced a new little tower smack-dab in the middle of the midway. Have a look for yourself!


I typically don't take under-done photos, but I desperately wanted to show you guys! haha.


The editing on this one.. ehh. The blue sun ruins it.


That rounds up this update! The coaster isn't too far from being done so expect a POV in the next few weeks.



A Lil' Naming Competition


As seen in this update were two new additions to the Silver Bullet family. I need your help thinking of names for them. Simply to apply for the little competition, state in the comments:


Disko Name: *enter name*

Halfpipe Name: *enter name*


Easy as pie! Thanks guys.

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Silver Bullet is finished!


After about three months of work, she's done!


It looks gigantic soaring high above the trees.


Halpipe, named Night Bender.


Heh, I ended up taking out the Disko. I realized that not a lot could fit into that tiny spot. Instead I just made it a little land filler - doesn't look too awful.


The last shot!


Thanks for following the updates throughout the weeks. Make sure to leave a comment!

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