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Robb & Elissa's Big Gay New York City Trip!

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Reading this report reminds me of how it's been so long since I've visited NYC. I never pass up your Scott's Pizza tour pictures, they always make me so hungry; and to think that during my old high school trips to Times Square my group would always want to have lunch at McDonalds.

How long has the Muppet puppet creation been at FAO Schwarz? It looks so inspired (but knowing FAO Schwarz, it's probably also expensive).



CAPTION CONTEST! Best one wins! (Be creative... Disturbing... Whatever!)


"The new Skyrush restraint(s)?"

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My cousin is in Evita on broadway so I am sad to hear that you didn't enjoy it, but I think she may have a starring role playing Evita soon and it will be better I am sure!!!

We actually *loved* the show...just not the woman that played Evita. Oddly enough, I did pick up the 2006 London soundtrack with the same woman playing her, and while she's not my favorite Evita, she sounded MUCH better on the soundtrack that she did during our show. Maybe she just had a bad night?

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Well my cousin is not the person currently in the role of Evita but I think that she is up for it soon. The current Evita *must* have been having a bad night. I also find it funny to mention that I have never even seen Evita (or most musicals for that matter) and I am gay. Can't stand musicals. LOL

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That was kind of the point of the theme of this thread.


Sorry if that got missed.


--Robb "I don't expect everyone to get my humour or quirkiness" Alvey


No, no, I get your humor just fine. I was just being silly.


Doug "I'm more prone to tease people here than in real life for some reason." Booth

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