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Robb & Elissa's Big Gay New York City Trip!

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NOTE: We use the word "gay" in this report because this was an inside joke from our gay friends who would refer to us at "honorary gays." If you are pulling this link out of context to make it sound like we are gay-bashing, that's not the case at all. We have always been huge supporters of the LGBTQ communities and everyone knows that. In fact, many of our gay friends who are responding to this report are using the term in the same context we are, so those of you trying to wrap some other narrative around what this report is about... please stop with your drama.


Part Two Posted! Click HERE!

Part Three Posted! Click HERE!


Sometimes, it's really nice to get away and do something NOT theme park or roller coaster related...and that's exactly what we did this week!


Short version of the story.... Reed, Stacey, Renee and I are all big fans of the movie "Newsies" (Yes, I know, that's gay...), and when we heard there was a version of it coming to Broadway, we just HAD to go see it! (Still very gay!) It was originally only supposed to be on limited run for twelve weeks, so we booked our tickets as soon as we could! (It's now gone open-ended since the show is THAT good!)


Along with Newsies, we noticed another musical, Evita, that we were all fans of was also opening it's revival (yup, more gay), and we just had to check that out as well.


We hit up some other stuff along the way including hanging out in New York City drinking beer (not gay), going to a showtunes sing-a-long bar (OMG REALLY GAY), and doing Scott's Pizza Tour (totally not gay...we met his girlfriend!)


Anyway, here's some pics...I know a lot of this will seem really random...but that's kind of how the entire trip was!




New York City - Day One



Just in case we forgot where we parked our car!


KidTums...totally crashed out!


Hooray we made it!!!!


What he said! ;)

Anyone know what ride was based on this?


"Hey Chris! Is that a real space shuttle??!?!"


Quite a bit of work has been done on Freedom Tower!


We have a beautiful view of 34th & Lex.


Hitting up a NYC deli for lunch.


Have any of our NYC followers eaten here? It's on 3rd between 35th and 36th. Great pastrami sandwiches & pot pies! Yum!


Someone really famous was born here! A real international superstar! First person to guess who it is gets a TPR bag-o-crap!


Can anyone guess what the significance of this photo is?


Some famous buildings and stuff...


Loved the name of this place!


Yes! Authentic New York Pizza! I really hope this location is on Scott's Pizza Tour tomorrow.


Doing some shopping. I fully approve of this shirt!


This is nothing "straight" about this vacation!

Should Reed buy this hat?


Disney fans - yay or nay?


How much money would someone have to pay you to see "Ghost: The Musical?"


Walking by the Newsies theater! Looking forward to tonight's show!




CAPTION CONTEST! Best one wins! (Be creative... Disturbing... Whatever!)


What the hell??? Someone please explain!


The quintessential Times Square photo! Where's Dick Clark when you need him?


Do you think we should go in and get tested? Could make for the best trip report ever!


Public service announcement to many of our TPR members. Listen to this man!



Not only did we sample lots of pizza this weekend, we also had our fair share of cupcakes!




Toys R Fun...so let's go in here!


Yup, this is the Toys R Us with the Ferris Wheel!


The Jurassic Park section is pretty awesome!


KidTums is partial to the Barbie house!


We love nuts! (this is our big gay NYC trip, after all!)


Here's something for Dave!


Hooray! Another reason NOT to have to go back to Los Angeles!


Anyone else find it funny that the "Master Chef" ad is above a TGI Fridays???


Classic NYC places to see!


Cathedral credit of the trip!!!


Always...ALWAYS have to stop by this place when in NYC!


Renee is somewhere in here. I wasn't gay enough to go see this show! =)


However, I am gay enough to see this! (tomorrow night!)


Since we're being gay this week...eating at a "cock haus" seems to be fitting!


So we had legit Yakitori in New York City! Yakitori Totto on 55th between 7th & 8th! Great stuff!


Ok, going to admit that I'm totally "theater geeking out" right now! Been so looking forward to seeing this show that not even Derek riding Skyrush is going to make me jealous!



Here are the "credits" for the show...


And some of the Newsies Merchandise.


I love the themed cocktails they were serving! lol!


We had pretty good seats!


For some odd reason, Whoopi Goldberg was at the show! Shouldn't she be at Ghost or Sister Act? *confused* ;)


Since you can't take pictures during the show, here's some stock pics from the website.


It's like a Street Fighter II move!


"Headlines don't sell papes...Newsies sell papes!"


"Jack Kelly Naked"


Here's some video clips from Newsies. The show was so high energy and amazing! You don't need to be a closet fan of the original movie (although it helps) to LOVE this show! The audience was LOVING every moment of it. I don't think I've heard an audience that enthusiastic at a show in a VERY long time!


Wow! I cannot say enough praise for how amazing Newsies was. I hope this show travels so more people can see it. Screw it! Just come to New York City!!! Seize the day! Book your tickets here: http://www.newsiesthemusical.com/



Since Newsies kicked so much ass, it was time for a beer!


"Buy my pape and I'll buy you a beer, mister!"


We will post Day Two as soon as you... POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!




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^ There actually aren't many "kid" roles in Newsies. I think it's only one. The rest of the actors are all 18+ I believe.


I know - when I said "youth" I meant more like, "not-adult." I think that all the Newsies, minus the younger brother, are played by guys that are 18-20. Rephrased: when Newsies conquers the young-adult pool and Annie takes all the kids!

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^ I think you might just be fooled by the great make up and everything!


Jeremy Jordan - Age 27

Ben Fankhauser - Age 25

Andrew Keenan-Bolger - Age 27

Aaron J. Albano - Age 28

Tommy Bracco - Age 23


Just to name a few....

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How was Evita? I've never seen it on stage but has always been a big fan of the music. I always kinda thought the Evita movie with Madonna was a little underrated. Hope it was good and hope it tours sometime soon.

I'll get to that in the next part of the update!

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About the Chinese foot photo. I remember while living in Taiwan that in many of the public parks that there were rock gardens that you could walk on with your feet without shoes. Apparently, when you massage certain sections of your feet by walking on these rocks it helps to promote good health or to help adjust those systems in your body. The picture is a diagram of which pressure points of the foot are connected to those other systems in your body.

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New York City - Day Two

We set off back into the city, more shows, more gayness, and a pretty awesome time!




Since this is the "Big Gay New York City" update...what better way to start day two off than with a picture of a cock in NYC! (The cock is on the left)


*cough* *cough* "Buy me last pape, mister?"


Tonight's big gay show will be... EVITA!


I ran into a theme park industry celebrity! Anyone know who this is?


Evita tickets in hand! We did "student rush" for this show, as it was something we wanted to see, but really didn't want to pay a million dollars like we did for Newsies! ;)


Reed the Newsie getting into the Subway...


The Subway trains were themed to that awful Bill Paxton/Kevin Costner History channel show.


It rained today! We need a rainbow to brighten up our gay day!


Anyone know where this place is? It's kinda cool!


I'm waaaay above this average!


This pizza place had amazing themes for it's slices!


The Central Park Apple Store is the coolest in the world!


KidTums is at FAO Schwarz making her very own Muppet!


She made an awesome Muppet Princess!


Some of KidTums' Lego "Friends!"


Yay! Muppet Princess is finally alive!


Big, huge, iconic New York buildings!


I'm glad this place was pretty cool.


Had my first "Shake Shack" meal. It was great! Anyplace that has a "Peanut Butter Shake" right on the menu is AWESOME in my book!


Hooray! We are at Evita! It's going to be sexy, seductive, and VERY gay!


This is the theater which had Evita.


Yay! More show themed drinks! Although for $16 Madonna had better serve me the damn thing!


So overall, Evita was "good", not great.... Here's the thing, it had been about 20 years since I last saw this show, and I was a huge fan of the film. This version of the show, everything was actually "GREAT" except for the woman playing Evita. (ELENA ROGER) - I feel like the gimmick was that she was from Argentina, and they were using that to attract people to the show, but her vocals were not up to par for the role. Overall, while I really liked the show, because it was "Evita", and I *LOVE* the music, this production was just "ok". It was WELL WORTH the $38 student rush tickets we got, but I'd be even more disappointed had we paid full price.


I'd LOVE to see this production again, though, with someone else in the lead role. Ricky Martin, BTW, was AMAZING! So that just added to the overall gay factor! ;)


Of course we had to go to the Times Square Disney Store!


Ok, does anyone else feel that a plot point of Brave being these little bears that turn into ginger kids to be totally creepy???


Sorry, Renee, the Newsies hat just doesn't suit you as well as it does Reed!


As much as I ended up liking the new Muppets movie, Walter has to be the most boring Muppet ever invented. Sorry Muppets!


There is just something "every pedophile in the world has these" creepy about these dolls! They kind of give me chills!


"I'm pretty sure this fully licensed, 100% official Disney approved Woody character just spoke to me in Spanish!"


Here comes the 100% NOT GAY section of this report!


Apparently the Gumball Rally was going on in NYC. It had something to do with cars and straight guy stuff.


Cars with Dubai plates!


More totally NOT GAY cars!


These dudes are totally NOT GAY!


What's not gay? Cars are not gay!


Some manly Bud Light BEER is not gay!




And one hot Mercedes to end this non-gay section of the update!


Gotta have me some quality MANLY beer!


On a scale of one to totally hell, how creepy is this?


How about this? On a creepy scale?


We wandered around for a while...looking for awesome gay clubs, but ended up here getting french fries.


We will end this part of the update with this picture. More coming soon!



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Seeing "Newsies" and drinking at Ginger Man is better than riding Skyrush and drinking at Troegs, but only slightly Besides, Skyrush isn't going anywhere anytime soon, whereas unfortunately "Newsies" will be leaving eventually. Glad you got to see it!


And too much manliness in the second update!

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