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Julie's TN State Fair Photo TR


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I made my annual visit to the Tennessee State Fair on Saturday, and every year, I get more and more astonished with the things I see. The theme of the fair was "A Fair to Remember" but the theme I seemed to pick up on was "Southerners spilling over their pants." I'd entered a photo in the photography competition, but alas, it didn't win. I also ate pizza and chicken on a stick, and played the game where you drop the coins on the tray and hope they get pushed off the edge so you can win prizes. I'd wanted to get any credits they had there, but I ran out of money quickly and refused to pay $7 for two kiddie coaster credits.

Ok, onto the photos since that's what everyone is here for anyway.





And last but not least, the Round Up. Hope you've enjoyed the photos!


The double Ferris wheel


The chairswings, which were much nicer this year than the normal Yo-yo model we get.


The carousel (my favorite photo of the day)


Now onto my favorite photos of the day. The Starship 3000.


Lots of people had their cocks out too.




I wish more places had these rules. I just hate when people wash where ever they want!


The saddest sight at the fair :-(


I found even more food on a stick at the fair!


Here is the Orint Express. I didn't ride it, but wow, what a vibrant and colorful photo.


Here is my mom. She tore the cartilage in her knee about 10 years ago by jumping out of a Scrambler at the state fair. I still have to make fun of her about it every time we see a Scrambler.


As we arrived on the midway, I noticed these supports for the portable Wacky Worm coaster. It's almost up to Disney safety standards, really.


At least it was an Elissa-friendly fair!


As we proceeded out onto the midway, there was a semi with people handing out free Spam samples. Yeah, that's just what all these tubs of lard need!


This is like the Conan O'Brian "Finish the Sentance" skit. "In my spare time I like to..." Robb says: "Ride Coasters." Elissa says: "Travel." Lady in the blue shirt says: "Bankrupt fool the guesser games."


This is one of those extremely oversized rocking chairs...and the woman is filling it up!!!




Umm, I would beg to differ!!!


And nows the time for the "Random Tennesseans spilling over their pants" photos!


NOOOO!!!! Dear God no!!!!


...and please dip rodents into oil before recycling it.


...please recycle bait containers...


Here are the "Three things you shouldn't have to tell civilized people yet you still have to tell Tennesseans." Please use restrooms...


The Giant Weigh-off. There is a hilarous caption in here somewhere, but I can't find it!


They had baby chicks in one of the buildings. They have little ferris wheels and carousels full of food to ride in their cages. They are quite adorable.


Hey hey hey, it's a hay contest. I prefer my hay to sound like Vinnie Barbarino..."Heeeeeey"


Mmm...lots of fudge to be had at the fair!


The photo in the middle is the one I entered. It didn't win, but it's still a winner in my book :-)

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I was debating on whether or not I should go. The fair is so expensive, with the $3 parking, $8 per-person admission, and $20 ride wristband. I have been looking on the news for the types of rides I will find at the fair, and I saw the power surge in one commercial.

I have a few questions about the fair:

What are the best rides there?

Is it really worth paying $20 for a wristband?

Can you use the wristband throughout the whole day?

Are the two kiddie coasters powered, or are they real credits?

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Dude, that was great!


I wonder what would happen if you tried to dip the worlds largest rodent into the oil and then put it on a stick while it tried to urinate outside of the restroom!


Silly Tennessee!

The mind just boggles... Is that even a sentence... I think Elissa just conjugated a rodent...
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Jules, you are truly living up to Alvey standards with your pics and commentary... I love it!! I think you photograph was much more interesting than the kid in a sailor suit that got the blue ribbon. You were robbed!


And that woman....... ugh. How does anyone LIVE with a stomach that hangs down like that??? I am not trying to be mean, I just don't understand how you could even feel comfortable?


Shari "she'd have broken the giant chair" Shoufler

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How did people in Tennessee react when they were introduced to electricity?


Electricity, what's that?


Don't worry, not all Tennesseans are Hillbillies (but the majority of them are ). Every year I hear some pretty bad things about how redneck the TN State Fair really is. I want to go this year, but I'm afraid they might rub off on me and turn me into one of them! :shock:

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Nannerdw - I think the fair is worth a visit. Seriously, it gets better and worse every year. The quality of people showing up has just plummetted in recent years, but the quality of rides has gone way up.

Lemme see if I remember what all they had...

A nice carousel (better than the crappy travelling models we usually get)

The chairswings (same deal about being nicer)

Orient Express and Wacky Worm, neither of which are powered

Double Ferris wheel

Top Scan

Nitro (like a frisbee)

Starship 3000


Big Ben drop tower

Thunderbolt (like a Musik Express)

Ring of Fire, which we haven't had recently

Regular Ferris wheel

Round Up

Bear Affair

Dizzy Dragons (and one of this type ride system with strawberries on it)


Something that looked like a mini "George Foreman Grill"

Scooter Bumper cars

Pirate ship


Bumper boats

And there were a bunch of kiddie rides and inflatables that I didn't pay much attention to. That's all I can remember. I think the armband is worth it if you get there early in the day to ride. You can use the armbands all day, but by the time the sun set, the place was shoulder to shoulder on the midway and all the rides had HUGE lines.

There is also this inflatable dead dinosaur this year...you pay $2 and it is a maze through the dino's digestive track inside! Supposedly you see the heart, stomach, intestines and get pooped out the back end of it! I really wanted to do it, but the coin pushing game took all my money. There is also a small King Tut exhibit, which was decently interesting but not worth a trip on it's own.

Ok, just a few more pictures since y'all seemed to enjoy them.




In conclusion, I'd like to think that Tennesseans have been unfairly stereotyped as redneck hillbillies, but this man goes to prove that those stereotypes are in fact true for 90% of the state.




Here is the milking parlor. When there are actually cows in it, people will crowd around to watch them being milked. Stop laughing, it's true. No seriously.


The King Tut exhibit included stuff like this guy, who was covered in Hidden Mickeys!


Soren! More food pictures!


My mom got the samples too. Wow, she looks way too happy to be getting that Spam!


Allison, I *did* get the Spam samples! I don't eat pork, so they will be passed along to my dad, but who am I to turn down free pork bi-products?

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Sorry for the Late Reply USRT


Looks like we got almost the same rides, I've gone to the NM state fair and was completly underwelmed, but at least we didn't have to many of HUGE people there



GREAT TR, but I'm saving my money for the Winsconsin State Fair, I hear that one ROCKS!!!!!

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