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Photo TR: Cedar Point 2012

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Stopped by the park for the first time of the season... Arrived for early entry and went right to MF. There was some ACE event this morning, so the ride had been running since 7am or so. One of the best rides I have ever had on this ride, seriously! Rode in 1-2 (my 'money seat' due to front row visuals with no wait time). Extremely smooth and I had more airtime this ride then I can ever remember. Moved MF back up to towards my top steel coasters again. Wish we just stayed on this during all of early entry...


After we decided to run over to Maverick which turned out to be a big mistake. After a short few minute wait hopped on... At the bottom of the first hill I knew it was going to be a bad one. Ride was running like it does at the end of the season, rough and full of vibrations. Generally this early in the season it is running quite good. At the launch tunnel somebody lost an item (some type of clothing) that hit me straight in both of my eyes at the end of the launch. Was completely blinded the whole second half as my eyes were in extreme pain. Worst ride ever, and not just because of the whole item hitting me in the eyes, but how poor it was running as well. Maverick when running good is amazing... When it runs poorly, it sucks... Oh well. I can go without it the rest of the year.


Decided to head over to Dragster before the park opened.. Generally able to get in a decent position prior to opening so the wait is not too long. Sadly, all the ACER's and it seems like every other platinum early entry participant had the same idea. Station was already filled up and the line stretched down the midway. Skipped it and walked right on front row of Magnum. Running decently, nothing special though. More-so rode it for the views of the waterpark to see how it looked. I must say I am very impressed. Crazy what some paint can do! Look forward to the mat racers, we love the Aquatica version and other one we rode at the Columbus Zoo waterpark.


After that we headed over to Raptor to check the line since the park just opened, but it was already pretty long (probably only 15mins or so, but we are spoiled... Too long for us!). So we ran out to the car, got the camera and made a loop around the park. Left at around noon or so.


Crowds were quite light... A few buses had showed up but the parking lot was not full at all. Park looked great though, love that the big screen is gone along with Wildcat. That midway looks fantastic and I can not wait to see the new show. An amazing day for anybody who wanted to do some hardcore riding as crowds were so light... But as sad as it is, we have really "over-visited" the park the past few years so are quite bored with the place. Really hoping for some good wood in the future (unlikely, I know) but we shall see. Going to return in a few weeks for the waterpark for the first time. Oh, and I must say the Dinosaurs Alive entrance area looks fantastic.


Here are a few photos from the day... For more, higher resolution images go to my Flickr Page!



The new paint on Blue Streak looked really nice!



Millennium Force also looked great... I just wish they could of finished the last part of the painting of the second hill.



This midway should look fantastic when complete.


Plenty of work going on with the stages.


Great view without the big screen.


Running so good yesterday!





As you can see, muffle heads recently at the point.




First drop


Twelve years later MF is still the best ride in the park... In my opinion, of course.


Polish hen at the petting zoo... Awesome hair.




This turkey is gangster... Hated everyone.


Still have those terrible sweeper uniforms!









Ride is over, thankfully...




I thought this area looked great.


Fastline signage all over the park. I don't think anybody needed it today, however.


Can't wait!



Magnum to me is just awkward. I like it at night, but otherwise it is more like an over-grown mine-ride for more. More painful though!


Plenty of air, but too bad its painful.


Walkon today.


Short wait for WT as well.


Some of the mechanical bits of windseeker.



These guys were scattered all over the park in little display areas. Looked great.







Time to head out... Was a good few hours. Be back in a few weeks.

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The more I see of Cedar Point the more I want to visit it. Cool that that they keep their petting zoo, so many parks close them down - but cute furry animals rule.


love that the big screen is gone along with Wildcat


So I remove you from the "Friends of Schwarzkopf" list....


P.S.: What are "muffle heads"???

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Yeah, we enjoy the petting zoo. Especially once the goats and stuff come out! They also have escapee chickens all the time which roam the main midway in the area. Quite funny to see.


Muffle heads:




They literally invade all of CP a few weeks of the year. Just keep your mouth closed when ride stuff...

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Any regular times these insects show up? Good inside-information for travel-planning....


Hard to avoid Cedar Point without their flying friends... Either you have muffleheads or mayflies, generally in early to mid summer I believe. They always seem to be around, sometimes worse then others. Somebody else may be able to better help you on specifics though on the worst times. Cedar Point isn't Cedar Point without the flying bugs all over the place. Oh, and the sea gulls everywhere. Don't forget the endless amounts of spiders either at dusk/night, when they seem to come out by the millions and web everywhere. You will always see employees brooming railings and stuff all day due to this. I can't count how many times I have spiders hanging from my head at that place.

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How were the crowds in the afternoon/evening? Did it get busier? Was pretty light all morning and early afternoon. MF extended down the ramp around a turnstile or two when we left, around a fifteen minute wait I would guesstimate.


Although when we did leave, there were quite a few buses unloading...

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Yeah it got busier during the afternoon/early evening. MF was an hour wait, Maverick was down from 3PM through the rest of the day (which might have contributed to the wait for MF). Didn't check TTD, but everything else was a fairly short wait, although not as short as what you waited . Windseeker was a near walk on for us, and we waited less than 10 for raptor. About 15 for maggie.

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Great report, and your photos are simply stunning!! Wow!


We were also there this past weekend, and I can concur that the crowds definitely picked up as Sunday progressed. Nothing like Saturday when it was packed to the gills with people (several waits posted at 2 hours), but still pretty crowded. In fact, the couple we went with (who had never been to Cedar Point before) enjoyed their Fast Lane experience from Saturday so much that they asked if we minded getting it again on Sunday when crowds started picking up. We did, and I still thought it was worth every single penny! I'd much rather wait 10-15 minutes for TTD and Millennium versus an hour plus!

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Yeah, Fastlane will be great for those who really want to enjoy the park without waiting in lines all day, especially when busy. I would not think twice about doing this at other parks if I was going only one or two days.

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