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[RCT2] Tutorial--How to Merge

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A.J. says - this is track merging in its simplest form, and it's a great tutorial. Have a look!


How to Merge


Okay, let's start off with the basics: What is merging?

Merging is used to make one track flow into another track. Examples include Giga track into Twister track (for inversions and vertical spikes), Flying into Mulit-dimensional track (for pretzel loops), Vertical track into Twister track (for Immelmanns on Dive Machines) and Giga track into Mini Coaster track (for the bi-rail effect).


Learning how to merge isn't that difficult. In theory, it's is simply putting two pieces of each track on top of the opposite track and lowering those pieces down.


First, a few ground rules:

-Merging does not work on Windows 7 or to my knowledge, Windows Vista (I'm not too sure about Vista). Windows XP is recommended for this tutorial.

-You must use 8cars version 1.302 (found at the bottom of this tutorial). Version 1.32 will crash if you try merging.

-When you're using Flying coaster track, you must use Mulit-dimensional track and vice versa because it is the only other track type that can face both downwards and upwards.

-The merge track must face the same way as the original track.

-When you build the above track piece, it must face the same direction and be the same element at the piece below.

-You cannot save tracks with merges because the game won't save the merge track.



1) Build your original track.


2) Build the Merge track.


3) Build one piece of the original track, and one piece of the merge track above the opposite track. For a normal coaster track, I suggest 15+ft above and for Inverted track 20+ft.


4) Paint the two track pieces Alternative Colour Scheme 1


5) Alt+Tab out of RCT2 and open 8cars Per Trainer (1.302). Click on Rides > Edit Ride Stats. Find your ride and click Raise/Lower, change the operating mode to Powered Launch or Boat Hire mode (Boat hire allows more than one train, while powered launch limits you to one), Alternative Colour Scheme 1 (or whichever colour scheme you painted it), Height Offset > [measurement in feet divided by five. For example, 20ft = 4], Ok. If you are using powered launch mode, don't forget to change the launch speed to 6.


6) Go back into RCT2 and test/open your ride. It should go round the track and through the elements as normal.


7) Voila, you have a merged ride!


If something is wrong, please either PM me or ask about it in this topic and I will do my best to solve the problem.


Thank you for reading my tutorial and I hope it helps you understand more about RCT2!



A download for 8cars Per Trainer Version 1.302 is here:

8Cars Trainer 1.302.zip

Edited by A.J.
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Xtreme, you know how I feel about this. Fantastic tutorial and I have already applied it with great success. I hope you will be posting more tutorials like this for other hacks. Never before have I come across anything as easy to follow as these directions for RCT2. Nice job.

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