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Photo TR: MK 9/12

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This evening I wanted to head to M.K just to walk around. By the time I got out of my car (in the beautiful diamond parking lot area) I realized I imagined a different temperature than the one I got at home -- it was very hot and muggy over in the MK area. I guess I have to wait a month or two till things cool off. All that pavement/concrete etc. is hot.


Never mind.


Entry yet again into the parks was abysmal tonight. Please bring the Disneyland Passport system back, its takes forever to get in. And today they were only man-ing 4 stalls to get into the park at 8.00. The entire right side was closed. At this point, service is really bad. When you have to wait 8 minutes to enter into the park, that's pretty bad service. Whatever happened to scanning in barcodes with your photo on it? Its a lot quicker.


Anywho. That scary ass parade was on, so I took an exit into backstage and popped back on Main street by the glass blowers area. With all the construction going on by the train station (you should see all the boards) its impossible to get in and out of MK during a rush.


I decided to head left since I couldn't gross Main street (parade) and tried Buzz for fun. 155000 points.


I then walked around, tempted to go on the teacups but instead head straight to splash. IT was hot, and I wanted to get wet.


I sat up front and had most of the ride to myself as the park was just about to close (at 9). I got out, and instead of heading to BTMR which was empty I decided to head out through Caribbean plaza (I did BTMR last week).


The Plaza inspired me so I kept walking and thought i'd give Jungle cruise a try. I didn't have my own boat Which would have been fun. It was nice to be on the ride again, it had been a while. I always forget about that really cool long underground cave part where you are enclosed for a while. I like that. Too bad Disneyland doesn't have that.


Sure enough the fireworks are going on (real bangs, as opposed to the skippers fake gun speaker bang) and I head off the ride.


I start running realizing I could probably cut some time if I got out ahead of the rush. BUt it was too late, by the time I rounded onto main street the show was over, but I dove into the interior shops (on the right hand side going out) which is great because you can beeline all the way through them (unlike the left side) and pop out by the gates.


I came out relatively unscathed but decided to use the resort line as I wasn't in the mood for crowds. It didn't take long and a resort train came by and sure enough 30 strollers came into the same car as me. Nevertheless, the car was hot and it was great to stop in the contemporary to get a nice rush of cold air when the doors opened (I guess running out of the park makes me a little warmer than usual).


Walked out the TTC and headed left under the bridge (Where its sooo loud when trams go through, I'm always plugging my ears) and head to ma car.


A little disney night cap.


The two images aren't from today, but they give you an idea of where I was at.



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I would love in the future to get a super slim high megapixel camera. My wife and I's current camera is smallish, but too bulky to take wherever I go in my opinion. I need something that can go around my neck and not make me feel like Mr. T.


I'd love to take more current pics when I head out. I'm running out of old pics!

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I hear you, at this point in the game, you almost feel obligated to buy a 8 or 9 + mp camera!


And then you have to think about whether you want a $2000 HDV camcorder on top of it, or just get the camcorder because its got a great zoom on it.


decisions! (would love to be the first person to shoot EE in HD)


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