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Molemaster43's Design Thread (RCT2)

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Hello. Daniel Harris reporting. I just received word that a small amusement park company known as Amusements and Adventures, Inc. has purchased the old Hanker Mine. Hanker Mine used to be a prominent place for mining and oil drilling. Hanker Mine was a diamond mine and lots of people became rich from it. However, this mine was very dangerous to work at. Explosions and cave-ins happened all of the time. More than 20 people died in one year. As a result, the city shut down Hanker Mine. Hanker Mine has now been sitting dormant for the past 30 years. Lots of people have been wondering when it would be torn down, but now it is going to be modified. The announced park is supposed to feature a wooden coaster which will use the large mountains, two dark rides-one traveling through the factory and one traveling through some of the old mine shafts, and a possible custom B&M invert that goes with the terrain, similar to Nemesis at Alton Towers. That is all that's confirmed, but I would expect more. This is what the old mine looks like right now, right before it all gets fixed up.

1-Entrance & Warehouse.BMP

Here is the entrance to the mine and the storage warehouse.

1-Cart Tracks & Living Facilities.BMP

Here are the main tracks that the mine carts travel on. As you can see, tons of the tracks are broken. The tracks on the left of the photo were being rebuilt as they were going to reopen the oil drilling after they closed it ten years before the whole mine closed. In the corner, you can see the living facilities for the workers.

1-Oil Pumps.BMP

There are the old oil pumps. When the mine first opened, there were 9. After 40 years of closure, there are only 4 oil pumps still standing.


Here is the graveyard where all of the people from that one fateful year are buried. Amusements and Adventures, Inc. has been told they MUST leave the graveyard untouched or they will face a hefty fine that would possibly put them bankrupt.

1-Boss' House and Scaffolding.BMP

Here is the house that the bosses, the Hanker family, lived in. Below, you can see tons of scaffolding. Under construction was a brand new mine shaft. The shaft was under construction when the mine closed.

1-Old Factory.BMP

Here is the old factory. Here is where the Hankers made rings from using gold found in the mountain and the diamonds. Also, the factory powered the whole mine. They used the oil from the pumps.


Here is the overview of the whole entire mine. I wonder how Amusements and Adventures, Inc. will be able to turn this into a small amusement park. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Daniel Harris reporting. Construction has begun on the old Hanker Mine. Amusements and Adventures, Inc. decided earlier this week to buy Hanker Mine and convert it into a small amusement park, or amusement area. That is just what they are doing, but they are retaining some elements of the mine, such as the boss' house and the factory, which are both going to be refurbished and turned into the actual building where the boss lives and a new dark ride. As of right now, their has been lots of work on the park so far. The graveyard got some new trees because the agreement states that they cannot move the graves, but they can do whatever they want with the trees. One of the old mine shafts was removed and all of the scaffolding for the new mine shaft was removed. The oil pumps have also been moved inside the newly built Hanker Museum. In this museum are many things that were a part of the mine, such as the oil pumps, cart tracks, diamonds, and much more. The parking lot and entrance were also removed and a service road was added in the location of the entrance for taking out and taking in things. Here is a huge picture update showing all of the work at Hanker Mine so far.


The graveyard has some very nice new trees.


The factory got some new dead trees, so it will be remaining as it is designwise, but will get some minor repairs.

2-No Scaffolding.BMP

The scaffolding that used to be here was taken apart and is now waiting to be shipped off.

2-Shaft Removed.BMP

The mine shaft that was here was removed and is also waiting to be shipped out.

2-New Service Road.BMP

Here is the new service road. As you can see, many assorted things that were in the mine, like roofing, the old shaft, tracks, and scaffolding.

2-Hanker Museum.BMP

And last but not least, here is the Hanker Museum. At this point, the only things in the museum are some old tracks, diamonds, and the remaining 4 oil pumps.


Here is an overview of the entire area. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Daniel Harris reporting. Hanker Mine, at this point, is a construction mess. There are tons of service roads, scaffolding, and walls now up since my last update. The major news from Hanker Mine is that Amusements and Adventures, Inc. has decided to keep the main set of tracks and conveyor belts. They will be kept up for exhibit and will operate frequently. One cool feature of this exhibit is that the carts will be given special sensors and motors so they can actually operate and drive around the tracks on their own. The sensors are being used to avoid collisions. The conveyor belts will deposit fake diamonds and the carts will be dumped so all of the fake diamonds can be reused. A huge wall has since been placed around the tracks and conveyor belts. The walls are up so it doesn't interfere with the scaffolding that has been placed around the old facilities where the workers lived. I've heard rumors that the building is being turned into a hotel, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


In other news, a huge new service road has been built. It is located near the Hanker Museum so that the scaffolding and walls can be easily accessed. The service road also climbs up the mountain a little bit and gives the workers a place the park where the old mine shaft was and where the boss' house is. A new dig site for kids to dig for diamonds has been built and the factory is starting to be refurbished. Here is my latest photo update for all of you. Enjoy!

3-Walled Off Tracks.BMP

All of the tracks have been walled off. The reason for this was to make sure the work on the worker facilities didn't affect the tracks.

3-Homing Facilites Scaffolding.BMP

The worker facilities are mauled by scaffolding. Also, you can see the new service road and tons of parts arriving there.

3-Worker Parking.BMP

The service road adds a new place for the workers to park.

3-Service Road Missing Stuff.BMP

Here, you can see the first service road used for shipping out old parts is missing some stuff. All of the parts that are missing are being reused.

3-Factory Rehab.BMP

As you can see here, the factory has been fixed up partially. Very soon, there will be more work on it because of the nearby addition of the dark ride.

3-Kid's Dig Site.BMP

Here is the new Kid's Dig Site. The dig site is a fun place for kids to search for diamonds and a good place for parents to relax.


Here is an overview of the entire area. I hope you enjoyed this update!

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@RCTrioFan: Thank you


@XYZ: Thank you


@Xtreme97: Thank you. Benches will be finished later.






Daniel Harris reporting. There has been quite a bit of activity going on at Hanker Mine. The biggest news is that entrance signs and stuff like that have been built. One sign is built where the worker facilities were. There will not be a hotel built there, it will be the station for the new attraction that will be going there and it will be known as, "Rush." The Factory is going to be the name of the new dark ride going in there and we know that because a new sign was built in front of the factory and it says, "The Factory." Also, there are some new cogwheels for "The Factory" as theming.


In other news:


1. The house where the Hankers lived has now been fixed up and will be where the managers of the park will be.


2. The entrance for the park is now under construction. It is said to be done within the next couple of days.


3. There is a ton of new fencing around the tracks and the Kid's Dig Site.


Here are some photos of some of the progress going on at Hanker Mine. Enjoy the update!

4-Rush Work.BMP

As you can see in this picture, the new sign has been built and the scaffolding has been changed.

4-New Factory Sign - New Theming.BMP

The Factory's new sign and the new cogwheel arrangement.

4-Entrance Cons..BMP

The entrance is starting to be built. As you can see, the service road and all of its remnants are nowhere to be found.

4-Boss' House.BMP

The Boss' House got renovated. All of the framing and roofing have been rebuilt.

4-Exhibit Walls Down.BMP

As you can see here, the walls for the exhibit have been replaced by fencing.

4-New Dig Site Fences.BMP

The Kid's Dig Site also got some fencing.


Here is an overview of the whole area. I hope you enjoyed this update!

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@aerial-ballet: Thank you






Daniel Harris reporting. Not much has happened lately at Hanker Mine. However, one major thing happened which I think was a really unique idea for the park. The "thing" that happened was the station for Rush was recently finished. The station was integrated into the mountain. I showed 100 people the photo of the station and about 90% of them gave positive reviews of it. I am so excited for this new attraction.


In other news...


1. The Hanker Museum has been getting some landscaping work. It is still a WIP, however.


2. Tons of fencing has gone around the pathways.


3. The park is still waiting for parts for the entrance.


4. A new food court building is now up. It is very small, however, and will feature a row of four shops.


Here is the photo update showing what has been going on at the park.


There it is. The really unique station for the really unique coaster, Rush.


As you can see, the museum has received some nice little touches.


Here is an overview. I hope you enjoyed this update!

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@Voxelmatic - Thanks!






Daniel Harris reporting with a huge story. The Hanker Mine Theme Park has officially opened for business. Currently, only two rides are running, but one of those rides is a blockbuster attraction that was hyped to be the best ride of its kind in the world: The Factory. The Factory isn't your ordinary dark ride, it is a custom made MACK Wild Mouse dark ride. It features tight drops, intense twists, and mind-blowing special effects that are state-of-the-art and never before seen on a roller coaster. According to park management, the wild mouse style dark ride was not their first option, but they did want a thrill ride, so they decided to choose a wild mouse. Right now, park management is currently keeping an eye on ride reviews and seeing how well it is. If reception is not that good, the ride will be closed and modified. I have ridden it myself, and I have to say, it is one impressive ride. The ride is in pitch black and the drops are all unexpected. It is a must-ride attraction. The other ride that opened was Prospector Spin, a diamond themed spinning attraction. Here are some photos of all of the action going on at the park (including some construction...)

6 - Entrance.BMP

Welcome to Hanker Mine!

6 - Food Court.BMP

This food court has some AMAZING food.

6 - Scaffolding.BMP

I noticed this scaffolding. Is it construction for Rush?

6 - Prospector Spin & Factory Building.BMP

Here is the new flat ride: Prospector Spin.

6 - Factory.BMP

The cogwheels are turning once again...

6 - Overview.BMP

Here is an overview shot. I hope you enjoyed this update!

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@Bryce - Thanks!


@Jerrykoala2112 - Thanks! This update will really push the park to the limit!






Daniel Harris reporting. I have some more breaking news from Hanker Mine. Rush, a high speed wooden coaster, has officially opened for business. The amazing thing about this ride is that you are mostly underground for most of the ride. This ride features state-of-the-art special effects and incredible theming. This ride goes at high speeds of 45 mph going above and below ground. Also, the park has decided to add two tower rides, a Drop Tower and Space Shot. They are both themed to a mine shaft. One themed to falling into a mine shaft and one themed into blasting out of one. All three rides have received amazing reviews. Also, the park added a kids ride, the Mine Chute. It is a spiral slide attraction. Also, the park has officially announced that they are adding a brand new Ferris wheel that will be called, "Water Wheel." It will be themed to a water wheel. A place for the ride is unknown. So, I hope you enjoy this photo update as much as I enjoy Rush!


There is Rush. Well, the outdoor parts of Rush. The drop here is absolutely incredible. That first underground part after the first drop features strobes and much more!

7-Mine Shaft Towers.BMP

There is the Mine Shaft Towers. The brown one is the Mine Shaft Dropdown and the other is the Mine Shaft Blast-Off.

7-Rush Souvenirs.BMP

There is Rush's own souvenir stand, the only ride to feature one.

7-Factory Stuff.BMP

The Factory area has gotten some more stuff to it.

7-Mine Chute.BMP

There is the Mine Chute. I heard the color scheme isn't final.


There is the park overview. I hope you enjoyed this update!

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No replies?






Daniel Harris reporting with more breaking news from the Hanker Mine Theme Park. First, Hanker Mine has opened three awesome new rides, including a classic style sit-down dark ride! Here is some information about each of the three rides:


Mine Shaft Mania: Mine Shaft Mania is the new sit-down dark ride. There are similarities between the ways that Mine Shaft Mania and Rush were built. First, both stations are built into the mountain. However, Mine Shaft Mania's station sticks out a little bit while Rush's goes with the mountain. Also, both rides feature underground and above ground sections. Mine Shaft Mania bring a classic spin to the park as opposed to some of the other rides like the Factory and Rush. Mine Shaft Mania does feature more classic style theming in it, and the theming style is similar to the styles of rides like Noah's Ark at Kennywood and the Whacky Shack at Waldameer.


The Water Wheel: The Water Wheel is a unique type of Ferris wheel ride. This ride is themed to a working water wheel. The ride is actually attached to a building, so it has the appearance of a water wheel. The building that holds the Water Wheel has a few shops located inside that sell Water Wheel merchandise, merchandise for various park rides (Rush, The Factory, Mine Shaft Mania, etc.), and general park merchandise.


The Coal Clutch: The Coal Clutch is a HUSS Top Spin. The Coal Clutch flips you into next year as this is a fun packed thrill ride that is sure to bend your mind to the limit!


Also, I have some possible heart-breaking news coming from Hanker Mine. The Hanker Museum has been closed forever. The park released an official statement this morning:


Today, we made a decision that was a tough one, but the right one. We have decided to permanently shut down the Hanker Museum. This decision did not come easy. We want to add a new, large scale ride and we had to remove something in the process. Our central exhibit was actually mentioned by one member of the Board of Directors, but we noticed that the Hanker Museum's attendance was very low, compared to the park's other attractions, so we decided to board it up and close it permanently. We hope that enjoy the new attraction we have in store for you.


The Hanker Museum has already been torn down and the whole area has been completely cleared. Many rumors have been flooding the scene. The majority of the rumors suggest a brand new roller coaster, and one or two suggest a new flat ride section. Time will tell us soon. Here is the photo update, showing the new rides, the plot of land, and a recently discovered teaser for the new ride.

8 - Mine Shaft Mania.BMP

Mine Shaft Mania

8-Water Wheel and Coal Clutch.BMP

The Water Wheel and the Coal Clutch

8 - Chute-Down-New Name.BMP

The Mine Chute got a new name. It is now named Chute-Down.

8 - Plot of Land.BMP

There is the former spot of the Hanker Museum.

8 - Teaser.BMP

The teaser. All of the rumors were released before the teaser was posted. Any guesses?


Here is the park overview. I hope you enjoyed this photo update!

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@simaticable - Thanks! And no, it is not a Shoot-the-Chutes.






Daniel Harris reporting. Two huge things going on from Hanker Mine.


The first is that a major ride in Hanker Mine had a serious crash. The Factory had a major brake failure which resulted in the car not being stopped and it flew into the station, resulting in the death of four people. Here is the official park statement which took over the park homepage:


A terrible tragedy has occurred. On June 23, the Factory's brakes failed, resulting in the ride being flown into the station at high speeds. Due to the brake failure, four people passed away. We apologize to the families who suffered losses as a result of this crash.


As a result of the crash, the Factory will undergo a major renovation project. The ride will be closed for a period of time while we renovate the ride. We apologize for any inconveniences.


The Factory has since reopened and no problems have occurred since reopening.



The second major thing is that the park has announced and already opened Mine Chute Splashdown! Mine Chute Splashdown is a high speed water coaster. This ride features two incredible splash down sections, one above ground and one underground. The ride has become very popular since opening, as it broke the park record for fastest line fill for a new attraction, beating out Rush. I have gotten a chance to ride this ride myself, and all I have to say is, "Wow." This was, in my opinion, the perfect addition to the park. The park lacked a water ride, and it got a water ride and another coaster. Those splashdowns actually do get you pretty wet too, especially the second one underground. In addition, the park added two more rides to the park, the Processor and the Hanker Experience 3D. The Processor is a Looping Starship while the Hanker Experience is a 3D show explaining the history of Hanker Mine and doing it in a comedic and thrilling fashion.


So, here is a photo update of all the park and what is going on.


While the ride itself was being revamped, the Factory's roof got fixed up as well.


Mine Chute Splashdown looks amazing. This ride is just so fun. Like I said before, the perfect park addition. This ride brings the parks coaster count to three.


This is the building for the Hanker Experience 3D. (Ignore the blue, in-game glitch)


There is the Processor and a new food place, Golden Eats.


Park overview.


*Note: My next Hanker Mine update will be my last. The last Hanker Mine update will be a tribute to the whole park, showcasing everything in the park. Plus, I will show some comparisons between then and now*

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The water coaster is way too unporportionate for real life. It is long, it is high, it goes underground. It does well in old school RCT, but in real life that would never be seen or heard.


With that aside, I really like the other parts of the park. They seem to fit together well, even if the food courts are tall and lacking.

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I'm sorry but I highly doubt that a small amusement park like this would be able to stay open after the death of four, let alone the ride that killed the people. Aside from that, I've really enjoyed watching the park progress and I can't wait to see the final update

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@RCTrioFan - The water coaster wasn't really meant to be proportionate or super realistic. It was just meant to be an awesome looking addition, and I did that.


@Xtreme97 - The story was not something I focused on. The Factory actually crashed in the game, so I wanted to actually add that to the story.




This is the final update for Hanker Mine. I am stepping out of the storyline to end Hanker. This update will feature comparison shots from the beginning to the end of Hanker Mine, final shots of the rides at Hanker, and some news on my next RCT2 park endeavor.


I have decided to begin a brand new park! It will be a medieval themed park featuring awesome rides and spectacular theming. It will feature CS, CFRs, and CTRs!


Now here is the photo update showing the rides and comparisons between the past and the present:


Hanker Mine (RCT2) in Game Exchange Hanker Mine is the first small park in my design thread. Enjoy!


Mine Chute Splashdown


Chute-Down and Kid's Dig Site


The Hanker Experience 3D and The Factory


Mine Shaft Dropdown and Mine Shaft Blast-Off


Prospector Spin and Mine Shaft Mania


Water Wheel, The Coal Clutch, and The Processor




Now onto comparison shots:

Past - Entrance


Present - Entrance


Past - Exhibit


Present - Exhibit


Past - Oil Pumps


Present - Mine Chute Splashdown


Past - Boss House and Scaffolding


Present - Boss House and Rush


Past - Graveyard


Present - Graveyard


Past - Factory


Present - The Factory


Past - Overview


Present - Overview


Thanks for following Hanker Mine, beginning till end. The park is now available on the Game Exchange!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I am back!!!


This time, with an entirely new park for you! This park is a pirate/jungle themed park known as Pirate Cove Adventure Park. I have made some progress with the park. I originally planned to have this park be NCSO, but I decided to go CS because I had tons of pirate CS that I could use. This time, I have decided to skip the story and just show my work.


So far, I have two rides: Merry-Go-Round and Kiddie Cove Adventure Zone. Merry-Go-Round is your standard carousel ride. Kiddie Cove Adventure Zone is a pirate themed playset just for kids. Parents can relax while your kids enjoy using our 3 awesome slides and playing with the cannons and much more! Enjoy the photo update!


Note - All screens are WIP.


Welcome to Main Street. I don't really like these stalls, so I'll probably replace them.


This is the Merry-Go-Round.


Here is the Kiddie Cove Adventure Zone, featuring three slides, a small pirate ship area, and more!


Hmm, any thoughts or suggestions?


Overview. Thanks for checking out this update!

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I like it, but it's a bit too cluttered for me. The custom people running around don't really look good, and the green slide is too long and fat. But the playground itself if nice, and the merry-go-round too. Good job!


P.S. What happened to Boulder dash?

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Those aren't custom people. Those are real peeps, I just put an invisible footpath around there. I just want to inform you that I am going to restart the park because I didn't like the overall outcome and I want to approach the park in an NCSO way.


PS - Boulder Dash is still my #1 woodie, but Nitro, Storm Runner, and Kingda Ka were all too fun

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