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Hello all. I dont really have much skill at RCT2 but I would like to see if you guys would help me with this as Im stuck.


Background on this is I really wanted to re-imagine the S&S Launch coasters like the two that are in China to what they could be in a couple years. That is where the hyper trains and track come from as they where the closest to the S&S trains. I must also state that this is my last RCT2 project and I am going for design over at NE for a final farwell. However, I dont expect this to do all that well but I can try right? lol.


Alright, enough of my babbling... Onto the pictures.



Entrance. Really the only thing that has vegetation as that was too be the last thing that I was going to attempt.






Large mansion. Has the roto-drop (obviously, lol) and a food court inside.



Log Flume. Only thing left to do is the foliage but I dont know how to do that without it looking tacky... I may just rip it all out and start over but I dont know. What do you think?



Top Scan and small restaurant... Im iffy on the grasses but its the only thing that I have that doesnt glitch all to hell...



Overview. If you see something on the map that you would like to see closer up just tell me.


That is all for now as Im remaking the station for Nemus and I dont want to show the old one in detail. Till next time, Joel.

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