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Goodbye Six Flags Astroworld - Park Closing in 2005

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Ive never been to astroworld so i really dont know what im missing. All i know is that SFOG has dibbs on SWAT so back off.


Its sad to here that the third park in the chain is closing forever. Gosh houston sucks, since they let this happen to their own amusement park. I wonder what rides will be trasported to splashtown. Maybe SWAT will go their instead.

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Sorry to see your park go. I guarantee that it won't be alone with 6FNO cashing in on it's insurance claim then dumping that property as well.


So it seems a lot of 6F parks will be recieving additional rides this year or next. (I'd say new, but I'd be lying)


Sky Swatter & Drop Tower to Magic Mountain. We need the flats.


Guy "If Six Flags found a dead employee on their property, they would pilfer their shoes and sell them to reduce their debt... but, if they decide to relocate those shoes, We'll take em' " Koepp

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I spent lot of time in Houston since 1996 to 2001 but I've never been to Astroworld because my friends don't like theme parks!

I decided to visit Astroworld in my next trip but.... I can't come to Houston before Astroworld close!


If you are interested, I found this article on Houston Chronicle website: http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/front/3351145

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.....Texas Cyclone - I dont know but this thing rocked a$$ the last time I rode it.....


well I kicked off my first US tour on the Texas Cyclone - thought it -and the park,-which was very quiet at the time so that always helps- was brilliant and was the start of 17 days of none stop fun (leaving aside the Rattler at SFFT-I'm sure I broke a rib or 7)


so long Astro World - and thanks for the credits! - things move on and I'm sure we will all enjoy the new experiences yet to be imagined on the engineers drawing board (like England winning the Ashes - finally happened after 18 years )


Steve - celebrating cricket victory but many of you may not appreciate it-C


PS - SFOG - you are welcome to SWAT - not many rides I don't like but it is on my list

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Actually, rumor has it that SF will relocate the rides to other SF parks. The ones that aren't relocated are going to be auctioned off. After the auctioning, if the ride isn't sold, its scrapped.


Also, any waterpark stuff will be relocated to Splashtown.

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I remember the first ever Roller coaster video I ever owned...Kodak's "Roller Coaster Thrills" a cheesy half hour film where an ice cream man sits on a bench with a little kid, and they pretend to ride on coasters, while we see videos of coasters in action, with numerous repeat shots to make the ride seem longer, and horrible screaming sounds that are looped over and over again. But, I was a kid, and I loved it anyway.


That video featured both XLR8 and the Texas Cyclone. They both looked cool to me, and I always hoped I would ride them one day...


Well, that's not going to happen now...


Doug "I'll bet you Darien Lake will be next" Booth

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Anybody who didn't see this coming wasn't paying very much attention. Everybody knows the park has always been the black sheep of the Six Flags family ever since they bought it. So it was only a matter of time.


I don't buy their bogus excuse that the parking situation is why they didn't do more for the park though. They didn't do more for it because they just didn't care about it. And besides that, the parking situation only became an issue recently this year, so how dare they use that as their excuse for not doing more for the park? That statement is really only their way of saying "HAHAHA... Screw you all!" to the people of Houston one last time.


Yes, it's true that they did give us some very cool rides over the years, especially in recent years. But new rides were very few and far between, usually were actually used rides from other parks, and almost never were anything that broke any kind of record or was the first ever of its kind. So is it any wonder to anyone besides Six Flags corporate why AstroWorld never made as much money for them as they thought that it should?


But perhaps the bigger question now is which Six Flags park will become the graveyard for all the other Six Flags parks to dump their unwanted old rides on, now that they can't use AstroWorld for that anymore? It certainly will be interesting to see who becomes the next bastard child.


Anyhow, hopefully most of the best rides and coasters from SFAW will end up at SFFT. They have plenty of room for both, and they've been needing more coasters for several years now. Plus, it would also be alot cheaper to transport the majority of rides and coasters to San Antonio than it would be to transport them to any other city with a Six Flags park.


As for SFNO, it's a real shame that hurricane Katrina flooded that park so badly recently. They had plenty of room for more rides and coasters too, and they've also needed more coasters for several years now. But now I have to agree that they are one of the most likely parks to get the axe from Six Flags corporate next. So close to home, and yet so far away...


SFFT probably won't get Joker/Jester back from SFNO, but I do expect them to get Serial Thriller from SFAW, and put it where Joker used to be. They've been wanting an inverted to compete with the one at Sea World, but only an SLC or a B&M flyer could do that for them, unless they got a custom B&M inverted. But all Six Flags inverteds are Batman clones, like the one at Sea World, and where exactly is that B&M flyer with a Batman theme that SFFT has been rumored to be getting for several years now?


I won't speculate on what other rides from SFAW might go where, but all the water rides should be destined for Splash Town. They should have plenty of room for them. Any leftovers will likely just be used for parts.


Some of the scrapped rides could be relocated or used for parts too, but anyone familiar with Six Flags knows that scrapped rides typically spend the rest of their existence just sitting in a storage yard somewhere. XLR-8 is certain to be sent to the smelters for meltdown though. It's worth far more as recycled steel than anything else. Besides, what other park could pass off an old suspended coaster as a new ride? Only SFAW was clever enough to do that successfully, by mounting half its train cars in reverse.


So you have to give SFAW credit for making the best of what little it had to work with. It may have been mostly a junkyard for abandoned rides that nobody else wanted, but they kept all of their tired old rides running more often than not, which is something that SFMM the corporate pet will never be able to say. And how ironic that those who call "the crown jewel" their home park are actually begging for hand-me-down flat rides from a park that never had any hope of ever having a collection of coasters the likes of which those poor flat ride beggars so quickly grow bored with. I'd feel sorry for them, but my home park is the one that's dying. RIP, SFAW.


Now here's my list of the rides that I think will be relocated/sold/scrapped:


Relocated Rides:


Dungeon Drop

Serial Thriller



Greezed Lightnin

Batman the Escape


Sold Rides:


Mayan Mindbender

Warp 2000

Gun Slinger

Wagon Wheel

Looping Starship

Ultra Twister


Scrapped Rides:


Texas Cyclone

Antique Taxis

Go Karts

Runaway Rickshaws




Auctioned Rides:


Dentzel Carousel

610 Limited RR


* The 2 auctioned rides will provide a very nice bonus for Kiernan Burke!

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