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Goodbye Six Flags Astroworld - Park Closing in 2005

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Even though I never went there, I am sad to hear this. The park has a lot of history in it and lot's of potential in such a large market. But it's not such a bad thing, maybe Frontier City, SFDL, Enchanted Village and a few other parks will get their much needed rides/coasters, plus they will make all that money selling the land. I am just sad to hear that a park is closing, no matter what shape it was in.

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A theme park will show up in the 4th largest city in the country. Maybe the fabled Disney Texas might show up with all the open land near Houston. In the meantime, Cal, who is moving to Houston this June, will go and cry for hours on end.


SF does own land in Spring, but the main question is how much?



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Wow....that's all I can say.


For those of you who have never been to Astroworld, but want to see what the park is like, I have uploaded our Six Flags Astroworld Video Segment from last year's DVD here:




My gut feeling tells me very few of the coasters will be re-located. The SLC, the stand-up (maybe), and my guess is the rest will become scrap.


As much as many of *US* would like to see them saved, there just isn't much of a home for 20 something year old coasters that aren't in the best of condition to begin with anyway.


Glad I finally got all my credits there!



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Rides you'll see saved:



Diabol Falls

Greezed Lightning (Maybe)


Mayan Mindbender

Serial Thriller

Runaway Rickshaws


Dungeon Drop

Kiddie Rides

Water Park slides


Possibly Saved:



Ultra Twister

Wagon Wheel

Antique Taxis


Tidal Wave



Texas Cyclone

Batman The Escape

Thunder River


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I don't know why SFAW got a bad rap. I loved my trip to Houston and it was well worth the trip. SWAT was amazing and Greezed Lightnin, Viper, and Texas Cyclone were great coasters. Ultra Twister, Serial Thriller, and Batman: The Escape were fun and enjoyable. Dungeon Drop was my first drop ride, and it will be interesting to see how these rides will end up. I still need Serpent's credit.


Hopefully I can make it out to Houston in October.

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The official press release on six flags site mentions the loss of 115 permanent jobs and then says that the 1500 seasonal jobs won't be affected. I guess it makes a little sense because the people employed there this year will be able to finish out their season, but its still a loss of 1500 seasonal jobs in future years.


How are the Intamin Giant Drops assembled? Is it possible to actually take them apart by just removing bolts, or does the entire ride have to be unwelded?

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I just hope we get the Swatter at EG... We need a good flat... This is a bit disturbing though as it sets a bad precedent for the rest of the parks... If the land is worth enough the park is gone... Thats not something I want to think about. I know Elitches is pretty damn small but it is smack dab in the middle of downtown Denver now and I can't imagine the space is worth nothing...

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Rides I hope they save:

Ultra Twister -- the only one of its kind in North America, and a hell of a ride too.

Viper -- A great Schwartzkopf. Truely a classic.

Serial Thriller -- By far the smoothest SLC I've ever ridden. I never thought I'd say this, but SAVE THE SLC!


Rides they won't save:

Texas Cyclone -- I honestly can't see how moving a wooden coaster in as beaten up as this can be cost effective.

Greased Lightnin' -- Six Flags already has a shuttle loop named Greased Lightnin' sitting in storage behind Marine World, I doubt they'd want another one.


Rides they will probably save anyway:

Batman: The Escape -- Heck, it's already been to three parks, why not four?

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Having AW as my home park, this really hits home very hard. It was the reason I joined ACE, the reason I began to fall in love with the amusement industry. AstroWorld always has been a haven for me; a place to kick back, forget about school, work, and basically life. Now, due to these recent, painful developments, it cuts my heart and tears apart my mind that this haven might turn into a gas station and convenience store. I must enjoy it while it remains open for all. This park has so many incredible memories just for me alone. If you think about the magnitude of the park's fans, the idea about how many memories this park has is mindblowing. The memories are and will be forever and infinitesimal.


My tribute to a my home park.

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How are the Intamin Giant Drops assembled? Is it possible to actually take them apart by just removing bolts, or does the entire ride have to be unwelded?


Not entirley sure about this one, however, the Intamin Drop Tower which was at Wonderland Sydney http://www.defunction.net/?page=parks&parks=view&park=Wonderland%20Sydney (Now Defunct).


Now if you take a look here: http://www.defunction.net/forums/showthread.php?t=98 you will see photographs of Wonderland Sydney being pretty much pulled down to the ground. There are also some images of the Space Probe (Intamin Giant Drop) being pulled down also. Hope this helps.

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wow...its seems like from our standpoint six flags isnt doing great but I wonder what are going thru their minds. What I mean about that is I wonder if they actually dont care and are glad to sell the parks or if they are hurt but are left with no choice...

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So now two of the six parks on my Texas/Louisiana tour for next year won't be open! Guess that scraps that idea.

I think this is really sad though, as I know how I felt losing Opryland. It will leave a huge void in an otherwise great, thriving city. I wish I had the means to get there and see it before it closes, but I don't think I can. As far as rides go, I at least hope UltraTwister is saved, as there are so few of those coasters around anymore, and I'd love to get the chance to ride one. To anyone in the area, take as many pictures as you can!



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